Hi Reddit! I'm actress Julia Voth. You may know me as the face of Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil video game franchise, Kim Mattingly in Package Deal (Hulu), Gillian in Project S.E.R.A, and most recently in the film Painkillers released a few days ago on Amazon, iTunes and VOD. I also just did some Jill Valentine cosplay ;) Ask me anything!

Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAsqlvcrqQ2/

Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/juliavoth

Follow me on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/juliavoth

Watch the trailer for Painkillers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce90nvQ4C-s

Watch Project S.E.R.A here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBe8RZwJzys&list=PL99PCYdTX-vfAvKAHnF9isBZ_F_pA8Co2

EDIT: Keep the questions coming. I'm checking back all the time.

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MsNewKicks13 karma

If your SO asked you to cosplay as Jill Valentine in the bedroom, would you?

(I ask because I did Chun-Li one year and got that request the remainder of the relationship! :| )

Julia_Voth19 karma

He already has actually haha

AtLeastJake4 karma

Hey Julia! My wife and I are HUGE RE fans.

What got you into acting? And subsequently, we're you offered a role as Jill Valentine, or did you have to audition?

Julia_Voth5 karma

Ahh thanks! I kinda got into acting my accident, I was modeling but when I moved to LA it seemed like a natural progression. I auditioned for the game while I was working in Japan.

The-Scream-Queen3 karma

Hi Julia!

Big Resident Evil fan since '96 here, I think it's awesome you're so involved with the series and the fans, Capcom really should hire you as PR for the series as well as Jill's permanent face model.

Can we expect further Jill cosplays from yourself or future video game related projects?

Also, I'm sure fans would kill for the chance to get an autograph. Have you thought about the convention circuit or enabling this through your site?

Peace and chicken grease. :) x

Julia_Voth3 karma

Thanks! one of my fav things is being able to interact with everyone, its a very fun community to be involved with. Yes! you'll see more Jill cosplays soon, my goal is to have a couple versions of her ;) And I've done one Con in Bahrain but I'd love to do more, its on the list for 2016.

Project_O3 karma

Hey Julia!

Can you shed any light on the behind the scenes of working with Capcom? Would you work with them again?

Besides your face and voice, was there any motion capture done to record things like facial expressions? If so did you enjoy that? Would you do it again?

If Capcom were to reboot the film series (currently starring Milla Jovovich), and they wanted an actress to reprise Jill's role, would you do it?

There are a lot of If's LOL, so here's an easy question: What's your favorite part of your day?


Julia_Voth4 karma

Hi! to sum all that up, I loved working with CAPCOM and I'd do it again for sure. They recorded my facial expressions and mouth making different shapes to match words I'd be saying in the game. I would be in a film if they rebooted it. It would be so cool. Favorite part of my day so far is this :)

timesplitter883 karma

Hey Julia! I'm going to ask a silly question but I'm sure all the RE fans want to know... If Capcom approached you to play Jill again, possibly in a Resident Evil 3 remake, would you accept? ;)

Julia_Voth4 karma

I think that's a great question! Yes, absolutely.

sbkeider2 karma


I worked with you on Lilith back in 2010 (I was on the crew) and I was just curious what role that film has played in your career and what you took away from the project. How was working with Sridhar? It was my first feature film I worked on and you were great!

PS, May 16 is the best day to be born. I remember we shared the same birthday!

Julia_Voth2 karma

Hi! lovely to talk to you again ;) Lilith was my first (solo) leading role and it taught me a lot about the craft of acting, I feel like I learned so much, more the any class you could go to. And it really propelled me into my career. Sridhar is a gem, he loves women and is always on the side of women. Writing roles that are embowering. A respect him as much as a artist and human being. Happy Birthday to us!!

DanielLionArts2 karma

Julia, would you be open to portraying Jill Valentine in a Resident Evil reboot film/netflix series, if Capcom/Sony were to have the films remade more faithfully to the games? (Keep up the good work Jules!)

Julia_Voth2 karma

I love that this is a common question I'm getting, means you guys would really love to see that happen. I'm totally on board, would be an incredible full circle moment. And Thanks!

zViola2 karma

Hi, Julia! First of all, thank you for being such a great part of my late childhood and early teenage, you had me build up a huge love for thrillers and horror games and movies!

My question is: did you have any part on building the character and the plot of the games? If so, how much of Jill we can say it comes from Julia?

Great having you here at /r/IAmA, lots of love from Brazil!

Julia_Voth2 karma

The plot was pretty much in place when I came onto the project. But I was able to get creative when I did my web series Project S.E.R.A. (which we based off of her in the games). It was great bringing her spirit to life in a sense. So for that project, when you watch it, it is all me ;-)

xDIRTYDALEx2 karma

It was really cool seeing you and Milla posing together during the Project Sera event. Think there might be any chance you two will work together on something in the near future? Maybe a movie together or having Milla be a guest of Package Deal?

Also, if you don't mind me asking, how did you and April become friends and gaming buddies?

Julia_Voth3 karma

Hi! I have always looked up to Milla and her career, and it made my day she came out and supported my project. I would love love love to work with her someday. April and I met through mutual friends and have a lot of things in common I guess. Plus she's a sweetheart and you cant not love her.

lgspear2 karma

If there's a good chance of an Resident Evil reboot movie or TV show, would played Jill Valentine in live action?

Julia_Voth3 karma

Me hopefully :)

idickslapu2 karma

Hi Julia, before I ask, just want to let you know... I spent a lot of hours with your character -- it's really!!!!! cool that I get to actually talk to the source (in a way, actually I'm a little weirded out haha).

So my Qs:

  • Ever been recognized or stared at as in trying to put the pieces together?

  • If you had the choice to form your next RPG character, what are some characteristics you would hope for? Are you happy about Jill?

  • Did you play RE just to have the experience of playing with yourself? (doesn't this sound funny?)

Thanks for this btw!!

Julia_Voth3 karma

I'm glad you wrote me! When I did my cosplay shoot for Jill here in LA I did get recognized a few times, it was pretty awesome actually. I'm playing Fallout right now and VATS is the shit, so I'd say that. I did actually, I streamed myself on Twitch last year, it was surreal and very cool.

liamquane1 karma

Hi! Can I ask; what is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

Julia_Voth1 karma

Good question! I'd say lots of prep before so you can be free to create.

deadlydiablo1 karma

Hi! Thanks for this!

I have some questions:

  • Do you enjoy Canadian winters?
  • Would you want there to be an actual zombie apocalypse? Would you think it would end well?

Julia_Voth2 karma

Hi! I do like them but not when it gets to -30 and below, that's just wrong. Well, I kinda like the world not full of zombies so I'm gonna say no, and just leave that in video games/movies land.

poolthatisdead1 karma

Hi Julia! Been a big fan for so long. Just a few questions:

How does it feel to sort of see yourself in a video game (or film, for that matter)?

Being a big part of the Resident Evil franchise, do you think you have a better chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse?


Julia_Voth1 karma

Hi! Thanks for the questions. At first it was really weird to see myself in the game and I couldn't play it haha But last year I played the original RE and streamed it online and after the initial weirdness, it was so cool. I mean, there's only a few people who can play themselves in a game. I've learned to embrace it fully ;)

Peppridge_Farms1 karma

What/where is your favorite place to be? Visit, live or otherwise. Mine is Boone; maybe its the mountains, maybe its my inner hippy fitting in but it vibes with me. Also, since your in video games, do you play? If so whats your favorite?

Julia_Voth1 karma

I love that question! I think my favorite place is Black Rock City aka Burning Man. I even love the dust, its my happy place.

BramStark1 karma

Hi Julia! As far as I know, you had an active Facebook account before (juliavoth), what's the reason why it was deactivated or deleted?

Julia_Voth1 karma

Hi! I wasn't really using it anymore. I have a FB page which seems to serve me better. Its https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJuliaVothFanPage/ If you wanna check it out ;)

Sacklpicka1 karma

Hey, Julia, can you please tell my friend Michael that he is a huge "Gfrastsackl"? Thanks!

Julia_Voth1 karma

HA! Can I know what that means first?

Sacklpicka1 karma

It's kind of a long story. Here in Austria we have a local competition called the "Sacklerei". It is an event that has a very long and interesting history and tradition behind it, in which strong men haul huge sacks full of coal from Imst to Innsbruck - a distance of nearly 60km. Did I mention these sacks have 20kg worth of coal in them? It may seem like a strange thing, but it is based on a folklore tale about a particularly cruel liege who denied his people coal in one of Austria's harshest winters. A small group of people got together to haul coal from the local mine (which the liege owned), each carrying a sack of 20kg worth to the city of Innsbruck nearly 60km from the mine. They gave away the coal to many of the families there. However, they were eventually found out and hung, but many families owed them their lives and their heroic act is remembered with the Imster Coal run, also known as "Sacklerei" to the locals. This event happens every year at the beginning of january and my friend, Michael, actually won this year, earning him the honorary title "Gfrastsackl". His brother Martin also entered, but didn't fare as well (he gave up halfway through, because he is weak). This is getting way too long, so anyway, thanks for reading!

Julia_Voth1 karma

TIL That's really interesting. Well, Michael according to your brother you're a huge Gfrastsackl!

forava71 karma

Have you ever played the Resident Evil video games?

Julia_Voth2 karma

Yep! I streamed myself playing on Twitch. #GirlsgotGame is our handle ;)

ZeroWing771 karma

Would you ever become friends with a non celebrity if an opportunity were ever to come up?

Julia_Voth1 karma

I have tons of non celebrity friends

Faytmemory1 karma

Do you like anime? Whats your favorite anime?

Julia_Voth1 karma

I appreciate it as an art form, but I can't say I have a favorite.

Auditorexx1 karma

First, i'm a huge fan of you and i want to thank you of all your work you have been doing. Questions

-Do you plan on continuing to be in the RE universe? - What works are you working on now? - Is it possible to get autographs for you? If so, how?

Thank you for your time!

Julia_Voth1 karma

Thanks for the questions. My new thing right now is I'm cosplaying as Jill. I'd done one so far, and am working on more. I'm going to do as many Cons this year as I can so I hope to see you there!

fabio_oms1 karma

Hello Julia, from Brazil, is there any other video game franchise, that you would like to be part? And please, come to Brazil too, we love you! Kiss.

Julia_Voth2 karma

Can they please make a Fallout movie franchise, THAT I would love to be in. kisses back at ya!

Dark_Vengence1 karma

Hey I am a big fan since bitch slap. You are beautiful as you are talented. Will there be a bitch slap 2 and who is your girl crush?

Love from Australia

Julia_Voth1 karma

Hey there. Aww thanks for saying that :) I have no info on Bitch Slap 2, but I have my fingers crossed for one too. Girl crush... Angelina Jolie in Gone in 60 seconds.

AveryChu1 karma

Hey Julia,

I'm an enormous fan of anything Resident Evil related, I was wondering two things (sorry if they have been asked before),

1) Are you a huge fan of the Resident Evil games yourself and if so what would your favorite one be?

2) Any idea what conventions you are planning on attending?

Thanks for taking the time to read these. :)

Julia_Voth3 karma

Hey there! I am a huge fan of the games, its a very cool franchise to be part of. My fav is the original, probably because I've played it most. I'm going to try to hit up E3, Comic Con, fingers crossed maybe to back to Bahrain or Dubai. I'm open to other opportunities too :)

moathismail1 karma

Hi Julia! You're amazingly beautiful! My question is: what's a future cosplay you plan on doing? Also, are you coming to Australia?


Julia_Voth3 karma

So far my plan is to conquer Jill first, but I would love to go as my Vault Dweller from Fallout 4. Crawl out to the fallout back tooo... ME! haha I'd love to come to Australia, never been before.

copperchrome1 karma

Hi Julia!! Huge fan of yours, Jill is my fav RE character and you've even inspired me to cosplay her! Question: which part of Jill's storyline is your favorite?

Julia_Voth1 karma

I'd love to see your cosplay too! I'm always interested in characters origin stories, where they came from and how they became who they are.

copperchrome2 karma

Thanks so much for the reply! You've been one of my idols for a while now. :)

I couldn't figure out a way to embed an image here but I've cosplayed Jill's bonus Army variant from RE (https://www.facebook.com/copperchrome/photos/a.845246205544613.1073741850.355950434474195/845246848877882/?type=3&theater) and of course her RE3 attire (https://www.facebook.com/copperchrome/photos/a.821225167946717.1073741848.355950434474195/821225394613361/?type=3&theater)!

I hope I have the chance to meet you at Comic-Con someday!

Julia_Voth1 karma

I love it! Really good cosplay 👍

snake0171 karma

Hi Julia! Thank you to doing this AMA with the fans ! Which monster scared you the most, in the RE Games that you've played?

Julia_Voth2 karma

That goddamn snake! I mean, are you kidding me!

BramStark1 karma

Hi again Julia! I'm Abe btw, Is it okay if I ask a little of your time to take a picture of yourself holding a card with a handwritten greeting of "Happy Birthday Abe Peñaflor"? That would be the BEST gift that I'll ever have for my special day!

Julia_Voth2 karma

Sure, but I'll do it tomorrow when I'm not in my pjs ;)

jgcorvetteboy1 karma

Hi Julia! Two questions:

  1. What's it like doing acting for a videogame compared to acting in movies/tv?

  2. How often do you get asked about Jill sandwiches?

Julia_Voth2 karma

Acting for a movie is much more in depth then video game as you could imagine. In film, other then a layer of makeup on your face, it's just you and the camera. And as cool as the video game process is, you don't have that. HA all the time ;)

Wesker1213451 karma

Another question.

Why did it take so long for a Jill cosplay to happen? Surely you didn't think hiding from me would work out ;).

Julia_Voth1 karma

It was time to face the facts, there's no hiding from Wesker ;)

Faytmemory1 karma

Whats your favorite weapon in resident evil game?

Julia_Voth1 karma

The rocket launcher at the end of RE remake. Boom! ha

zombieali1 karma

Are you looking forward to RE0 HD? Do you play the other RE games?

Julia_Voth3 karma

I am! I love they are going back and remastering the games. I've played my original a few times now, with help from my Twitch friends of course :)

Luke_20091 karma

Did you play RE3 ? What do you think about Nemesis ?

Julia_Voth1 karma

I haven't played it yet :(

FrakkinPhoenix1 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

Julia_Voth1 karma

Hmm my moms toasted tomato from her garden in Sask. Simple but so so good.

IKingJeremy1 karma

What motivated you to get into acting?

Julia_Voth2 karma

I was modeling in NYC, LA, and Tokyo, and I was tired of losing campaigns to actors, so I decided to become one too. Turns out I really like what I do and all that other stuff is just icing on the cake ;-)

vedder441 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

Julia_Voth1 karma

Awesome question. The freedom to walk around and not be objectified and catcalled (it's sad I cant even imagine what that's like), pee standing up, free the nipple, sex, and that's it. The rest I can do as me.

harry50501 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

Julia_Voth1 karma

Some bad ass Ninjitsu or something like that

Clementyfr1 karma

Just to make me sad: were you attending Japan Expo convention in 2007? I'm quite sure I saw you there and just wasn't sure enough to come ask you haha. Been bothering me since then.

Julia_Voth1 karma

I was in Japan in 2007 but I don't think I was there, so don't feel bad:)

crazysimian1 karma

1) What's the favorite project you have been involved with? 2) Have you ever had a crush on one of your co-stars in a movie or show? 3) Have you ever accidentally hurt someone during a stunt, like kicked them in the nuts or something?

Julia_Voth1 karma

haha thanks for the questions. I was doing a scene once where I had to be freaking out, thrashing around/kicking. During the last take my male costar knelt down in front of me for some reason and boom! right in the nuts. He wasn't supposed to do that but nevertheless I felt terrible :( I don't really have a fav project, every one I take on is special and important to me for different reasons.

some_random_kaluna1 karma

Hello Ms. Roth! Mahalo for doing this.

  1. If a corporation actually did release a T-Virus into the wild, how would you survive the first 72 hours?

  2. What do you have in the works, if you can say?

Julia_Voth3 karma

I honestly think that the movies do it wrong every time. I'd grab a ton of food and water, I'd get on a boat, and I'd sail just far enough away I'd be safe, but close enough I could get back if I need it to. I feel like that's a pretty good plan 👍

jangchubozer1 karma

How do you pronounce your last name?

Julia_Voth1 karma

Like Goth but with a V :)

DeLaBagel1 karma

Hey Julia! Just a quick one; what's the fastest land mammal?

Julia_Voth2 karma

I'm pretty sure it's the Cheetah;)

landoismyfriend1 karma

Do you feel as if it is easier to remain anonymous and unbothered as a celebrity doing voice acting than screen acting, and if so do you ever find yourself wishing you were more recognizable?

Julia_Voth4 karma

I guess you would be until you opened your mouth lol For me though, I appreciate my privacy, as an actor I think its important to keep business and personal separate.

Ray-s0131 karma

when did you decide to make Jill cosplay, and what was you feeling about it, when you wear the costume for the first time?

Julia_Voth2 karma

I got the idea a little over a year ago. It felt surreal and really really cool.

Sonickick1201 karma

Hello Mrs. Voth! I'm a newcomer to the Resident Evil series, enjoying RE1 (on the wii version, unfortunately :P) I have 2 questions, one's general, and another for a friend.

  1. How did Capcom come in contact for you to be Jill Valentine and have your likeness for the following games?
  2. Can you please follow my friend @BioDevil_Dom on twitter? He's a BIG fan, and I want to make his day :)

Julia_Voth3 karma

Hey there! I was modeling in Japan and I remember the audition being held in this huge boardroom, there must have been at least 15 guys in business suits and just me and my manager translating. After the AMA I'll make sure to give him a shout out ;)

stormshadow31 karma

Hi Julia! Been a fan since Bitch Slap and I'm happy that I had a chance to meet you while you were filming Package Deal.

  • Loved seeing you kick ass in Project Sera and Bitch Slap. Will we see more of that in Painkillers?
  • What roles do you have coming up next? Hopefully more action roles :)

Julia_Voth2 karma

Thanks for coming out to a show! Yes, there is a lot of ass kicking in Painkillers. I'm proud to say I did all my own stunts, very proud of how it turned out. My next project is something I cant talk about yet, but its a good one.

DylanWSTS1 karma

Hi Julia, Just wondering do you play the games you are in? Or watch them for the story? Any interesting behind the scenes tidbits :D

Julia_Voth3 karma

Yes! I streamed myself playing Resident Evil on Twitch (I uploaded it so you can still watch if you like ;) it's definitely weird to play yourself, even weirder to accidentally kill yourself haha but i loved it

Wesker1213451 karma

Hey Julia!

Two questions for you today.

  1. Have you ever attended a con of any kind before? What ones and what was your experience like?
  2. Do you have any cons planned for this year like San Diego Comic Con, E3 etc.?

Thanks so much!

Julia_Voth1 karma

Hey Wesker;) I have, I've been to Comic Con before, I was at an IGN Con in Bahrain last year, and E3 in previous years. I loved them and I'm going to do more this year.

roastmyentity1 karma

Nice!!! Resident Evil, one of my all-time favorites. What game in the series did you enjoy the most? <---Code: Veronica here.

Julia_Voth2 karma

Veronica! My fav is still the very first one I was in. Gotta get outta that mansion!

tsharp3d1 karma

Hi Julia! I know you regularly attend Burning Man. How many times have you been and what do you love about it?

Julia_Voth1 karma

This last year was my third burn. I love the freedom. And not just my freedom but the freedom that thousands of people feel, it may be the only place in the world they can truly be themselves. And that in itself is a sacred and beautiful thing. The man burns in 229 days!

Hamidreza_Salami1 karma

Hi Julia, first of all thank you for your time and answering our questions :) I'm a huge fan of Resident Evil and Jill Valentine is my favorite female character in the resident evil franchise, the Cosplay you did as Jill Valentine was extremely amazing and I truly admire you, well I have two questions! the first one is what do you think about the future of Resident Evil franchise? the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil is approaching and there is a strong possibility that Capcom announce Resident Evil 7 at this event! do you think they will bringing the game back to it's horror roots?!! my second question is would you like to join The Walking Dead cast? because it's my favorite TV-Series and I love to see you joining them. thank you and have a nice day :)

Julia_Voth1 karma

Thank you for your questions! I would love to see them announce the next one. Its an epic franchise and it needs to continue. I really like the walking dead, I auditioned for the new one but they changed my character to a dude so didn't get that one ha

Knuckles3131 karma

Hi Julia, long time Jill fan. I remember seeing Jill's new REmake render on the back of a magazine back in 2002 and just being blown away at how good Jill looked.

My question is something a lot of fans have been wondering for a long time, hopefully you can clear the air on this. It seemed like after they moved on to RE5 Capcom instead of doing an updated mocap of you they decided to just use an altered version of her REmake facial capture. Then after RE5 they stopped using your likeness altogether and changed Jill yet again. There's been a lot of speculation, but.... what exactly happened there?

Julia_Voth1 karma

CAPCOM has licence to do what they want to the look of any character, and they also have unlimited usage of mine (meaning they could bring me back anytime). I guess they just decided, for whatever reason to change it. I dont really know much more besides that.

HiguraShiki1 karma

Which is your favorite Jill Valentine outfit out of them all? Personally I always liked the original S.T.A.R.S. outfit.

Julia_Voth1 karma

I'm with you on that one

Luke_20091 karma

Do you know the story of Lisa Trevor from Resident Evil 1 ? Do you think it was very sad ?

Julia_Voth1 karma

Totally, the Umbrella Corporation are dicks.

Gaparkkkk1 karma

If you had to defeat a man with just one hit,what would you do???

Julia_Voth1 karma

nuts, go for the nuts

Supreme_Emperor_Kim1 karma

If you could portray any character you'd want in a videogame/movie/tv series/etc. which character would that be and why :-)?

Julia_Voth1 karma

To be honest, I really do need to say Jill Valentine, but if it is someone outside my realm. Anything Sigourney Weaver did, I just want her whole career.

ChuckS1170 karma

Hi, Julia! Big fan of yours. It was pretty fun watching you play RE HD Remaster on Twitch. I have 4 questions for you:

  • Did you ever imagine that you would become the face of such an iconic gaming character?

  • Favorite Fallout 4 sing-along?

  • The obligatory: Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

  • Why are all Canadian women good looking?

Thank you! Can't wait to see what's the next step in your career.

Quick edit: Please make a stream of you playing Until Dawn!

Julia_Voth5 karma

Hi Chuck! Thanks for the questions. No I didn't think that was even a possibility! Its not exactly a normal gig, but the coolest kind nonetheless. Haha probably The Wanderer 1 horse sized duck please The water maybe?

lmfsmoke0 karma

How did you get that role?

Julia_Voth2 karma

I assume you're talking about Jill Valentine, I was modeling in Japan and auditioned for it.

lesteramod10 karma

Please, please for all that is holy. Reboot resident evil, would be a great tv show, you have the talent and contacts.. You rock.

Not shitting you, I have umbrella stickers all over my house.

Already saw the painkillers trailer: How did you get the role, agent?

Julia_Voth3 karma

Thank you! I hear this all the time and it would be a dream come true. Hopefully all this buzz gets to the right ears and we can make something happen! Painkillers was an offer actually. Peter Winther who wrote and directed it, saw me in Project SERA and Bitch Slap. I guess he thought Masters would be a good fit. She was a great character to play.