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I heard of this before. If you are so determined to make it big in writing, than someone telling you to quit won't faze you. If you are willing to give up just because he told you, than you were never gonna make it in the first place.

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What was that noise?!?!

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What is, in your own opinions, the greatest indie game ever? I want to know what indie game do you guys look at and go "now that's how you do an indie game right!" Also, what triple-A titles do you think would have benefited from having a smaller, more focused team behind them as opposed to a large team and a publisher who just wants the game to appeal to the masses?

Also, thanks for doing the AMA!

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What advice would you give someone who is just getting started in the gaming industry? Personally I'm attending college for video game programming and want to know what is the most important lesson on would need to know if they were to get involved.

Thanks for the AMA!

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As someone wanting to become a game programmer, what are some red flags that a rookie might not be able to spot when looking for a career in the industry?