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Tell them that the new drug on opioids means the feds will pressure doctors to release the names of any patients that are taking painkillers, for anything, more than a few times a year.

That'll wake them up.

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Hi OP,

My grandfather was a Navy pharmacist's mate during WWII, and I know what he would say to you right now: mahalo for your service. Because this is what he would consider an actual service; watching over the dead and forgotten. Everything else is just doing your job and earning money so you can buy beer later.

My question is: are you paid more for doing this job, or are there any perks that come with it, besides the respect of those in the know?

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In the same way that a violin can be called a Stradivarius, a guitar called a Les Paul and a gun called a Glock/Beretta/Colt/Kalashnikov/etc., a sword of significant quality can be referred to by the maker's name.

Thought I should point that out, now that the AMA's over.

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We've just had the President of the United States ask why we want people from "shithole" countries.

It's going to be a while before we aim for a higher standard.

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I read that you want to go into advertising, OP. Have you tried applying with Ford, Toyota or another motor company? Perhaps Tesla?