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Congrats on your Emmy nomination! I really believe you're doing amazing work on uncovering Scientology and that you deserve the Emmy to put the whole issue into the spotlight.

What was your best and/or worst experience when working on your new series?

Bonus Question: Is there any fun stories that happened while filming King of Queens that you have never told before?

Bonus Question #2: What's your favorite insult I can use against my friend M?

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Hey Steven!

Big fan here (I've recently watched the first few movies you've ever done, starting with Nico).

Do you still practice Aikido? How much/how long do you practice? How involved are you in your dojo in Japan? And lastly: If I asked you to insult my friend Martin, what would you say to him?

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Did you know that "Ehrlich" means "honest" in German? What do you think about that?

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Wos wüst herst?

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Have you ever seen any adaptations of your work? What do you think of them? How about the adaptation of Lady Snowblood in particular?