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zViola2 karma

Hi, Julia! First of all, thank you for being such a great part of my late childhood and early teenage, you had me build up a huge love for thrillers and horror games and movies!

My question is: did you have any part on building the character and the plot of the games? If so, how much of Jill we can say it comes from Julia?

Great having you here at /r/IAmA, lots of love from Brazil!

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Hi, Lindsey! Big fan here, and I'd like you to know that there are lots of people who love you and your music here in Brazil!

So, my question is actually how did you start to mix your violin skills with dancing, if there was someone who inspired you to do so. And are you coming to Brazil anytime soon?

Love you, stay awesome!

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Besides Moana, which Disney princess is your favorite and why?

zViola1 karma

How was working with Jota Quest and are there any plans to working again with brazillian artists?