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Thanks so much for the reply! You've been one of my idols for a while now. :)

I couldn't figure out a way to embed an image here but I've cosplayed Jill's bonus Army variant from RE (https://www.facebook.com/copperchrome/photos/a.845246205544613.1073741850.355950434474195/845246848877882/?type=3&theater) and of course her RE3 attire (https://www.facebook.com/copperchrome/photos/a.821225167946717.1073741848.355950434474195/821225394613361/?type=3&theater)!

I hope I have the chance to meet you at Comic-Con someday!

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Thank you!! I try to give justice to the characters I love! 😊

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Ah, thank you so much!! 😆 Means the world coming from Jill herself!

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Hi Julia!! Huge fan of yours, Jill is my fav RE character and you've even inspired me to cosplay her! Question: which part of Jill's storyline is your favorite?