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DuntadaMan2381 karma

When I was a child, my dad told us that if we didn't stop crying the albinos that lived in our closets would steal our skin so they could walk around in the sunlight.

So my two questions, did you have enough room in my closet, and wouldn't an umbrella be easier?

AlbinoAlex3619 karma

Umbrellas do not provide full coverage.

I did have enough room in the closet. So much room that R. Kelly and Tom Cruise hung out with me in there.

rhymes_with_a_month568 karma

I was just standing here... and Tom Cruise locked himself in the closet... I asked myself "Why won't Tom Cruise just come out the closet?" Nobody has any answers... and so I PULL OUT MY GUN!!!

Tell me why Tom Cruise in the closet or else I'm gonna shoot someone!


AlbinoAlex339 karma

"Tom Cruise don't come out of the closet I'm gonna cap this bitch!"

Damn, I forgot how funny that scene actually was.

DuntadaMan23 karma

Oh. That actually makes more sense now. Plus now that I'm thinking I've gotten sunburn from reflected light from the water so you would need more complete coverage.

Glad you at least had company in there, I'd hate to think you were bored.

AlbinoAlex39 karma

Actually, large brimmed hats are always an option for sun protection, but personally I find them cumbersome.

Now if only I could come out. Like I know gay marriage is legal and all now but... I just don't know :(

99luft-kittens1313 karma

What ethnicity are you?

AlbinoAlex1868 karma


aurthurallan824 karma

What is the most difficult thing about having albinism? Is there anything about it that you enjoy?

AlbinoAlex1246 karma

Definitely the visual impairment. Just not being able to see what everyone else sees: The pedestrian crosswalk indicator, the board in class, the route number on the bus that's coming your way.

I love being unique, and all the places I've been to and wonderful people I've met that I would never have had I not had albinism.

Crassusinyourasses329 karma

Is it correctable?

AlbinoAlex679 karma

To a degree. Glasses can help depending how much myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism you may have. But it's very rare for glasses to get you up to 20/20.

OK_Soda287 karma

I didn't realize albinos had visual impairment. I thought it was just a pigment thing?

AlbinoAlex412 karma

Don't worry, not many people know. Yes, albinism does involve a degree of visual impairment, it's more severe for some than others.

J4CKR4BB1TSL1MS86 karma

all the places I've been to and wonderful people I've met that I would never have had I not had albinism

Like... clubs for people with albinism or something? Or what else?

AlbinoAlex206 karma

More like conferences for people with albinism.

aurthurallan39 karma

I wasn't aware that visual impairment was a part of it! Best of luck in all your pursuits and endeavors.

AlbinoAlex49 karma

Not many people are. Hey, you learn something new every day :)

M4nangerment732 karma

Do you have tattoos? We always discuss it at the studio if the skin would be ok for tattooing, assuming it is, we always gush about how it must be the perfect skin for color and black and grey work.

edit: can't believe I used the word "gush".

AlbinoAlex832 karma

Everyone always tells me that colours would pop on my skin. Yes you absolutely can tattoo someone with albinism. I've never done it because I just can't pick a design, but getting a tattoo is a bucket list item and I will absolutely do it.

restarci323 karma

My boyfriend has albinism and has a small back tattoo. The colors are gorgeous. The black outline is a stark contrast to his skin. If you do get a tattoo make sure it's badass because it stands out and everyone will ask you about it

AlbinoAlex149 karma

I just need to pick a design.

Christopherzilla716 karma

Can you manipulate electromagnetic fields?

AlbinoAlex1721 karma

Only on Wednesdays.

kippy3267311 karma

This is the correct answer

AlbinoAlex326 karma

Yay! What do I win?

zshanif346 karma

tree fiddy

AlbinoAlex346 karma

Oh dear, I'm afraid I won't be able to pay the taxes on that.

ProudFeminist172 karma

Love from a puppy.

AlbinoAlex132 karma

Oh dear... I'm afraid I can't pay the taxes on that.

TigerNate691 karma

Is there anything about albinism that gets overlooked because it is not as obvious as the change in appearance?

AlbinoAlex1174 karma

Definitely the visual impairment. Everyone with albinism has some degree of visual impairment (save for like three documented cases of 20/20 vision). It's a whole host of stuff like photosensitivity, nystagmus, reduced depth perception, etc.

justtolearn270 karma

Can you explain a bit more? Like when you go outside are things really bright? Do you notice a difference between summer and winter?

AlbinoAlex898 karma

If the sun is in my line of sight, it's pretty much like when the doctor shines a light in your eyes. Just.. I can't see anything, just bright light. But if the sun isn't rising or setting, everything is fine.

You know how you can drive into the sunset and just wear sunglasses or put the thing down? Not me.

-Ketracel-White1468 karma

It's funny how you said "put the thing down" and I knew exactly what you were talking about.

AlbinoAlex243 karma

I was going to say visor but I'm not sure if that's the right word.

-Ketracel-White467 karma

No, you were right. Pretty sure it's just "the thing."

AlbinoAlex229 karma

It shall hereforth be known as "the thing."

Igenatius65 karma

Do car headlights do the same thing to you at night?

AlbinoAlex79 karma

Not when they're in my peripheral. If the sun is setting and has gotten below a certain point, it's not an issue either. It's only when it's starting to set.

mistah_legend644 karma

Your albinism get you laid?

AlbinoAlex1298 karma

Yes, but only once.

EarthwormJim94358 karma

I'd kinda like to hear that story.

AlbinoAlex698 karma

There's not much of a story, we met, talked for a few hours, and then it happened.

ThePeoplesBard748 karma

I wrote and recorded a song for your comment, the tale of /u/AlbinoAlex, Slayer of Pussy:

Say Hey

C - G, F - G - C
All my bros want to know
what I did to get laid.
But all I did was say, "Hey."
"Is there a trick for getting a chick?"
I only know of one way.
'Cause all I did was say, "Hey."
F - G - C
If you want a girl to go south,
just open up your mouth.

That's how it's done, right?

AlbinoAlex252 karma

Stop sharing my secret to getting laid!

I'm about an hour behind on responses so I'll take a listen later, but thank you for taking the time to do this :)

mistah_legend95 karma

So how exactly did this conversation go down? Was she into dudes with albinism or did you have a pickup line you were saving for years?

AlbinoAlex160 karma

That would be one hell of a pick of line.

It actually just came out of nowhere. Yes there was quite a long conversation. Maybe I'm just trustworthy?

mistah_legend155 karma

It's your white skin I bet. /s

But was it good?

AlbinoAlex757 karma

Eh, 6/10

10/10 with rice.

MyGrandpaLikesGuns361 karma


AlbinoAlex135 karma

Gooble gobble?

Soltak1441 karma

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

AlbinoAlex832 karma

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt from Subway.

ResurrectedOmanyte319 karma

I'm at subway right now, will give it a go!

AlbinoAlex539 karma

What do you usually order from Subway?

HartPURO2262 karma


AlbinoAlex629 karma

Have you never heard of reverse AmAs?

AlbinoAlex491 karma

My questions never seem to take off :(

ResurrectedOmanyte175 karma

The cold cut combo or the Black Forest ham. Those are the cheapest!

AlbinoAlex135 karma

I'll have to try that on my next visit.

TenspeedGames49 karma

My man.

AlbinoAlex63 karma

We now need to meet and share one.

ThisNameMustWork392 karma

Do you often get vampire jokes? They must suck huh

AlbinoAlex312 karma

Not really, especially now that Twilight isn't popular. They are fun, though.

smellyprawn360 karma

Hi! What colour are your eyes?

AlbinoAlex594 karma

My medical record says "Hazel" but as you'll see they're a mix of colours:

hate_this_song391 karma

your irides are not perfectly circular and it is blowing my mind

AlbinoAlex509 karma

Shout out to you using the correct plural for iris!

elchorley191 karma

In case you don't get told enough, your eyes are beautiful!

AlbinoAlex131 karma

Thank you :)

Mag101_117 karma

Hey bro I have that same shape/color of brown. Except the rest is green. We bros, now?

AlbinoAlex139 karma

Sure. Bro hug?

felixjmorgan113 karma

Man, eyes are so cool.

AlbinoAlex433 karma

They are! They let us see and stuff.

ElSuperGreg5 karma

My brother has eyes like that too!

AlbinoAlex21 karma

Sis, is that you? When did you learn how to browse Reddit?

Less_than_5355 karma

Have you ever been curious about what you would look like if you didn't have albinism?

Hope this doesn't offend you.

AlbinoAlex149 karma

Everyone's been asking for this, hope others see it.

kindaallovertheplace347 karma

AlbinoAlex161 karma

I want to meet her, have a pale battle!

ShittyAristotle273 karma


AlbinoAlex685 karma

Zoey 101 :)

BigOlBagOfSox261 karma

This guy gets it

AlbinoAlex381 karma

And Breaking Bad, but Zoey 101 will always be first!

TUXXEC86 karma

Stomp the grapes my man

AlbinoAlex31 karma

I really want that guy's hat.

Freyzi262 karma

Ever tried to dye you hair to add some color to you?

AlbinoAlex308 karma

I've thought about it for a long time, but I can't pick a colour, and I just haven't found the time to find a good stylist and get it done. Some of the stylists I talked to swore up and down it couldn't be done.

sighing_sage182 karma

You should leave it. It's pretty cool as is.

AlbinoAlex209 karma

I would never dye forever, but it would be kind of fun to do once just to see what happens.

flargenhargen361 karma

I would never dye forever

well, at some point...

AlbinoAlex905 karma

Didn't you hear? People with albinism are immortal.

DuckTub174 karma

This guy is a legend

AlbinoAlex221 karma

I'm Will Smith?

JellophantOfCake1 karma

WHAT? I don't want you to die even once!

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Everyone dies at some point. The key is to live life to the fullest, and die with no regrets.

marcelmathers253 karma

First of all: thank you for giving an AMA which is not about advertising!

How does the community look at you and for how much is it accepted en respected?

AlbinoAlex356 karma

Oh but I am advertising! You just haven't figured out which product I'm peddling. Subliminal advertising at its finest!

The general community where I live respects me and treats me like they would anyone else. I feel completely normal here.

The albinism community is kinda indifferent about me. I don't get a lot of recognition for doing these AmAs or other contributions, but it's very cliquish if that makes sense.

wienerdongs172 karma

i would understand if you wouldn't want to answer this, but what's the meanest thing anybody has ever called you?

AlbinoAlex366 karma

Nothing incredibly mean. Someone in high school used to call me Snow White and while I played along with it, it was really offensive for some reason. I don't know, I just really hated it. But beyond that, just the typical things you'd expect.

mek2600134 karma

That sounds lucky. I'm very pale with light blonde hair and I was even called "Powder" after that movie came out. God I hated that movie.

AlbinoAlex88 karma

It happens, best thing to do is just ignore it.

RCFProd8 karma

You could adopt Andés Iniesta's ''El blanquito'' nickname. Sounds badass.

AlbinoAlex40 karma

I could, but I'd rather just be Alex.

superme33152 karma

Does the carpet match the drapes?

AlbinoAlex187 karma


Franklyidontgivearip92 karma

Well, frig, that's cool as shit.

AlbinoAlex30 karma

I wish more people thought so, more ladies in particular.

Franklyidontgivearip33 karma

What?! As a lady myself, I apologize. I think it's the coolest thing ever.

AlbinoAlex30 karma


PubicAlbinoThrowaway67 karma

As a gay dude I too think it sounds cool as shit

AlbinoAlex40 karma

Username checks out.

throwaways1234324324147 karma

I'm being serious here, cause I am weirdly curious. I don't blame you if you don't answer.... but is your penis more pink or a different color than the rest of the body?

AlbinoAlex307 karma

Why don't you come over and find out ;)

dinosaurbogeys108 karma

Directions unclear. Genitals are bleached white.

AlbinoAlex126 karma

And now we match!

l_2_the_n19 karma

well I guess now we know what color Alex's penis is

AlbinoAlex20 karma

Shit! That was supposed to be a secret!

i_cast_spells127 karma

Hey, I saw your past AMA! And this time I'm not late to the party. :D

If you could choose, would you rather have good vision, or a more "normal" appearance? Thanks!

AlbinoAlex232 karma

That's a good question. Um... probably good vision. I mean appearance, we all age. I wouldn't be attractive in my 50's. Hell, I'm not attractive now. But good vision is always necessary, and usually remains pretty stable.

The_Limp_Lizards191 karma

Excuse yourself. 10/10 would smash.

Also 10/10 would take you out to dinner, get to know you, hit it off well, meet your family, move in together, get married, adopt a few kids, grow old with you.

AlbinoAlex140 karma

Well I'm currently single so...

Thighslapper115 karma

Well, are you also gay? Judging by "would smash" and "adopt a few kids", /u/The_Limp_Lizards is a gay man

AlbinoAlex292 karma

I mean, I can be.

Zarathustra124123 karma

Ever tried an artificial tan? How well did it work?

AlbinoAlex262 karma

Never, though I'd like to try it at least once. And then dye my hair green. Maybe for Halloween.

BloodyErection322 karma and oompa-loompa???

AlbinoAlex248 karma


MacMordain114 karma

I'm sure you get some sideways glances, but do people you've encountered generally treat you differently?

AlbinoAlex149 karma

I'm sure there may have been a few instances that I just can't remember right now. Generally, everyone I come across treats me the same as they would anyone else. To the point that on a day-to-day basis I feel normal.

war_story_guy113 karma

How often have people confused you with an Albanian?

AlbinoAlex181 karma

Only in these AmAs.

Crassusinyourasses113 karma

Do you have to take extra precautions if you'll be in direct sun for a while?

AlbinoAlex184 karma

Absolutely. It depends on the location, weather, time of year, etc. But generally if I'm going to be out an about for say 30+ minutes sunscreen is a must.

lowcountry20187 karma

What do you like to do for fun, since the sun is your enemy and you can't go outside ?

AlbinoAlex182 karma

I can go outside, but I do prefer indoor activities. Lots of Reddit, YouTube, Netflix, etc. Concerts (indoors, of course), travel, and Minecraft.

Yert1552 karma

What type of precautions do you have to take? Lots of sunscreen and heavy clothing I imagine? And, when those precautions it just a severe sunburn? Thanks for doing this.

AlbinoAlex117 karma

Usually sunscreen applied very thoroughly works fine. It's just important remember to reapply and to not miss any spots like ears, nose, etc. Clothing like long sleeve shirts, hats, sunglasses, etc are also options, but of course not ideal in the summertime.

It is just a severe sunburn, severity depending on exposure. I've never had one so bad it blistered, but redness and peeling and pain aren't fun. There is no tanning, I just straight sunburn.

Throwaweiye2 karma

What's your favorite Minecraft server, or do you play singleplayer?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

I have the PE version so as far as I'm aware I can only do single player.

RevLoveJoy84 karma

Hi Alex! I could not help but notice OHSU did your gene sequence work. My question, do you live in Oregon and, if so, did the weather play a role in your selection of a place to call home?

AlbinoAlex120 karma

I'm actually from California and live in Texas. The NIH coordinated (and paid for) the testing, though I'm not sure why they outsourced it to OHSU considering their own geneticists could do it.

PacManDreaming75 karma

live in Texas.

And I bet you enjoy our wonderful summer sun, right?

AlbinoAlex14 karma

I've never experienced a Texas summer, I'm always in California.

rubiksprism79 karma

When you wear your glasses, what is your vision at?

AlbinoAlex141 karma


Team_Flare_Admin75 karma

Has your albinism ever caused any problems with school, teachers or students doing something or reacting in someway?

AlbinoAlex231 karma

I'm sure students stare and some teachers are curious, but no real issues I can think of.

Because of my contrast issues, I have a hard time reading pencil writing, so I have to use a pen. Math teachers fucking hate that, but they don't really get a choice.

JoePoePin117 karma

My maths teachers at school always wanted everyone to use pens. I think it was so they could see what mistakes people made. What a world.

AlbinoAlex83 karma

I had an English professor who forced us to use pen because his vision wasn't good enough to read pencil. That was cool, too bad the remaining aspects of his class sucked.

olifantbruce73 karma

Have you heard about the insane stuff going down in Tanzania and other parts of Africa regarding people with albinism? If not, please stay away from those areas where your condition can get you into trouble, because the crimes committed are truly horrific.

AlbinoAlex79 karma

I have, and that's not keeping me away. A few of my friends with albinism have travelled to Tanzania as well. I certainly wouldn't go to the rural* areas and just hang out all day, but the situation isn't as dangerous as it sounds. Still horrific, but getting better.

lowcountry20156 karma

Are your parents albino as well?

AlbinoAlex76 karma


Jaspertt48 karma

(Far) relatives that you know about?

AlbinoAlex118 karma

One cousin in Mexico, I don't remember her place in the family tree but she's on my mother's side.

hlfx47 karma

Saludos estimado y gracias por el AMA, de que pais es tu familia/tu? cheers from Chile!!

AlbinoAlex35 karma


obsidiandubstep40 karma

Is that why you're white?

AlbinoAlex41 karma


Nobelix40 karma

How are you today?

AlbinoAlex50 karma

Excited, how are you?

Kalcoholic41 karma

Im good mate thanks for asking

AlbinoAlex28 karma

Where are you from?

vulpiix26 karma

What are some of the challenges that come along with albinism that people wouldn't necessarily think of? I saw you mentioned visual impairment in another comment. I didn't even realize that could be a component of it.

Also, how do you manage those challenges in your day-to-day?

AlbinoAlex49 karma

Albinism has two components, skin and vision. Though everyone is aware of how easily I can sunburn, very few know that albinism also affects vision.

Skin is easy, I just stay out of the sun. I obviously have to go outside, but walking 15 minutes to class won't do anything—sitting at the beach for a few hours will.

For vision I have a variety of tools I can use depending on the situation. Digital textbooks, magnifiers, reading glasses, monoculars, digital magnification apps, etc.

ialsoenjoycake26 karma

Growing up, were you able to play sports and do other outdoor activities that most children participate in?

AlbinoAlex37 karma

I couldn't, but more because of vision. It's hard to play a sport where you have to track a moving object, what with the visual impairment and shitty depth perception and all. I did regular P.E. all throughout middle and high school, just not so much actual participation.

dogmeattaste13 karma

Can you post pics of your butthole and penis?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

I mean, for the right price ;)

Djkelly5599 karma

I'm EXTREMELY white, and in elementary through middle school people would ask if i was an albino or not. I'm definitely not, as i said i'm just really white. How do you react when people ask you?

AlbinoAlex21 karma

I tell them that I am, and ask how they guessed or how they know about albinism.

Elscorcho128 karma

What kind of music are you in to?

AlbinoAlex7 karma

Pop, mainly. And Alternative.

Splitfingers6 karma

Have you traveled much? If so what countries?

AlbinoAlex31 karma

Not too much internationally. Mexico, Canada, Fiji, Australia. A little more domestically, but definitely not as much as some of my friends.

Fucking Erin and her summer backpacking through Europe.

I_am_the_nightwing4 karma

Does your condition hinder ability to exercise in any way? Do you have a favorite sport to play/watch?

AlbinoAlex9 karma

Not regular exercises like running. Provided I wear sunscreen when I'm outside.

I've never liked sports, they've just never been my thing, playing or watching. But I do watch the Super Bowl and World Cup and all the major events.

LadiesWhoPunch3 karma

Since your vision is one of the things to talk about the most have you thought about going into optometry as a field?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

I think you have to have 20/20 vision to be an optometrist/ophthalmologist—certainly correctable to 20/20. I was talking to mine about it and she wasn't 100% sure, but she remembers a lot of the exams requiring pretty good vision.

Scouter9531 karma

Favorite pizza toppings?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I just stick with pepperoni.

romjke41 karma

I saw your other AMA. what's the point of doing multiple ama's? Nothing seems to have changed. Like that 1 guy who keeps doing AMAs about traveling the world.

edit: also, this is a serious question. I'm not trying to make a jab at you for making multiple AMA's.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

It is definitely a valid question. While I obviously can't account for how many people have seen this and not said anything, I've only had like three people ask about the fact that I've done AmAs previously. Everyone else is just a bunch of legit questions. So all the people who are asking me questions... have they already seen my previous AmAs and they're just asking again out of sheer boredom?

isirhc9411 karma

Have you ever considered wearing a wig or using contacts?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

Contacts no, I'd be terrified of pushing that tiny thing against my eye. But I'd definitely wear a wig if I could obtain one.

Smittx1 karma

Best video game of all time?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

I'm sure the people at r/gaming fight about that. I can't say for all time, but personally I'm fond of Minecraft and GTA.

KazuoKuroi1 karma

What's your favorite beer? Also, are there any longterm complications you could be facing besides myopia and obvious skin sensitivity?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I hate beer. Sorry to all the beer lovers out there, I just can't stand the taste.

Not beyond what I've already been born with. I'm still susceptible to cataracts and macular degeneration and all the age-related eye issues. And of course skin cancer if I'm not careful.

[deleted]1 karma


AlbinoAlex32 karma

About a 1/10

9/10 with rice.

wheresmybrain011 karma

How many AMA's have you done?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Completed? 12 I think.

[deleted]1 karma


AlbinoAlex8 karma

Only when everyone makes that comparison. I really need to buy a DS and the Pokemon games so I can catch all the shiny ones and be their master.

EiROWN1 karma

Are you really that sensitive to light? How does it feel like?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

Skin wise, if it's very bright and hot outside, I can definitely feel it. One of the best descriptions I think was "I feel like I'm burning alive!" It's not like... not like exposure to hot water, but you can feel the heat.

Vision wise, I'm not very photosensitive, but it feels like someone flashing a flashlight into your eyes nonstop, except without the floaters.

salsalion1 karma

Are you a Brother Ali fan?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

I've heard a few of his songs and they're okay. I don't have any but I do like his style and how much he enjoys it.

[deleted]-3 karma


AlbinoAlex4 karma


sleepymonkey1013-6 karma

Thanks for this AMA, albino. Do you think Bernie Sanders has any chance of winning the democratic nomination over his corporate-financed competitor?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Would I get the most karma if I said yes?