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Man, eyes are so cool.

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What would you propose they do differently? I think that would help understand your cause or agenda a bit more.

I'm an amateur British screenwriter interested in getting into the filmmaking business, so it's directly related to my interests, but I'm not sure on the specifics of what you're trying to say right now. I understand you're unhappy with the fact they are mandatory for release and that they charge £1000 per film (as mentioned above), but beyond that I'm unsure what you're proposing changes.

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Basically we're not multi-tasking as well as we think we are. We think we're doing loads of things at once, but instead we're just switching between tasks really quickly at a very surface level.

This leads to higher cognitive load (basically your working memory load), higher distraction (defined as the ability to maintain attention), lower visual attention (defined as the total duration of visual fixations), lower arousal (defined as the emotional engagement), and brand memory (defined as how many ads they could subsequently recall).

We're spreading ourselves very thin, but because of the dopamine release task-switching gives us, our brains think it's a rewarding behaviour and strengthens the brain pathways to do it more.

It's a self amplifying loop which is damaging our memory, our emotional engagement and numerous other aspects of our cognitive ability.

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Pick pizza toppings that you both like so she can share?

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People can downvote me if they want, but this is the reality of working in a business environment. There's no point in me lying and making up some excuse, it's just not our world.

We are a marketing agency and we employed some academics to do a research piece that would be of interest to our clients.

I mean, the University of Copenhagen are world leaders in neuromarketing and Thomas Ramsoy is one of the most respected people in the industry, so credibility isn't really an issue. I would love it if they turn it into a scientific journal but I know NOTHING of that world, so it wouldn't be driven by me if it did.