Dermagraphism is the allergic reaction to pressure, meaning when I am touched or pressure is applied to my skin it welts up horribly and becomes very itchy soon after. I've had it since I was 13, and it won't go away until after i hit menopause. It's called the skin writing disorder because if I write on my skin with a pencil it will welt up into what I've draw within 5 minutes. Ask me what ever you guys would like.


i keep getting questions related to sun burning and if it's bad, i'm already very pale so it's always bad. pale proof:


COMMON QUESTION yes i have tattoos, 11 of them. if you guys want to see you tattoos since this is a common question you can look on my Instagram / priscillaskeeter

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HexVessel941 karma

Nice to see another weirdo out there! Finding it hard to get a decent shot with my phone.

What's your biggest day to day annoyance? Mine has to be leaning on my face at work. Face likes to go red and puffy.

pskeeter767 karma

Biting my lip on accident, my lip swells up a fuck ton, haha.

Stusername444 karma

When you wake up are you lop-sided?

pskeeter287 karma

i wish, that'd be pretty cool

your_ex_girlfriend-226 karma

Do you have any tattoos? Thoughts on getting tattoos with this skin condition?

pskeeter455 karma

I do have tattoos, 11 of them. Some of them are very large. To be honest it's quite hard to find an artist who will tattoo you, as you have to show them how to use an EPI pen before hand and because usually, I take about 10 Benadryl before getting a tattoo (you have to notify the artist that you do this) and you can't be all butt hurt if they deny you, it's safety. I'd recommend not getting tattooed anywhere besides a shop and not by someone who is new to tattooing, it could be bad.

HPhelps152 karma

Can you explain this further? Why is the Benadryl and EPI pen necessary if the reaction you have is itchy skin. What I mean to ask is what other complications are you preparing for with the EPI pen?

pskeeter520 karma

It's an allergic reaction. Technically I am allergic to sugar, but you can't stop consuming sugar due to an allergy to it because you would die. When pressure is applied to my skin it releases sugar as a defense to the pressure, so of to much pressure is applied to much sugar in my body is released at once and flows through my veins witch will cause anaphylaxis, so EPI pen is nessicary.

your_ex_girlfriend-24 karma

Wow, I'm surprised by your answer! That's great to hear it doesn't stop you from being tattooed. I assume you have a small handful of trusted artists, then? Any issues with different colors/brands of ink?

I don't have any diagnosed skin problems but certain colors in a few of my tattoos raise up and get itchy every once in awhile and I wonder if it's the brand of ink/color used.

pskeeter71 karma

I have a huge rose on my knee cap, it was awesome when I first got it, then I got it colored and my skin rejected most of the colored ink. So now all of my other tattoos are just black and grey. here are some photos for you!

nash2589189 karma

Hey! I also have this condition.

I liek to write lyrics on my body parts

Although mine doesn't itch very much but welts very easily.

Do you have to continue taking antihistamine after you got tattooed?

pskeeter8 karma

I take it until my tattoo isn't welter anymore, so sometimes it's welter for an hour, sometimes 5 hours. I just like to be precautions and not go into shock!

Doc_America180 karma

Do you take any meds that bridge the gap between benadryl and an epi pen? Like getting a tattoo, is it just benadryl and if shit gets worse you use the epi pen? Also, could you draw me a picture of a boat? lol kidding.. kinda

pskeeter341 karma

I've tried a lot of long term allergy medications but none of them work because none are really meant for a sugar allergy, more like pollen or animals, but Benadryl brings down swelling and hives, so that's why I normally go to that, I've formed more of an immunity to the side effects of it and It just work against my swelling now! and of course here you go. (just so you guys know this won't cause me to have to use an EPI pen, only constant hours of being tattooed or a massive amount of pressure, not putting myself at risk)

HPhelps44 karma

How long will it stay like that?

Also, you should take commissions for writing birthday messages like that.

pskeeter89 karma

how long will it stay on my skin? uhh, about twenty minutes, it's just gets bigger and more distorted and then goes away. If it's ever too much pressure I just take a hot shower and the itchy effect goes away,when I first got this, I'd take up to 9 showers a day because I couldn't handle it.

HPhelps38 karma

oh yikes, is there any other way to relieve the itching? like lotion or something?

pskeeter63 karma

not bumping into things, or touching anything is the only other thing besides hot showers or taking Benadryl. I've become super used to it, the only part that sucks is that you can't scratch your body when you have an itch because more welts will happen and then it's a never ending process,I haven't itched my back in 8 years and if I do, hot shower..

Fathoms13116 karma

How did you first find out that you had this disorder? Does it run in your family?

pskeeter205 karma

when I was 13 I kept getting welts constantly, and I live in California and there's a massive bed bug problem here. I lived with my grandparents at the time and I'd always think we had bed bugs and I'd always notify them about it, they thought I was crazy and I also thought I was crazy due to the fact that I would take a hot shower and my "bites" would go away immedientally. They thought I was so obsessed about the bed bugs that I formed an allergic reaction in my mind and then they finally took me to a dermatologist, who notified me I needed to have allergy tests done. after 5 years of allergy tests and my welts never going away and no cure for dermagraphism, it was found out that it's related to being allergic to sugar, which you can't not consume.

dkac_foxy87 karma


pskeeter161 karma

I'm fine while having sex, but it's after sex that's always super annoying because I'm always very itchy. If there's ever any contact like spanking or chocking I have huge welts on myself afterwards, but it's just itchy, never too horrible.

Dr_Jerkface128 karma

What about, you know, inside?

pskeeter68 karma

hahahaha, inside i'm fine!

jsellout40 karma

She keeps her fingernails long for just such an occasion.

pskeeter90 karma

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

gibson_se23 karma

What happens to your boobs while/after being grabbed/held/squished?

pskeeter54 karma

Hand prints.

HPhelps85 karma

If you're up for the lightning round, I have a few more for you!

  • How have your partners reacted when you tell them about your disorder
  • Do you avoid kissing/holding hands because of it?
  • Have you had to use the EPI pen yet?
  • Do you get regular check ups with a doctor?
  • What is your favorite sandwich
  • Has your condition ever caused a very memorable awkward situation? If so, what was it?

Also, thanks again for having this AMA!

pskeeter268 karma

my current boyfriend thought he might kill me the first time we'd have sex. no, i'm super needy so even if it does make me itchy i need it. haha I have used my EPI pen many times. BLT 2. one time I was in a car with my friend and it was after a concert and I hate a late allergic reaction shock, I had to jump in the back of her car because my purse was in the back seat, she freaked out. once I was in a fight in high school and the girl punched me really hard in the face (first shot, sucker punch) and i went into shock and had to stop fighting to get an EPI pen so, pretty much I looked like a pussy because I couldn't breathe.

Toms4235 karma

When you get a reaction is it itchy or more of a burning hive sensation? I have dermatographism, but the real issue is that literally ever time I blush, sweat, get annoyed, excited, irritated, etc my skin erupts in hives. I'm not sure if the two are related. I've been on antihistamines but that song really help much.

pskeeter37 karma

it's more burning. I also think it's a mind thing sometimes because let's say there's a spider in my room, I'll think it's on my bed, then have my whole body inflamed from the though of it.

sexrockandroll73 karma

Why will it go away when you hit menopause?

pskeeter110 karma

I actually have no idea, I took birth control at 13 to see if not having a menstrual cycle would do anything but it didn't. It has to do with the hormones in my body no longer affecting my sugar burning cells.

AtoZZZ28 karma

This feels weird to ask, but is there a way to induce menopause? If so, would you explore that?

Llys17 karma

Have your ovaries removed I'm told.

pskeeter64 karma

Yeah, not feeling that.

SpacelessElk60 karma

If you hold something too tight in your hands, do your hands swell up?

pskeeter107 karma

they don't swell it they just become super itchy, same if i walk barefoot, and we all know how itching the bottom of your feet goes.

Brakethecycle60 karma

Have you thought of the possibilities of making money? I bet you that people would pay to have you scratch their name on you. You could set up a fiverr service for it.

pskeeter132 karma

"fetish services: writing your name on my skin"

Brakethecycle48 karma

I'm sure there is a subreddit for that. You'll thank me when you are rich.

pskeeter101 karma

"thank you" - before i'm rich, so that I won't have to remember.

Brakethecycle22 karma

Jokes aside, had you considered it? Or would you?

pskeeter64 karma

I never really thought about it, But I bet people are into it, there's people who are into seeing girls crush lobsters with their feet.If I could find someone into it and who wanted to pay me for it, why not???

Brakethecycle18 karma

How much would make it worth it?

pskeeter31 karma

would depend where at I guess.

Brakethecycle15 karma

How about arms, legs, chest, stomach, or hands?

pskeeter37 karma

oh probably not much, like if I made it a thing and had multiple people? probably like 3-5 dollars for that, i wouldn't want to charge people a whole lot for something stupid like this haha.

MatRicX51 karma

If you get a cut, how does your body react?

Has it ever prevented you from doing "Normal" kid/adult activities? I have had a bad stomach an anxiety all my life an I know that was a big one for me.

pskeeter13 karma

if I get a cut, it's a normal cut but welter about half an inch off my body, and normally the welt won't go away until I've stopped bleeding.

rakust41 karma

How long before you got bored with it?

pskeeter105 karma

I've been bored with it for the last 8 years. It's very innconvient

HPhelps38 karma

You mentioned this was an allergy to sugar, does this effect your diet at all? and if so, then how?

pskeeter62 karma

I tried to cut out any sugar that wasn't natural by going on a raw vegan diet and just a vegan diet for a long time but it didn't change anything, so it was kind of disappointing to me.

HPhelps22 karma

What I meant was does consuming sugar have any immediate effects, for example does it cause your throat to swell like someone would have with a food allergy?

pskeeter21 karma

oh. no, not that i'm aware of, i confuse lots of sugary foods and nothing seems to set of off to where I would have to use an EPI pen just to food. When I was tested for my dermagraphism they told me that when a mass amount of pressure is applied (like a tattoo) about 35 grams of sugar is released through my blood stream, so I'd probably have to consume at least 35 grams in one setting.

wfza132 karma

What are your hobbies and has your condition affected or changed your ability to enjoy/pursue them?

pskeeter50 karma

oh man, before I got this I was in orchestra and drum line in middle school and high school, it didn't really make me stop them but it did put a hassle on it, I do a lot of art and it doesn't effect that at all. i'm a manager at subway currently so it doesn't effect that at all.

sonofabutch23 karma

Do you have to wear special clothing?

pskeeter66 karma

I do not, i just wear normal clothes and cry in the corner about how itchy my body always is. (half sarcastic) i do just wear normal clothes though.

Dec3ptor13 karma

How many times has someone drawn a penis on you?

pskeeter15 karma

twice :-(

RyghtHandMan12 karma

I went to the doctor for the same thing and up until now I thought he said "demographitalism" which a quick google search told me didn't exist so I thought he was lying to get me out of the room quicker. TIL that doctor was knowledgeable in his field. Who knew?

pskeeter18 karma

Haha, yes. there's a few names for it, I just call it dermagraphism because that's the first name I heard and I can't remember the other names, they are similar though!

vape-jesus9 karma

Odd question but... If you sit for a long time does your butt swell? Because hell, that's an advantage

pskeeter6 karma

depends on what i'm sitting on, I've sat on those weird metal bus benches that have holes in them and look like they are braided from metal, and my ass will welt up which the shape of the bench.

Obsidious_D9 karma

Did you ever draw things on yourself when your were bored in class?

pskeeter24 karma

oh no, when I was in high school if I ever bumped into anything I'd become so itchy and agervated that I would have to go to the nurses office. I'm more used to it now a days though.

124r8 karma

Heyo a fellow skin writer! I never knew more of us existed. Now the real question is how many of your friends insist on drawing dicks and writing their names on you when they find out? (Maybe I just have strange friends)

pskeeter20 karma

I've had people write 666 on my forehead while sleeping.

That91Guy4 karma

What do you do for work? If you have a job does it effect the way you work at all?

pskeeter5 karma

I'm a manager at subway, and nope! only if I bump into things or someone bumps into me or walking, yeah walking haha.

SirPeyton1 karma

Darn, came here hoping all your answers would, well ya know, be written on your arms or something. Oh well...

But anyway! I have an honest question...(nsfw) and also [Serious]

What is sex like?

pskeeter9 karma

I'd probably get a lot more questions if I answered them like that and then probably run out of space which would result in me writing my answers on my forehead and ass,haha.

I answered this a little more in depth a few questions ago. It's fine, but it's what's after that suck, a lot of itchiness once to over and I notice that I have marks all over me, haha.

bythegraceofballoons-1 karma

Are you able to drive?

pskeeter20 karma