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What does "training" consist of? Nordic skiers will spend tons of time running (in the off season) and skiing to build their cardiovascular systems to cope with more training and the actual races. They'll do a lot of strength training, some quite general and some very specific to their sport. And they'll practice technique a lot too.

What do you do? It seems to me like some squats and similar leg strength exercises are a good idea. And probably a lot of short sprints, probably with some weight to push. How do you practice the actual riding? What's off season like?

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What happens to your boobs while/after being grabbed/held/squished?

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Get a dildo of the soft and squishy variety, stick it as far back as you can take it without gagging, and hold it there for as long as you can. Just as feel you're starting to gag, pull it out and take a rest, get things under control. Then do it again, trying to push a little bit deeper and holding for a little bit longer, but always so that you're not gagging.

At some point, you'll come across the point where the dildo doesn't want to go deeper; it feels like you're hitting the back of your throat. You'll want to loosen up your throat, slightly drop your jaw, and sort of push your tongue down and out, to make space in the back of your throat. You might also need to push quite hard on the dildo, but you should be able to push past this point and actually get it down into your throat. Don't practice too much at one time; you can get a sore throat. But do keep practicing.