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Do you take any meds that bridge the gap between benadryl and an epi pen? Like getting a tattoo, is it just benadryl and if shit gets worse you use the epi pen? Also, could you draw me a picture of a boat? lol kidding.. kinda

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Thanks! I def saved your pic to my pc lol appreciate it! I feel like I should give something back. Here is a picture of my best friend and I. http://imgur.com/gallery/VrHFmOX

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Thanks for the reply. I deal with a lot of PTSD symptoms. I'm not angry over things most of the time. Depression, sleeplessness, large crowds, and sudden loud sounds really get me. The anxiety that comes along with those are really tough sometimes and the people I talk to at the VA for the most part have never been in the military. Not to say that they have to be but they speak as if they know exactly what I'm talking about, which in returns makes me not want to talk to them. Also, thanks again for the reply and the kind words.

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I have a question for you that you may or may not be able to answer. I'm a combat vet that was hurt in Afghanistan. I had surgery and had a neurotransmitter place in my spine to control damaged nerves in my left thigh. Is there anything long term that could hurt me by having this is? It's such a pain sometimes but removing it may make my situation worse.