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How long before you got bored with it?

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Do you ever look down at your jizz after jerking off and think "the guy that cures cancer could have been in there"?

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What's the biggest sandwich you've ever eaten?

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  1. tits or arse?

  2. Dogs or Cats?

  3. Who do you think will win Big Brother this year?

  4. Have you ever ripped the label off of your mattress?

  5. If you could fight any public figure right now, who would it be?

  6. If a homeless person asked you for a cigarrette, would you give him it, or would you refuse to contribute to his eventual death of cancer, but break his heart, or would you acquiesce?

  7. Every action, and indeed every thought you have invariably leads to the heat death of the universe, and with it, all molecular motion will come to an end. With this fact in mind. What will you have for dinner tonight?

  8. Hasn’t history proven that Marx’s vision of an egalitarian utopia is unattainable, inevitably creating an oligarchy more oppressive to the proletariat than the bourgeoisie it vilifies?

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How hard did Johnny Turbo take the failure of the TurboGrafx? he seemed pretty invested in it