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You are a booby saint and I bet you positively changed that woman's life forever! I can't imagine how she feels to not have to deal with all that anymore. Thanks for being amazing and weird. :)

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Do you have any tattoos? Thoughts on getting tattoos with this skin condition?

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As a huge fan, this makes me smile. I've only every briefly met Bob and he was sweet, but I'd like to meet the rest of them out and about one day and thank them.

your_ex_girlfriend-24 karma

Wow, I'm surprised by your answer! That's great to hear it doesn't stop you from being tattooed. I assume you have a small handful of trusted artists, then? Any issues with different colors/brands of ink?

I don't have any diagnosed skin problems but certain colors in a few of my tattoos raise up and get itchy every once in awhile and I wonder if it's the brand of ink/color used.

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I feel like it's all about the approach. I had a guy do this to me at the last 7 for $26 panty sale. He was shy in his asking but ended up saying, "I'm sorry to bother you, I'm buying panties for my cousin and you're about her size. What size are you getting?" I wasn't offended or creeped out, he was also there with his boyfriend who seemed even more embarrassed, so I just ended up picking up a couple pairs and told him to use those as a idea. Hopefully she enjoyed them!