Hey Reddit, I am a survivor of a boat propellor accident! I have posted the pics from my accident before but I have recently been encouraged by friends to do an AMA to answer any questions people may have about the accident or the recovery process. It has been 5 years and I am still in the process of "recovering" physically from everything that ended up happening to my leg. Maybe I will be able to encourage someone who are currently going through something similar. At the time I was in between my junior and senior year of high school. I had been out on a pontoon boat for most of the day with 2 of the guys I played football with and I was standing on the front section of the boat when the driver of the boat threw the throttle to reverse and back to full as a prank to shake the boat and scare me (like a break check in the car). That jolt threw me off the front of the boat and before he was able move or swim down the boat ran me over. I didn't know what had happened at the time but realized my shorts were caught on something so I had to untangle them and take them off to get back above water. I felt cramping in my leg but didn't realize the full extent of what happened until i reached down to feel my leg as I was treading water. That was when I felt inside of my leg and realized truly what had happened. I swam (as well as I could) over to where the boat had stopped and my buddy pulled me up out of the water. I didn't realize the severity of the damage to my leg until I saw the faces of the two guys I was with. We rushed back to the dock to a place where we could get cell service to call 911. After the ambulance got to the scene they decided that a life-flight helicopter had to be sent to pick me up and take me to Duke Hospital. I spent just under a month in the hospital going through all kinds of surgeries and procedures. Emotionally this accident hit me very hard because it happened at the peak of my football "career". I had been playing for 11 years up until that point and had finally gotten myself to where college football was looking like a very real possibilty because I was All-state my junior year and had my senior year to really prove myself. It was very hard for me to lose everything I had spent years working for in the matter of seconds due to a stupid mistake that never should have happened. If you have any questions about the accident, time in the hospital, or recovery AMA!

Here is an album, it is very NSFW and GORE. http://imgur.com/a/PyXCT

TL:DR A dumb driver threw me off a boat and ran me over

I am working on the picture that shows what my leg currently looks like after several years of rehab and several surgeries, but it is proving difficult to take a picture of the back of my own leg that is in focus.

Edit: Thanks for all of the great answers everyone, I am going to hop off for a little bit but I will hop on later this evening and answer some more of the questions as well as posting a current picture of my leg.

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steeljaw1133 karma

How are you handling your relationship with the friend that destroyed your leg (and your dreams)?

I just want to tell you that I think it's great that you're striving for a positive attitude and willing to put yourself out there to hopeful help others in your situation! Keep being awesome and best of luck with your recovery!!

not-the-popo1494 karma

Tried to make the friendship last but time and distance kind of ended it and I am sure part of it had to do with him feeling very guilty and being around me was a constant reminder of the mistake he made.

Dengar96730 karma

I ran over my buddies leg in my car (total accident he was in the car). Long story short we remained friends and still talk and hang out its just still awkward when were alone together. I feel horribly for fucking up 6 months of his life and I'm sure he feels a little animosity there too.

not-the-popo451 karma

I am sure if it was a complete accident he understands that, even if he wouldn't admit it. Glad to hear you were able to somewhat keep your friendship.

Dengar96127 karma

Thanks man glad to see your leg is healing up nice that accident sounds and looks scary as hell glad to see your keeping such a good attitude about the situation. Keep getting better and sharing your story its cool to hear about people like you!!

not-the-popo101 karma

I appreciate that! Doing the best I can

quasifun86 karma

My best friend in college was horsing around in his truck, with me as a passenger. He ended up rolling the truck and put me in the hospital. I was ok after surgery and recuperating, but we were never close after that. I've reached out to him a few times over the years, but he has never reciprocated. It's like a friend breakup. Does that even have a name?

not-the-popo38 karma

I dunno, we should make one up.

Hepcatoy70 karma

I like /u/medjeti Dudevorce.

not-the-popo41 karma

Thats it! its a thing now!

IsayPoirot21 karma


not-the-popo95 karma

Sounds to much like I am kupping his pecks

uncertainhope74 karma

What a difficult situation for both of you. My high school friend's dad ran over his leg while waterskiing, and it had to be amputated. The dad was severely depressed for years and consumed with so much guilt. Hopefully you and your friend can both heal from this and reconcile your friendship.

not-the-popo49 karma

We both live in different parts of the country. When we do cross paths it is always ammicably and remaniscing about all the football we did play together.

WolveyMcWolverine538 karma

Have you ever thought of using your story to help save manatees and other wildlife damaged by boat propellers?

not-the-popo422 karma

haha no I have not. I have had people call me manatee before but thats about as far as it has gone.

GameSkatez159 karma

You need to tell us more about these manatee-calling shenanigans

not-the-popo258 karma

I was volunteering in Joplin, MO after the tornado went through and destroyed their city and a group volunteering from Florida heard about my accident and called me manatee from then on out haha, I had never even heard of that happening before then

lbmouse432 karma

I got excited when I read the title as, "IamA boat propeller AMA!" So many questions... Anywho, how big was the propeller?

not-the-popo160 karma

It was a pontoon boat so I imagine it was bigger than most boats, never actually saw the thing though haha

jimmytoad124 karma

Actually, you might be luckier. Most pontoons have small motors. No telling what a 250 HP motor would have on the back of it.

not-the-popo116 karma

Either way, I am lucky to be alive, and happy to be here!

absurdly_sarcastic405 karma

Is your junk ok?

not-the-popo537 karma

haha yes, couple inches from a whole different story though...

absurdly_sarcastic333 karma

I can go about my day a little happier now. Congrats

not-the-popo219 karma

And I will carry on life happier too haha, could have been a whole different story

TrustTheGeneGenie249 karma

Did depression set in at any point during your recovery, and if so, how did you deal with it?

not-the-popo698 karma

I would say mild depression yes. I was 17 and essentially my passion was taken from me before I really knew what hit me. Family and Friends got me through 100%. There wasn't a single day that my family wasn't beside me in the hospital going through everything with me. My coach was there everyday and slept in the lobby the whole first week it seemed like and he was constantly building me up and making everything seem like it would be okay. My brother is in the army and was at jump school at the time, once he got back I think my spirits raised drastically. Last but not least was my teachers, friends, and teamates were constantly in my room cheering me up. Oh, and the world cup was on. GO USA!

TrustTheGeneGenie112 karma

Thanks for your reply! I'm glad you had the support you needed to get through it. 😊

not-the-popo285 karma

I am thankful everyday for the support I had, especially for my gf at the time, now my wife! After seeing how selfless she was everyday at the hospital thats when my bro told me she was a keeper.

phishcactuss84 karma

I broke both my legs in a car crash when I was 17 and a senior in high school. Friend was driving. So I kind of identify with this story. Our friendship was never the same, he tried to make amends but I was never really ready. I didn't talk poorly about him I just didn't want to see the guy that acted stupid, almost ended my life, and left me with lifelong physical issues. Maybe your situation is different, but I definitely felt / feel robbed of my youthful physical abilities and even more so youthful naivety and carefree outlook. I'm doing well, but somethings different. Also the painkillers that I had to take for 6 months have left me with bad cravings.

not-the-popo115 karma

That was one of my worst fears, I cut myself off of pain meds the week after I left the hospital because I would rather fight of the pain than an addiction.

phishcactuss63 karma

Good call. I wasn't really in a position to do that and the pain meds let me work my ass through 6 months of necessary PT that would determine the extent of my recovery. Just now my brain knows that its possible to feel better with drugs than you ever can from a sober mind state and I miss that feeling sometimes.

not-the-popo91 karma

I benefited from absolutely hating how I felt when I was on any type of pain med, the negatives greatly outweighed the reduced pain. Stay strong though man, no ammount of temporary euphoria is worth throwing your life away!

phishcactuss61 karma

Thanks man. Very wise and kind words. Thank you.

not-the-popo123 karma

PM if you ever need to talk with someone

Brad_Samford2 karma

...and if you're like me, you like to save your prescriptions for when you're feeling better

not-the-popo4 karma

I shared mine with the trash haha

JSnake1024190 karma

So when you fell off he put it in forward and ran you over? Why would he do that?

not-the-popo284 karma

He did it all in one motion, I guess he did not think about the consequences of his action, thought it would be funny to scare me, and before he could stop the engine it had already done the damage.

gigabyte898434 karma

he thought it would be funny

It seems like more and more accidents have this explanation

not-the-popo160 karma

Unfortunatly you're correct

JSnake1024-23 karma

I'm really sorry this happened to you, but are you sure he didn't do it on purpose? It takes a split second to put it in neutral, not to mention he had to travel the entire length of the boat to hit you with the prop if you fell off the bow.

not-the-popo23 karma

I really dont think he did it on purpose, He probably did immediatly put the prop into neutral ,but that does not immediatly stop the propellor. Had the throttle been engaged when I was untangling my shorts, the propellor would have continued to devastate my body.

JSnake1024-22 karma

If he went from reverse to neutral how did you end up at the stern? I feel like you're leaving something out.

not-the-popo15 karma

We were going a pretty good speed when he threw the boat into reverse, I was thrown off the front and the boat went over top of me.

JSnake102415 karma

I assumed you we're sitting idle when you said he threw it in reverse, makes sense now. Your friend is really fucking dumb, damn.

Edit: Spelling

not-the-popo8 karma

Yeh, sorry I did not explain it clearly at first.

JSnake10244 karma

Sorry for all the questions, wasn't doubting you, I just couldn't picture it at first.

not-the-popo12 karma

no worries! I am here to answer questions!

CaptainSnotRocket146 karma

Between you, the driver, or anybody else on the boat. Was booze involved in any way?

not-the-popo316 karma

Fortunately there was none, for legal reasons and peace of mind after the fact. I cannot tell you how many times police and investigators kept asking the same question haha.

tiga4life22191 karma

Officer: So your friends idiocy was done in total consciousnesses, is that what you're saying son?

not-the-popo174 karma

My thoughts: absolutly right My resoponse: No sir, it was 100% my fault

Prime_Axe91 karma

You took the blame?

not-the-popo143 karma

Yeh I did, not really sure what drove me to do that, but I did. I told my parents a couple weeks after so they knew exactly what happened.

homeschooled90 karma

Did your parents end up paying for everything? You realize that if you would've told the truth, you could've sued the kid, right? His parents' home owner's insurance most likely would've covered everything. That was not a smart move.

not-the-popo98 karma

I am aware of that now yes. I was just 17 then though

rickroy3748 karma

I'm guessing you were afraid that he would be charged for something if they knew he was at fault? How would things be different if he had been charged for something like negligent driving?

not-the-popo103 karma

I don't know really, I would probably feel bad even though it wasn't my fault and lawyers would probably have approached me wanting to represent me in court. Who knows, seeing big numbers might have tempted me but I am glad that did not happen.

ewwcolton41 karma

Wow the details of this story are almost exactly the same as a kid who went to my high school. Anyway he started getting a lot of sports media coverage when he was able to come back to pitching in baseball, but it all stopped abruptly when they discovered alcohol was involved.

not-the-popo65 karma

That's why I was so thankful, and honestly that has shaped my life a lot. I don't/haven't ever consumed alcohol for fear that I wouldn't be able to react should something happen. I know I will always be in the right mind to respond to an accident or something.

QuickAgISTheFlash136 karma

Me too!

Had my foot cut off from the propeller of a boat (which my mom was driving). Had it reattached, had to relearn how to walk.. Took well over a year. I was 8 then and am 25 now. Here's the scar that's left.

How's your recovery coming along?

not-the-popo27 karma

For the most part it is excellent, just experience a lot of pain if I do not stretch every day, and pain if I run any type of long distance. Day to day life I definitely realize it, but it doesnt negatively affect me like it used too.

QuickAgISTheFlash14 karma

Glad to hear!

Isn't modern medicine amazing?

not-the-popo20 karma

It truly is, 100 years ago I would not be here

ajpl37 karma

In fairness, 100 years ago you wouldn't have been in a boating accident.

okay okay, I'm an asshole.

not-the-popo22 karma

I typed that out myself! then had to think, I know titanic was close to 100 years so I just deleted it haha, who knows

humanHamster11 karma

Titanic was 103 years ago as of April 2015, so you win!

not-the-popo11 karma

haha yay! I love winning

Dem0nic_Jew115 karma

Do you think starfish and octopus will make a hybrid species?

not-the-popo132 karma

Starktopus? sounds like a Tony Stark invention

jaamfan96 karma

Was there any doctor/person on medical staff that you were able to bond with at the Hospital over the course of the time that you were there? If so, what's the story?

not-the-popo181 karma

I had incredible relationships with all of my nurses, they were incredible. After I had begun my recovery and was walking again, I went back to the hospital to personally thank all of them for helping me get strong enough to walk out of the hospital.

Wondiva178 karma

There will never be enough praise for nurses.

not-the-popo102 karma

100% agree, everyone I had played a very large part in me being here today!

Wondiva24 karma

In my prouder moments, I imagine becoming a nurse and teaching my patients to fold origami flowers. Did your nurses have special hobbies they shared with patients?

not-the-popo42 karma

Not that I can remember. My girlfriend made these boards out of picture frame mats that everyone who came to visit could write on. So all of my nurses wrote me a little letter that I still have, thats about all I can think of. No fun crafts, just soda and icecream

thaway31415690 karma

I had incredible relationships with all of my nurses

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

not-the-popo39 karma


TrustTheGeneGenie86 karma

What's the silver lining, if there is one?

not-the-popo285 karma

Silver lining to me is I didn't let college football drive my gf, now wife, out of my life, like it does for a lot of athletes.

nowayIwillremember100 karma

And that you're not going to end up with CTE. I'd rather have leg issues than dementia.

not-the-popo83 karma

Football was my life though, I would do a lot of things to play at the level I did my junior year! But honestly you are very right, and that is one thing I tell myself frequently is that the Lord took football away from me so that something worse did not happen on the field.

ldamron84 karma

What are your plans for the future now?

not-the-popo139 karma

I'd say start a family and find a way to continue being competetive at something, not sure what yet, but that is when I am having the most fun!

Matt_Goats191 karma

Try cornhole

not-the-popo79 karma

I love me some cornhole, need my bro to be good, we are undefeated when playing together.

_Driftwood_2 karma

are you afraid you are going to have a kid and take all your missed football/sports opportunities out on them and it would turn into a Varsity Blues "I don't want your life!" kinda thing?

not-the-popo3 karma

I certainly hope I don't do that, I would love my kids to compete in athletics but I won't force anything on them. I do imagine my competetive spirit will pass to my children though, it's in my blood haha.

MrNyke951 karma

Play competitive paintball, breh

not-the-popo2 karma

I totally would do that if I had a group to do it with haha.

BeauDavidBrooks62 karma

With your accident coming late in your high school years do you feel like you might have been robbed of some early adult experiences that you would have been able to otherwise have if you were healthy?

not-the-popo113 karma

Honestly it may have ensured that I had more of a normal college life, had I gone on to play college football that would have continued to dominate my life, college ball is typically more work than a full time job.

BeauDavidBrooks35 karma

Good.....I hope you got laid alot.

not-the-popo362 karma

I kept my highschool girlfriend all the way through college and just married her this year!

Noxiant27 karma

He was just looking out for your best interests!

not-the-popo22 karma

Definitely one way to look at it!

no_nigger_soup52 karma

Would you say dihydrogen monoxide directly contributed to your injury? It sounds to me like if you guys had not been on this substance the accident would not have occurred.

not-the-popo39 karma

Haha yes, Water definitely played a significant factor in my injury!

grvlle42 karma

Did it hurt?

not-the-popo94 karma

Ha, funny question, It felt like really bad cramping and the majority of nerves were immediatly severed. So right at the beginning no not too bad, 45 minutes later when the addrenaline wore off, thats a different story.

djplotfellow30 karma

As someone who works at UNC Hospitals, what's some smack talk you can tell me about Duke?

not-the-popo80 karma

I had some absolutely incredible doctors, and some complete idiots. The first doctor that came in the next morning shook my leg to wake me up, told me that he would have me stiched up and home the next day because "I have a plane to catch". My mother was very quick to have him removed from my room and if I am not mistaken he was disciplined by the hospital!

Dam_Kids47 karma

Someone always has to finish at the bottom of the class, even in med school unfortunately.

not-the-popo66 karma

I hate that I could have potentially kept him from a killer vacation! How rude of me

roses26930 karma

pleeeease tell me he shook your non-traumatized leg

not-the-popo40 karma

i wish, he shook the hurt one

roses26932 karma

are we sure this was an actual doctor and not just someone dressed up as one? I'm glad you received better care after that, but damn that must have HURT.

not-the-popo21 karma

I was so out of it I don't remember, but I can assure you it didnt feel good!

indil4712 karma

Holy crap, he shook your leg? What part of "do no harm" did the guy not understand?

not-the-popo21 karma

I honestly have no clue, I was completely out of it at the time. But it definitely woke me up, one of times I have never seen my mother more angry.

Nrrpp28 karma

Did his family offer to help pay for any medical bills? How did they react to the situation? Thanks for doing this Ama!

not-the-popo66 karma

His parents were under the impression he had zero fault, so no, they did not help financially, they were very supportive of me throughout my recovery though. They were very upset that it did happen though

SirEDCaLot37 karma

His parents were under the impression he had zero fault

How is that possible? Did you make up a story about the accident so he wouldn't be blamed?

not-the-popo67 karma

Yeh I did, I made it seem that we hit wake and I just fell off, it sucked too because everyone thought I was stupid for falling, but at that point I didn't really wanna turn around and blame him after I already lied to the police.

SirEDCaLot43 karma

That sounds like you made the decision to lie from the very beginning, even right after the boat ran you over or when you were in the hospital. I'm curious about your mindset at the time, what made you decide to do that? Have you ever talked to the boat driver about his actions?

not-the-popo51 karma

Never once have we talked about the accident... I have talked about it with the other guy on the boat because he is now my brother-in-law. As far as my mindset I think I was just young and wanting to be a "good friend". I never really sat down and made the decision as far as I can remember that was really the only option that came in to my head.

bimarriedandproud33 karma

Did he ever apologize to you?

not-the-popo54 karma

Not that I can recall. Never really thought about that

bimarriedandproud69 karma

You covered for him and he never even apologized? Cold.

not-the-popo82 karma


texancoyote25 karma

This is my worst fear when I'm on a boat. When my dad and I would go out any time we took the inner tube out the engine was off until we pushed the tube away.

Have you gone back on the water since the accident?

not-the-popo43 karma

One or two times I have gotten back on boats and that was just so I knew that I wasn't going to let that rule over me. I don't make a strong effort to go boating any longer though haha

8ballrun24 karma

man this hit home because i almost had the same thing happen, I was sitting in the front of a tri-hull bowrider and the jackass driver did the same thing, i remember falling and getting sucked under the boat, Somehow i pushed off with my feet and closed my eyes, i could hear a high pitched whine go right by my head, I didnt get hurt and niether did the driver due to the fact i was in complete shock, What was going thru your head when you hit the water?

not-the-popo49 karma

"Crap my clothes are gonna get wet"

That is honestly the only thing I was thinking until i was run over. Kinda funny now that I think back.

smileyman3411 karma

I first read this as "Crabs are gonna get my clothes wet." Did you also have crab-related fears?

not-the-popo19 karma

every night

IchargeByTheLB24 karma

Do you have any hard feelings toward your friend? Did you sue him?

not-the-popo104 karma

For a long time I had hard feelings, and I would be lying if I said they were completely gone, but constantly being upset at what happened is really hard on you and at some point I have to realize that what's done is done and try to forgive him. I really contemplated sueing him, but I knew that would affect his parents and not him and I really did like his parents. I am very glad I did not pursue any legal actions.

jookyspooky22 karma

I really contemplated sueing him, but I knew that would affect his parents

I've always wondered how much people hope to get from suits. Were your friends parents rich?

What advice did you receive from a lawyer and how much money would you get? Did you know the percentage the lawyer would take and how much the lawyers fees would eat up the settlement?

I've always heard that the lawyers are the only ones who actually win.

Glad you didn't sue and decided that accident happen and it's just life.

not-the-popo50 karma

I didn't even get that far into the thought, as soon as the idea popped into my head I thought what it would do to their family and decided that no ammount of money was worth ruining their lives. I am not really sure what financial state they were in, definitely not poverty, but I don't think they were "rich" by any stretch of the imagination either.

msx820 karma

Can you or will you be able to walk normally again? I hope you don't mind me asking, but I am not someone who can handle NSFW/gore pictures easily.

not-the-popo25 karma

I can walk normally, run, do really anything most people can, I just pay the price for it with a lot of pain after the fact from various things. If you did not know i was in an accident you would never know from seeing me live my daily life.

davros_15 karma

What were the financial repercussions for both you and the dude who ran you over? Whose insurance (if any) paid for your medical bills? Have you been left with debt?

not-the-popo13 karma


tiga4life2230 karma

$20,000?! I need a life flight just reading that

not-the-popo51 karma

IKR, almost like its a business. I can get a tour of the grand canyon in a helicopter for a couple hundred haha but its 20 large to help someone who is dying

MKApex17 karma

Hey man, just throwing this out there in case.

I wouldn't go around mentioning things that would alter who pays for things. At least not on the public record.

Ps, this AMA is legit! Thanks for doing it!

not-the-popo14 karma

Appreciate it. Didn't really think about that

nornidentity13 karma

Are you red with white stripes, or white with red stripes?

not-the-popo13 karma

hahahha, thats great, I'd say in the pictures definitely red with white stripes

whitecollarzomb1313 karma

Does this scene scare the absolute shit out of you now? http://youtu.be/XKqGefSxFyc

not-the-popo22 karma

Honestly I have a pretty good sense of humor about it now, I was traveling through Baltimore once and took a picture sitting on this big propellor that was just on display in some park near the waterfront!

CrankyCzar13 karma

A kid at a summer camp I was attending (about 27 years ago) was killed in a similar fashion. I distinctly remember how I and the other campers felt. How did your accident impact those around you?

not-the-popo27 karma

Everyone was in shock. I distinctly remember seeing the blood rush out of my two friends faces when I asked how bad it was. The guy who did it barely talked and didnt eat for days.

varcas9 karma

I am working on the picture that shows what my leg currently looks like after several years of rehab and several surgeries, but it is proving difficult to take a picture of the back of my own leg that is in focus.

Maybe record a video and do a few "modeling" poses to get the right angle, then go back and screenshot a good scene?

Anyways my question is when the boat ran you over, did the hull itself hit you at all or cause any damage?

not-the-popo7 karma

Actually it did, I am not sure what piece actually struck my lower leg, but the fascia incasing my calf was torn and has caused very painful shinsplints any time I run more than a mile.

wilfoy8 karma

My brother suffered a very similar accident on a pontoon boat 13 years ago. He was struck by the propeller 7 or 8 times, from his wrist, up his arm, and down the side of his chest. He spent about 2 months in the hospital.

In the end, he lost some of his range of motion in the injured arm and he has some gnarly scars, but I think the biggest hurdle for him was the psychological damage. He exhibited a lot of self-destructive tendencies in high school and college, and displayed some symptoms of OCD for a while, which doctors said was likely a form of PTSD. I'm happy to say that he has finally gotten through all of that, and he's now enrolled in medical school so he can hopefully help other people the way doctors were able to help him.

I guess my questions for you are: What about the recovery was most difficult for you? Have you had trouble psychologically reconciling with such a near-death experience? Do you have any lingering fears around boats or water?

Thanks for doing this.

not-the-popo9 karma

The hardest part of the recovery is the length of it. It's been 5 years and I still havn't "recovered" it affects me daily. Psychologically I have been okay, when it was still kind of fresh I would get jumpy picturing myself going toward the propellor but that has gone away now. No, if someone invited me boating tomorrow I would go without thinking, I just wouldnt be anywhere near the front when the boat is moving.

Glorypants7 karma

Is this you?

Do you like any of your scars, or do you hate them all?

not-the-popo17 karma

That is not me. I definitely do not dislike the look of my scars because I fell like they tell my story, but one of the biggest difficulties in my recovery has been how the skin graft attached directly to the muscle. I have had surgies that have gone in to remove the actual skin grafts, once finished there will just be a long, jagged line down the back of my leg.

patronizingperv6 karma

How's your Uncle Donnie?

not-the-popo7 karma

Uncle Donnie could use a hand every now and then, other than that he is great!

Robobvious3 karma

Why the fuck was that album pre-opened for me? Jesus Christ I did not want to see that.

not-the-popo2 karma

I'm sorry if that is something that I set up, if so it was unintentional

NiteShok2 karma

Have you been back on a boat since the accident?

not-the-popo6 karma

I have gone boating 2 times since the accident, just to say I got back on the horse.

Stinyo72 karma

What lake? If you don't mind my asking.

not-the-popo4 karma

Kerr Lake, NC

pagregs992 karma

Do you get triggered watching "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"?

not-the-popo4 karma

No haha, after they made the alien movie I refuse to even watch the old ones out of spite

Hepcatoy1 karma

Having experienced traumatic pain, how do you now handle pain? Do you have a better control over how pain/ discomfort effects you?

not-the-popo2 karma

This accident was just the worst of a long series of bad accidents, over the years I have developed an incredibly high pain tolerance. I have somehow gotten to the point where I can tell my brain that pain is more of a mental thing and from there you can cope until it goes down or the advil kicks in haha.

SirPrize1 karma

Those pictures are from 5 years ago, do you got any recent pictures of what it looks like now?

not-the-popo2 karma

I am working on those haha, I am at work right now and don't have any way to take pictures, I will post several tonight.

darsynia1 karma

Thanks for doing this! I am fascinated by survival stories. Couple of questions:

Did it hurt right away, or was it more of a shock and a blow, rather than a slicing pain? I hear that traumatic injuries like this often bypass the initial pain, which is encouraging for those of us scared of bad injuries like this.

Was there trouble between your parents and his parents? As a mom I can't imagine I wouldn't at least initially want to confront the kid or his parents in some way, though I can also see how that wouldn't be helpful at all.

Did he visit you in the hospital, and if so, did the hospital staff react at all, knowing what had happened? Or was it necessary to lie to them about exactly how you were injured?

Thanks again!!

not-the-popo2 karma

It was definitely more shock and blow, most of the nerves were severed immediately. No there wasn't, Both parties believed it was 100% my fault and they actually got a little closer spending time with them in the hospital. He was in the hospital from day one, I lied about how it happened and no one knew what actually happened except for the three of us on the boat.