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One dollar bills huh? Not hard to guess where else they went that night...

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But... it's RyanAir. Do people actually think "Oh someone's getting coffee, I want some of that overpriced stuff too!"?

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Buzz Aldrin is trying to get the government to start a Mars program, I'm guessing if you contacted him with your name and world record you could do some sort of work together... At least it'd be a chance to meet Buzz!

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Since he's "representing" the WHO in this AMA, I doubt he'd be able to answer "Yes I think they are", even if he thinks so. Because if he does, the next headline will say "WHO official accuses China of fudging death numbers", and there will be a lot of shit flying.

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It's hard. They can do writing analysis. For example if you consistently have a space before your commas , just like this sentence. Phrases or part of sentences you like to use. What times you usually post will leak what timezone you live in, so what continent you live in (Europe and Africa are probably in similar timezones, but I'm guessing there are not a lot of Africans here?). If someone messages you with "Hey check this link out", and it's a server they control, they can find your IP address, and geo-locate you to a city (and if they're dumb (Edit: to be precise, because geo-location providers are dumb), they'll visit some place thinking that's where you live).