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zebradentist46 karma

How does it feel to be a true hero of the Internet?

parasocks1 karma

Every sperm is sacred.

endsarcasm13 karma

How do you feel about people masturbating in the bathroom at work?

parasocks15 karma

Just fucking flush please!!!

beardedandkinky8 karma

But what does it matter if I flush if none of it actually makes it in the toilet?

parasocks40 karma

Hey, we all can't catch it with our mouth like you do. ;)

beardedandkinky6 karma

What can I say, not everybody is as talented as I am

parasocks13 karma

Practice. Focus. Dedication.

exackerly11 karma

No gay porn?

parasocks13 karma

We'll work on adding some gay stuff, it's not very easy on a number of levels, but we need to get some added for sure.

More info in my response here

ordinarypsycho3 karma

Gonna hop on here (lulz) and ask for lesbian porn while we're at it, which can be hard to find (or at least the good stuff, not the stuff with high heels and claws for nails). Also, is there a way to filter?

parasocks1 karma

Thanks! There's a lot of lesbian porn in our current bundle, webyoung, mommy's girl and girlsway are all lesbian focused. If you're looking for more Abby Winters type stuff, we'll definitely try to work out a deal with them soon. :)

Filtering at Pornbot I assume you mean? We just have the search for now, and you can click the categories or tags to perform searches on those words too from any video. We'll work on adding some more clickable navigation in the near future for sure.

Engessa7 karma

I stumbled upon your pornbot a few days ago but i can't find a link to the source when viewing a gif. That would be nice.

Also, why not use your gifs on your bundle site? All nice and dandy those packs but i wanna know what's in a pack before even considering spending money on it. Using your own gifs might be an awesome way to showcase the contents.

Edit: Hmm, didn't ask a question. I might do that later ;)

Edit: Got a question: Is it hard to find a charity that accepts your money? Any rejections you can share? Pornhub raised a lot of money last year for Pink Ribbon if i remember correctly and they didnt want their monies.

parasocks1 karma

RE: using gifs at Hump the Bundle, that's a great idea! We'll look to add that, it's not very hard. We already upload some of our scenes to Pornbot to try that out.

One way to see a bit more about what's inside a bundle is to use the Free Members Area. It shows you exactly what the inside of the site looks like, just with everything locked. If you buy a bundle, it becomes unlocked forever for you (added to your library essentially).

See here: https://www.humpthebundle.com/members.html

We could maybe add the gifs to that page. I like it. :)

We try to always post a link to the actual "source" of the videos ie: the people who shot the porn, and give them credit for their work. I know a lot of people at Reddit mean a tube site version of the whole scene when they say source, and we don't post those. People can post them in the comments if they wish, but they're generally pirate links and Pornbot isn't a pirate site.

Engessa2 karma

Thanks for the reply. I also added an actual question: Is it hard to find a charity that accepts your money? Any rejections you can share? Pornhub raised a lot of money last year for Pink Ribbon if i remember correctly and they didnt want their monies.

parasocks1 karma

Yes it's quite hard. Even some of the ones we really thought we'd have a good chance at don't want the association. By law we need their written permission before we can fundraise on their behalf, and we've been lucky to find a few organizations brave enough to give us a shot.

The truth is nothing happens, they just get paid. Nobody really cares. It's all just minimizing a perceived risk.

John_is_short7 karma

Do you plan on monetizing this site? And if so what is your plan?

parasocks21 karma

The plan right now is to only sell bundles through our charity porn site, and promote the people who made the content. No ads for penis pills, weight loss, weight gain, fake dating sites, etc etc.

We really want to try to innovate and do things differently.

John_is_short3 karma

Very interesting and different. I like it. Good luck!

parasocks2 karma

Thanks man! Mind posting one of our links to a relevant subreddit? :)

vehementi6 karma

Where did this submission go?

parasocks4 karma

We have no idea. Sent a message to the mods to ask.

Seems like this AMA has been deleted somehow.. Will let you know when we hear back from the mods.

brokenskill5 karma

Why not WebM?

File size and sound are two major benefits.

parasocks2 karma

We were encoding to both .mp4 and .webm, however we were only getting minor benefits to file size, and they took longer to encode.

Also since we saved both, it was doubling our storage. So multiply that by 720p versions, 1080p versions, 4K versions, watermarked and non-watermarked for all the above.. It gets out of hand quickly. :) We're big fans of .webm but made a call to go with .mp4 for now.

We do use .webm on Hump the Bundle some places.

brokenskill3 karma

What I meant was instead of both GIF and MP4

parasocks1 karma

Ah we don't do actual .GIF files at all, they look really bad and take up a ton of space. Plus we upload everything to GFYCAT automatically, so as long as the transfer to them worked then they make a GIF of it anyway.

psycho--the--rapist4 karma

Any chance you could put up a FAQ on the page? I find it all a bit confusing...

parasocks1 karma

Yes, we need a place for that for sure. Will be done shortly!

Anmar77794 karma

What was the hardest (no pun intended) part of making this bot ?

parasocks6 karma

The hardest part has been getting people to post our links, as I don't think we've been very good at explaining to our users what the site is, why it exists, how it works, etc. Need to work on that.

We make the gifs. You post the gifs. :) If we do it all, we'll be shadowbanned in a heartbeat.

The bot's made nearly 6,500 videos and most of them have only been seen a handful of times. If we don't post them ourselves right now, nothing gets posted, so we're hoping to change that today and get some support from the community here.

Find a good clip, think of a good relevant subreddit, and post away! :)

vehementi18 karma

Sounds like you need a "sort by least views" button or some other way of marking that nobody has shared it to reddit, so I can confidently be ~the first~ to post a gif I like

Also, you need to put some text under the "Reddit this" button that says "Hey heads up there would be a button here that lets you share this on reddit and get internet points but you have an ad blocker so it's not showing for you."

I don't know how the reddit form works, but can you do even more of the work for me in submitting to reddit? Like if I am super lazy and don't want to choose a subreddit, can you make one appear in the box for me? Random? Context-based? On your page, put 3 different buttons based on your guess or random from your list? etc.

Can you pregenerate the title too? I don't want to be very creative, I just want internet points.

parasocks18 karma

My man right here...

We'll implement both of these things shortly. Many thanks for the suggestions. Enjoy the gold!

saors3 karma

AlienTube is an addon to Chrome (if you didn't know) but it replaces the YouTube comments with Reddit comments. In doing so, it is able to quickly find sift through every post and find every sub that the video is posted to and when.

Something like that so the users know if a gif has already been shared to their sub of choice and how long ago would be great.

parasocks1 karma

Yeah we've talked about keeping tabs on what's been posted and feeding that back to the users so they can see, but we're not sure of the technical details on how to make that happen yet. It's good to know that other people are doing it, which means it's possible and we can probably figure it out too. I'll reach out to the devs there and ask, thanks for the tip!

vehementi2 karma

Wow, thanks!

I edited in another thing about form filling, possibly after you saw my message.

Another thing, getting shadow banned sure does sound scary! I don't want to get shadow banned! Perhaps a super friendly, reassuring, concise explanation somewhere telling people what the 10% rule (?) means and why they won't get banned for being spammers. I don't know, maybe that's not a real concern.

(Is there a reason you don't show the source movie's title?)

Anyway best of luck.

LDShadowLord4 karma

The 1/10 rule means that for every 10 comments you make, you can post 1 link. It makes it very difficult for spammers to spam without spamming comments.

parasocks1 karma

Well the major NSFW posters here at reddit don't usually post a ton of comments, but post thousands of links. So it's not necessarily that.. It's that you're only supposed to talk about or link to your own projects about 10% of the time. You can post as many links as you want, as long as you're not the one who owns the sites.

parasocks1 karma

Yeah it's not really a concern to most people. The problem is when you run your own sites, because of course you want to post them and share, but pornbot is a lot different since it generates so much stuff. So we're able to post a very small fraction of what we produce, even though it's new, OC, relevant, etc etc.

Movie titles... We want to make up our own, but it's a lot of work. We're hoping we can one day soon open it up to let people suggest titles, add tags, descriptions etc.

toothbucket4 karma

so, why doesn't your version launch under chrome extensions as a hover (like imagus can do with gfycat)? that's the number one reason i would never use it. gfycat does a hover over. i'm not going to follow a link if i don't need to do so

parasocks2 karma

Thanks for the heads up, I've contacted /r/imagus to get that implemented.

Tidbitter3 karma

How are the snipits selected?

Also, it's a great time to be alive.

parasocks2 karma

Selected randomly throughout the scene to get a good coverage of it. Doesn't always do a great job, but other times amazes us with how good the results are. It goes both ways.

Thanks for the kind words. :)

Casper0423 karma

What's your server design look like for something like this?
Or are you using a cloud provider instead?

parasocks1 karma

We have a mix of cloud servers/services and file servers right now. It's working pretty well so far, best of both worlds.

Shaldivar3 karma

It appears that when you get the results back for a search term and start to browse (god that search response time is incredible) with the arrow keys it pops you out of the search results, any chance of there being an option to browse with arrow keys within a search term instead of having to click one of the related clips?

parasocks1 karma

Hey I really like that idea of being able to use your arrow keys for navigation on our other pages, not just the videos themselves. I'm going to see if we can swing that. :)

PMmeyourgenital3 karma

How are the excerpts selected ? Seem a bit random at the moment, some 15s video end as a climax seem to come (no pun), any chance to improve that ?

parasocks1 karma

We grab cuts at %'s of the video duration, so yes, completely random.

We used to look for keyframes so there would be less scene cuts within our cuts, but it takes a loooong time to do it that way.

We'll definitely look to ways to improve on that and make some tweaks to our command lines.

Right now we're just doing one compilation clip from each scene, however soon we'll be adding non-compilation clips and some other fun ideas we have.. So hopefully it won't be such a one trick auto-pony soon. :)

Mr_X_2 karma

Can you add a link to the video you used to generate the gif? I feel like this would help a lot with people using your site...."Check out this gif! oh and here's a direct link to the video." Not having the source is a constant issue with a lot of the gifs that get posted to the porn subs. Or do you have direct access to the actual production site videos which is where you generate the gifs from which means you can't link to the videos because they are behind a paywall? Also if you want to monetize the site put affiliate links to the production companies where you put the "source" link on the gif page.

parasocks2 karma

Hey man thanks, I know a lot of people look for the pirate links, but we actually work with the content owners to get bundles going, and the ability to make sites like Pornbot. If we were a pirate site they wouldn't do business with us. We want to support the people who hired the girls to do all this stuff for our entertainment in our small way.

We do link to the sites in almost all cases, there's a link below the video with all the other scene info we have.

analdominator12 karma

Who is your favorite porn star?

IAmBecomeGay6 karma

No bailey jay....disappointed

parasocks2 karma

One moment please... :)

Ahhh TS.. So she isn't on the sites we track. If we get some of her content I'll absolutely post it though. Right now it's 99% straight to get started

Lucien10012 karma

tits or ass??

parasocks6 karma

Both, all day every day.


What upcoming updates are you guys potentially planning to make to the bot?

parasocks1 karma

We really tried to put substance first, and work on style later. So right now the things left to do are fixing the janky responsive design issues, and working in some branding. We don't even have a logo yet. :)

I want a way to search and sort by 60FPS, 4K, 1080p.. Right now there's no good way to do that.

And I'd love to find ways to let the community add titles, descriptions, tags, etc. We just can't do all that.. But if the community cares enough to better organize the site, we'd love that.. I'm sure a search for Lesbian right now will turn of a lot of dick. We do a lot of things automatically and it doesn't always work the way we think it will. :)

RuneTail2 karma

How big is your team?

parasocks4 karma

3 and a cat with one eye

DrAminove2 karma

How can I repay your kindness?

parasocks3 karma

Buy a bundle to support charity


Find a video you like at Pornbot, click the Reddit icon, and post to a relevant NSFW subreddit.

thefritob2 karma

Where can we see more of the art used in your banners?

parasocks1 karma

Some of the art we commissioned, some of it is licensed directly from the artists. We look to work with a lot of different artists and every bundle will always have original artwork.

Some of the models we've worked with include Tsuaii, Martin Abel, and Chris Murray.

ringkun2 karma

Favorite fetish? And more importantly what is the weirdest fetish you have witnessed?

parasocks3 karma

I'll admit it, I love just about everything that Kink produces, and I'm certainly not "into" that sort of thing.. But I feel like if I was a girl, I'd fucking PAY THEM to do that shit to me.. I'm sure I'd feel differently if I was actually a girl, but that's how I feel. :) And I love the production quality and just that it's so interesting.

And weirdest fetish... I think anything that to me is completely non-sexual that other people sexualize. So crushing things with their feet (even animals.. yuck) or getting sat on/smothered.. Or being locked in a box where you can't move and left there.. Stuff like that.

tymiller12182 karma

Do you have any plans to support users with the hoverzoom application?

parasocks3 karma

We'll look into that, do you know any of the technical details of what we need to do to support it? If we can, we will.

We do have "opengraph" support for Reddit thumbnails. And we've applied to RES for inclusion.

Mob_King2 karma

What commitments or initiatives are you involved in to help destroy the nefarious industries surrounding the modern porn industry, like human trafficking, neo-slavery, revenge porn, CP, abuse etc?

parasocks3 karma

We'd love to find charities to raise money for in all of those areas. It's tough to get charities on board due to the nature of our business, and especially charities related to most of those things, as we get lumped in as part of the problem.

In my opinion most of these things have very little if anything at all to do with the kind of porn we promote.

I can think of one person in the dozen+ years I've been involved in the porn industry that was arrested for CP. He was a Russian guy, Galitsin.. One of his models was 17 I believe.

All of these "markets" if you will are disconnected from the people in the legitimate business world of pornography, at least the companies we deal with. We recently went to Montreal on a business trip, and one of the offices we visited looked much like what Google's offices look like.

Is porn a great job for women? For some it is, for some it isn't. Is it exploiting them? I don't know. Are WalMart greeters being "exploited" because they may or may not love their jobs either? I dunno!!

I know the industry gets a bad rep, and it's not all roses, but we're certainly not the same group of people trafficking humans, taking photos of kids or trying to hurt models.

vehementi1 karma

Is there a way you can credibly make some sort of claim like "We only use grade A team USA sites that are provably not sketchy eastern european human trafficking rings"?

parasocks1 karma

I doubt it to be totally honest, it's not like we personally visit all 450 websites in our database or anything like that. But we only deal with known, recognizable names in the adult industry who have businesses and websites and staff members and all that.

I've never heard of a company from the adult industry being linked to any kind of human trafficking in all my years.

bozobozo2 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

parasocks13 karma

Ankylosaurus because I got a thing for sexy ankyls.

suntsu962 karma

Whats your favorite kind of porn to "watch"?

parasocks5 karma

I like stuff where people put a lot of work into the production. So sites like Nubile Films, FTV Girls, Teen Fidelity, 18 Only Girls.. To me they do the extra distance in production and it shows.

greycloudism2 karma

This maybe kicking a hornets nest but a family friend once told me, with a look of stern seriousness, that most pornography connects monetarily in some way to underground kiddy porn distribution... How valid is/was this claim? Also, how can we improve public opinion of adult entertainment while simultaneously ending the abuse that legendarily surrounds this industry?

parasocks1 karma

I got on the internet in 1994. I started one of the first ever "porn review" sites in 2002, and so I've been inside literally thousands of paysites over the years. Still to this day, I have never seen an obvious CP picture in my entire life. If you don't go looking for it, you're not going to accidentally find it.

The two groups of people are just worlds apart. One are a group of tax paying business owners with employees, lawyers, contracts, meetings, deadlines, etc.. The other group is a bunch of sick fucks who lurk in the shadows somewhere, I guess.

I hope the charity aspect of our business lends some credibility, but I'm not sure it will ever be completely accepted.

JesusSwallowsDaily2 karma

Would you consider yourself porn gods ?

parasocks1 karma

Just trying to think like a young Hef.

RopeBunny2 karma

Do you all have any intention of branching out into fetishes with hump the bundle? If so, is there some sort of roadmap for future bundles?

parasocks1 karma

Yeap, we're trying to get Kink involved but they're a bit hard to reach, and we're willing to try just about anything as long as it's quality stuff. No exact roadmap yet, but i think that's the next step we need to take (have a schedule and roadmap) if we're to take HTB further.

ManlyBeardface2 karma

I was looking at the bundle site (on mobile) and it mentions tiers but it is not clear what the tiers constitute. So is each bundle fixed or are their really multiple versions of each bundle?

parasocks1 karma

So for $1 you get the left column of stuff, for anything over the average price you get columns 1 and 2, and for $20 or more (this bundle's price) you get all 3 columns.

If you buy at $1 and want to upgrade to tier 3, you can pay the difference of $19, as it remembers your purchases.

vehementi1 karma

How did you get pornbot.net?

parasocks3 karma

$10 special!

TheLostKardashian-1 karma

Any chance of getting a filter so it only shows gay porn? All I see is tits and vag everywhere, and as a homosexual, I am frightened.

I can't seem to find a menu to change anything.

parasocks8 karma

:) afaik there's no gay porn yet. We'll need to add some handlers and get access to the videos to be able to post them.

In better news for you, we're quite close to launching our first ever gay male bundle at Hump the Bundle, and we're treating it the same way as the straight stuff. So it's not just a one off novelty gay sale, but rather a whole clone of our site dedicated to the gay side of things. So gay main bundles, model bundles, mini bundles, etc etc. The whole hebang. :)