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We just looked up this video with Hitomi and she said AHHHHH!

That's with my friend Anri, we are literally best friends in real life. Yes I want to work more with her, but we haven't shot anything yet.

"Anri's pussy is very yummy" she says. haha.

So good.

PS: /u/PanKing92 look for a surprise tomorrow from us. :)

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I get a lot of comments and looks, from both women and men saying my tits are so big and fake, but they're real! I just take taxis straight to the shopping mall, shop and go straight back to avoid all the problems.

My grandma has very large breasts, but my mom has small breasts. So sometimes my mom puts my bras on her head like a hat! She's crazy.

Yes I can crush cans.. (she literally has a can in her breasts right now and is crushing it.. we'll post the video when we can) haha

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To our bundle? Just visit the site https://www.humpthebundle.com

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Anri: I didn't know, but there was a fan inside one of the shoots and he was one of my biggest fans! I sucked his dick.

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Julia: Well, personally she doesn't really care. But in the Japanese market, maybe it's better because people are used to it and it leaves something to the imagination.

Even if there is no mosaic, I'm very confident in my pussy.. Maybe some other girls would be scolded for their pussy appearance, but my pussy is beautiful and that wouldn't be a problem for me. Maybe. Maybe.