I am an international burlesque dancer and alternative pin up model! I have been performing in burlesque shows, theatre and live bands for years. I am originally from New York and have had the pleasure of touring with the Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque for the last year and a half across the world.

For more information on the Blackheart Burlesque, tour dates and videos please feel free to visit us at http://blackheartburlesque.com/

So let's get this started and AMA!!!

Hey guys thank you so much! This has been a ton of fun and I would love to do it again! Sorry we've run out of time but you can find me and thousands of babes at suicidegirls.com - Search for Sunny :)

You can also follow my adventures on Instagram: @sunny_suicide Facebook: Miss Sunny Holiday and Twitter: @sunnyholiday3 & don't forget to tune into the Suicide Girls periscope anytime to interview more girls!

Go check out our show as we are coming to a city near you! US tour dates are up at http://blackheartburlesque.com/ Comic Con is also approaching ;) See you there guys!!!

xo, Sunny

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StupidSexyConnor74 karma

Why do people ruin cookie dough by baking it?

SunnyHoliday26 karma

Honestly, I really don't know. I have actually cooked cookie dough for like 2 minutes before and then remembered that's just silly so I take it back out... and it's pretty damn good warm I must say :) Try melted cookie dough and vanilla ice cream yummm

myredditaccunt50 karma

What made you become a suicide girl? I heard the pay is $500 a photo set, is that correct? Do you pay for your own photo shoots? What is the benefit of becoming a suicide girl? How does your family feel about it? Do you get recognized in public?

SunnyHoliday65 karma

I always wanted to be a Suicide Girl and when I saw that they were touring with a burlesque troupe, something I love so much, I had to try and audition! I had never tried to be a Suicide Girl in the past because I thought I needed to be covered in tattoos which is not true. You can be an alt model without the tatts! They pay 500 for every "Set of the Day" which means it has to be chosen to be featured on our front page. You don't necessarily pay for photoshoots because it's like a family community once you're a Suicide Girl and therefore both the model and photographer shoot for the site and members and hope that it will become a set of the day someday! When being a hopeful however, you may or may not pay to work with certain photographers and you can submit any sets you would like and see how members love it :)

My family in general is super supportive and attends shows around the country and they follow me on social media and comment all the time however my parents try to stay away from the topic. They know what I do but I think it's easoer for them to just know I model and that I am a confidant woman doing what I love in life. They don't necessarily embrace my lifestyle but they support it all the same!

Right_All_The_Time32 karma

So some of my favorite SG's have great sets with several thousand likes each but never got SOTD and that means they don't get paid at all? Kind of disappointing for them. =/

Caseycrowe18 karma

They used to buy sets for the site. That's when you went from hopeful to a SG. Looks like they cut that out to make more money. GJ, Missy.

Right_All_The_Time16 karma

I wonder if thats because the profit margin for a paid site like SG has dropped or if they are being greedy?

Either way I think it's a shame that it's $500 for Set of the Day or NOTHING

Predator_14 karma

The photographers get screwed as well. The photographer gets $100 per shoot and is required to sign over all rights to the photographs. The photographer can't use the photos in their own portfolio. They aren't allowed to shoot any fine art nudes for any other company nor for any models. The contract keeps you from doing so for 2 years after your last shoot for the Suicide Girls website.

The photographer IS NOT an employee of the company, but is considered an independent contractor (aka freelancer).

SunnyHoliday2 karma

This is also false! Our photographers do alot of work with our models and others as well through other comapnies too! Check out Sunshine! She is one of our best staff photographers and she shoots lots of hopefuls, sells prints of the girls and started up her own photography business called "420 Pinups"! It's pretty neat and you should check it out. It's an example of another SG who has truly embraced everything Suicide Girls has to offer and she is constantly finding gorgeous hopefuls to work with and share this world with!

SunnyHoliday9 karma

I know hundreds of Suicide Girls who I have met through traveling and shoot fests, etc. I have never heard of a single model assuming she would be set of the day because we don't necessarily strive just to be on the front page. The girls shoot for the site because they love the community and set of the day is a bonus. Many SG's have gained many opprtunities that furthered their career as models from being seen on the site. Mel Clarke & Jessica Lou are two recent examples. I guess I would suggest that hopefuls look to join shoot fests, groups, be willing to travel to work with the right photographer and want to shoot for all the right reasons :)

minxiloni17 karma

Except, as long as you're under contract with SG, you can't model for anyone else. SG might get you the exposure, but you'd have to cut ties to get any other gigs.

SunnyHoliday5 karma

Totally not true and there's proof of that EVERYWHERE :) Check out Mel Clarke, Jessica Lou and Radeo and all the work they have done outside of SG and they are active Suicide Girls! I work with other photographers and even perform in other shows when I am off tour or have a day off! SG is super supportive of that of the models' successes!

Right_All_The_Time5 karma

Mel! Yeah she seems to be DJing a lot. Good that she found a career that way. She is off the fucking charttts gorgeous, that scene in the SG UK holiday DVD, probably the best single SG video ever.

SunnyHoliday0 karma

It IS the best video hahaha, my all time favorite. Maybe I'll pop it in right now! Love Mel & she's the funniest chick to talk to!

SunnyHoliday0 karma

Unfortunately they would not get paid through Suicide Girls if they are not SOTD however you get this amazing opportunity to work with the staff photogrpaher or your own photographer if you know someone you feel can get you on the front page. Alot of these photographers don't mind you using your images for other reasons such as selling prints and merch therefore, it's really up to the model what she makes of it. Not all of my sets have made set of the day and I still choose to shoot without that expectation because 1) it's such an amazin experience each time. I love boudoir photography and it's alot of work but also alost of fun and feels exhilarating! 2) I want members to be able to see as many sets as they can of me when they log into the site. I feel like you can really increase your following this way and eventually be noticed for a SOTD and 3) I joined Suicide Girls for ME and and I will always remember why I did it and why I wanted to be a part of this community! :) I guess it's what you make of it but I can imagine it feeling discouraged if I wanted to be on the front page.

I would suggest that those models try and look up the photogrpahers with the most successes on Set of The Day and reach out and talk about future sets and idea, etc.

SunnyHoliday9 karma

Oh and I dont feel like I get recognized in public very much, I don't think people ever really have a reason to recognize me haha however, sometimes people to and tell me how they follow my IG, etc and it reminds me of the power of social media these days! It always shocks me if someone can actually pin point me in a crowd. I'm always shy about those things but it's super sweet to meet fans!

ExProxy25 karma

Hey Sunny,

Old SG member here (membership has since lapsed for ages as well.) Just a couple things.

If inspired by some of the veteran suicide girls, which ones stick out in your mind the most and have you had the opportunity to catch up with any?

Suicide Girls also started off and still advertises as 'Alternative Pin Up' art and seems to have lost its way, more or less becoming Amateur girls with professional cameras. Far less of the 'Alternative' lifestyle. Do you see this trend continuing on the same path or possibly going back to its roots?

SunnyHoliday10 karma

Hi hun! SO happy to answer this! So, I became a big fan of Suicide Girls around the same time Radeo went pink! A friend of ine back in NY had went on and on about this gorgeous model and how she was so different from all the others. I eventually discovered that this site gives their models voices through blogging, groups and tons of social media links. I was so moved by Radeo, what she stands for and her individuality and approach to life that I wanted to meet her someday and I finally got to tour with her through Canada this year and she was just a sweetheart and a blast!

As for Alternative Pin Up art, many of our staff photographers have been with us for years since the site took off which I love because I like to hear about the evolution of the community, etc. I feel like perhaps there was a little more of a retro/ rockabilly and sometimes hardcore feel to the site years ago (this is just my opinion and I'm going on foggy memory haha). However, alternative lifestyles have become more mainstream and the site merely responds to what members like and request which tends to be a lot of "Hard girls in soft light". There are still some sets we feature that are more up your alley in regards to your take on "alternative pin up art" and you should check out a few recent ones like Natashalegeyda's "Old Style Seduction" or Satelina's "Private Dance for a Gentleman"

I feel you hun, those are my FAVORITE sets to see :)

sangandongo3 karma

I have been a fan of SG for many years and signed up for membership last November (un: LeftHandRev). To answer /u/ExProxy with a possible reason why 'Alternative Pin-Up' isn't really Alternative anymore, I have this thought: Perhaps as society becomes more accepting of tattoos and piercings or colored hair, or geeky-nerdy girls hyping on Star Wars or Doctor Who, the shock of strangeness loses its potency. That's not to say it's lost it's beauty or appeal, only that because we see more diversity more often, we're less apt to point fingers and say, "weird," and more likely to see, "mmm, pretty."

I, for one, love what SG does. It's the only site I've ever paid for and I plan to remain a member.

I _____ a Suicide Girl.

SunnyHoliday3 karma

So happy you're a member and I agree! It's more mainstream now and if you saw the images of our models today 10 years ago, it would have still turned heads and have taken off the smae exact way! 2003 was not too long ago but still a very different time for the alternative community and beauty in general!

Diabetesh9 karma

What is your favorite salad dressing?

SunnyHoliday3 karma

Balsamic Vinaigrette :)

throughtheruins8 karma

hey Sunny. I just saw you guys in Kelowna BC Last month. The performance was amazing I have to say!!! So here's my questions. 1. What is the most TMI thing you have learned from living with the girls touring. 2. How'd your family take your joining the crew? 3. Do you love doing the Hermione set?? It definitely was my favorite.
From one potter head to another potter head .

p.s you are gorgeous..♡

SunnyHoliday11 karma

hahaha TMI, you're too funny! Ok let's see what I can recall because there is ALOT you witness on a tour bus :)

1- I guess the biggest TMI of touring with a group of gorgeous ladies would have to be the realization of tour in general. Like you may not have a shower every day and you'll find a girl over a sink taking a baby wipe bath hahaha

2- My family kind of neglects my burlesque and modeling career which is ok with me. I'm speaking of my immediate family that is! They support me generally and know I travel and perform. They have been to one burlesque show of mine a few years back and loved it but I'm still trying to get them to a new show :)

3- Of course I love doing the Hermione set! It's a dream for me to be a character I have obssesed over for years and it's my dorky pleasure! I am SO happy that was your favorite!

and ps: you're the sweetest!

wrath_of_dionysus6 karma

I've worked in a related industry, and I'm just curious - what's your radar like for telling the difference between those who are feeling honestly empowered by this kind of work, and those who are in for more unhealthy reasons? I have known - and I'm sure you know - lots of people who fall on different sides of that line, and I'm wondering what kind of support or attention there might be for those who aren't fully watching out for themselves.

SunnyHoliday2 karma

I understand what you mean however the ladies I tour with are very healthy and positive, I can't make this up haha. However, I have worked with and seen people hurt themselves through ego, attention and other effects that stem from these. I always feel like as a performer or model or anybody really, you should always surround yourself by people who can keep you grounded and if that becomes impossible then you have to be strong enough to groud yourself and call yourself out on the bs. As a professional you should always surround yourself by 3 kinds of people: those who you can learn from, those on a path similar to yours and those you can tach and help as well. These balance a person as opposed to making them unhealthy and unaware of their worsening behavior.

beernerd5 karma

How did you become a suicide girl?

SunnyHoliday5 karma

I became a Suicide Girl after I became a Blackheart Burlesque dancer and I applied to be a hopeful Suicide Girl. I remember I was rehearsing for the show and there were staff photographers in town (Sobelle & Alissa) so I took advantage and booked a couple of photo shoots which were submitted to the site. I guess the members of the siite loved them and I went "pink" which means I became an official Suicide Girl while I was touring in Australia! I was so excited when I realized everything on my SG page was pink!

IKingJeremy3 karma

Any funny stories from the tour?

SunnyHoliday3 karma

Oooo So many funny stories from tour. Last tour we all loved eachother so much and had such a great time that were actually able to joke around about "sabotaging" eachother. It became a big joke and at one point I was not happy with my hair and it was excessively long so I asked Peneloppe to please help me and cut it and she chopped it up pretty badly and I just remember her and I looking into the miror as she did it and her screaming "sabotage!!!" and we just died laughing forever after that. No worries, we fixed my hair! lol

misssarahcereal3 karma

Hey Sunny! I'm a hopeful Suicide Girl and I was able to attend Blackheart Burlesque last year and I absolutely adored it. Once I'm 21 I plan to audition; I just wanted to ask you about the audition process and what you look for in a Blackheart Burlesque dancer? It's a dream of mine to perform with yall as a dancer and I want to be prepared. I also wanted to ask what it's like to be away from home for a year? Thank you and love you! xoxo

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Hi sweetie! I would love it if you attend auditions and if you do then please say hi to me and remind me that you were on Reddit :)

I would take some dance classes to keep up with training in order to keep up with routines. We learn several routines in a day and an entire show in a week! If you're a dancer then you are already set on that part but if not then start taking a few classes to get prepared. Look up some yout ube videos of our performances as well as our rehearsals (we tape those too!) to get an idea of the type of dancing that we do.

As far as the audition, just come in being yourself and feeling confidant. This radiates through more than you know! Be focused and feel sexy ;)

Regarding being away from home: Yes it can be tough at times but if you're anything like me and this is really your dream then you'll just feel like you're in Disney every single day :) Disney with a buch of hot girls on a sleepover that is! You have to have fun doing what we do and also being able to compromise alot when you're living and breathing wiht your co wokers all year long! You also never tour for that extended period of time. We take time off in between tours. Last year our longest tour was 8 weeks long. This year it will be 11 and then you tackle on 2-3 weeks of rehearsals to that. It's challenging but exhilirating all at the sme time! These girls are sweet and so much fun that it's become my home away from home!

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Love you too btw!!! xoxoxo

Right_All_The_Time3 karma

Do you think it's a turn on for most SG's knowing SO many people (male and female) are getting off looking at their sets? Or is it kind of creepy?

SunnyHoliday3 karma

HAha! I would imagine that most nude models enjoy feeling sexy and gain some pleasure knowing others appreciate the images they share on the site. However, they probably don't think too much on that visual though hahahaha But you have to remember that most of the members on the site are female and are either hopefuls or just SG's and we totally get excited seeing eachother's photo sets as well!

crazypantts3 karma

Hi Sunny! What would you say is your best and worst experience with SG?

SunnyHoliday5 karma

My BEST experience with SG was hands down getting into the Blackheart Burlesque. I flew from NY to LA for my audition with no plan and had no idea I would be so lucky! I could not belive I got chosen to tour and host the show as well! SInce then it's been a kind of a dream! My worst experience has to be the one show I got sick for which was in San Francisco this past US tour. I have NEVER missed a performance in my life and I was so sad to miss the show but we are always super prepared and Lioness ended up hosting and the super sexy Lolana ended up doing my Hermione skit so it worked out and I got my rest for the next shows :)

Beefniblets2 karma

So when we get married, can we get a pet dog?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Only if we name him Sinor Banana Hammock

natsam32 karma

I know some SGs go to comic cons (SDCC & NYCC) and cosplay, have you ever & what would you cosplay as?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

I have and I ewill be at SDCC and last year I wore SO many costumes. I was 4 different characters in one day haha.

I ALWAYS bring my Hermione with my wand and copy of "The Tales of Beedle and Bard" and I also love dressing up as Poison Ivy and I kinda wanna try being a full on Spider Man this year haha!

jkmonty941 karma

That's cool, I'm going to SDCC for the first time this summer - really looking forward to it.

And you should totally be Spider Man! That'd be dope

SunnyHoliday3 karma

Thanks babe!!! I should totally do it!!! Daniel Radcliffe did it last year and I probably met him and didn't even know it!

natsam31 karma

I think it'd be awesome for you and the other ladies to do a Blackheart burlesque flash mob routine at SDCC lol

They still do flash mobs... right?

SunnyHoliday4 karma

OH MY GOD! You are on to something!!!!! And who cares, let's bring the flash mob back hahahaha

xShowinoffx2 karma

Do people ever discriminate against you because of your career? How do you personally deal with it?

SunnyHoliday2 karma

I have never had anyone directly discriminate against me however I have had people ask me why I do what I do and not understand why I am not concerened about my career affecting my future and I always respond confidantly explaining that this IS what I want to be doing. I love working with Suicide Girls and there are alot of fierce women I have met in this community who are making a career out of this lifestyle and brand and I think it's absolutely moving and progressive! The last year and a half has made me more confidant in knowing that this all only leads to a brighter future!

TheNotSoGrimReaper1 karma

Hello! Just curious, what are you most insecure about?

SunnyHoliday2 karma

I can't even pick out a single thing however, I get really insecure in general about my career when I am not touring but that is the curse of being an artist. Even the most successful artists I know personally feel insecure when they have any time off stage. If I go a couple days without being creative I get very bummed out so I have to keep on top of my craft! Back in NY I was constantly on stage or teaching burlesque classes and I am new to LA so I am now working on new connections so that when I am not touring, I can still be moving ahead and making a business and brand for myself.

As an artist I also put myself down a lot thinking I don't have alot to offer when in reality I have too much to offer and not enough time in the world to share it all!

I try to keep myself grounded and rty not to watch too much netflix (haha) because it makes me feel like I am wasitng time (yet I am still binging on some serious Dexter:)

RKTHSWY1 karma

Who's hotter, Radeo or Radeo?

There is a correct answer here...

SunnyHoliday2 karma

RADEO!!! Duh haha

ragxdoll1 karma

What would you suggest to someone who is looking into becoming a suicide girl? Like tips but also the bad things one should be prepare to deal with?


also you are so beautiful :)

SunnyHoliday0 karma

To be 100% honest, there is nothing bad to prepare you to deal with!

Becoming a Suicide Girl is almost like gaining full ownership of your lifestyle and body, it feels great to finally do it instead of always wondering "what if".

You should go onto Suicidegirls.com and apply to be a suicide girls hopeful and then look into staff photographers near you and set up a photoshoot! If you want to know anything else totally ask me on here (that's why I love this AMA!) but after today you can message me on the site anytime for help and suggestions, etc :)

Anonymousasfuck56471 karma

Hi Sunny! First off, I must say you are my absolute FAVORITE SG and dancer in the Blackheart Burlesque show. My girlfriend and I are huge fans of the show, and we went to the last two shows held in Denver and both of us just fell in love with you during the first show! My question for you is, how have you maintained your relationship with your girlfriend over the extent of the tour? I'm sure it's difficult being gone a lot, let alone the nature of your work ;). I guess I just wonder how you guys approached that as a (super cute) couple!

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Hey hun! Awesome question! I give my fiance tons of credit because she gets the tough part this answer however, it's all about trust, support and wanting to see someone you love succeed. Our relationship would not be as healthy if I was home every night cooking dinner at the same time because that just isn't me and we love eachother for who we truly are. We are both very social, very busy and we keep in touch alot through facetime on tour. She's a big SG fan as well therefore she loves what I do and pushes me to do much more! Plus she's in the industry and someday she may have to tour as well! It gets tough but it only makes us stronger ;) On days like today I think about the soldiers who go out and leave their loved ones back at home and I realize I can't ever complain!

freedomfilm1 karma

Why was Vancouver the best place you toured, ever?

Also, we saw you in Vancouver and my wife would like you to sing her a song.

SunnyHoliday3 karma

Haha! Well maybe I can sing your wife a song sometime! I am going to create a periscope for myself as well as stream for SG on their periscope and maybe that is something we can do :) I LOVE Vancouver, it was fun! Lot's of fans and support and I love the alternative scene there!

ItsMuthaFuckinBatman1 karma

Hey Sunny! Were those girls handing out "A Dame to Kill For" poker chips at San Diego Comic Con real Suicide Girls? It's so hard to tell!! :(

SunnyHoliday3 karma

Yes they were! I was there as well!!! That was so funny and challenging because I am a big fan and follower of many of the SG's that attended Comic Con and even I had a hard time telling who was who with the wigs and matching costumes haha! We will be back at Comic Con this year so come by and check out our booth! We have a show too at the House of Blues to kick it off on July 9th!

The_Withheld_Name1 karma

As far as I know, Suicide Girls don't show their vaginas. If this is true, & the photography is meant to be erotic, why on Earth wouldn't you show that ever so important part of anatomy? What purpose is served (I'd ask Playboy the same question)?

SunnyHoliday4 karma

Actually there is pleanty of Va-J-J on Sg haha. Models can choose if they want this part of their bodies shown.

Suicide Girls shoots women in their most natural and comfortable state. If you look at the photo sets you can really see how that brings out inner beauty as well. Go check out our site and if you aren't a member then you should be one because I think you would really enjoy it then.

The_Withheld_Name-3 karma

I see. You know, I can't imagine ever paying for porn; sorry for being frank!

SunnyHoliday5 karma

Oh hun, it's not porn, it's a social media site where you can blog, join groups and chat with super smart, nerdy and gorgeous alt models who have these amazing photo sets up! ;) xo

Mosesmann1 karma

How do you feel about bananas?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Bananas are the shit!

Social_Media_Intern1 karma

How do you get into the mindset for burlesque before a show?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

When we are on tour especially, we are ALWAYS in that mindset because we eat, live and breathe it. This show is an expression of a life we are already living. It's not just what we do but who we are :)

However, I feel that when I am performing in other off shows, I like to take my time getting ready and play music that creates the ambiance I am looking for. There's also something about garters that always make me feel ready to be on stage!

SonOfBroly1 karma

Seeing as suicide girl sets are nude or at least half nude, how did you feel doing your first set?

SunnyHoliday0 karma

I actually felt extremely comfortable! I had shot nudes before but just for myself because I love boudoir photography and I had done smilar work but never publisized it before. However, I will admit that I was nervous at first considering that I am professional performer and I was afraid of nudity affecting my career. Then I started to remember of al the celeberties and models that have been naked and I reminded myself of the important fact that I am an activist to free the nipple and it just made sense! SG is now only helping me FURTHER my career and it has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Sobelle was so much fun to work with when I shot my first set "Sunny Holiday". I remember there was a shoot fest going on in LA and I walked in to find some SG's I wanted to meet and there were hot girls walking by me while I was shooting just complementing me and I felt this energy that made me realize right then and there that this community was going to be a very big and important part of my life forever and I beleive most SG's feel that way when they shoot for the site!

skibble1 karma

What is the music in your garter tattoo? (Best tattoo ever, by the way!)

SunnyHoliday-1 karma

Billy Joel's New York State of Mind :)

[deleted]1 karma

How long did it take you to go from "Hopeful" to an official SG?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Only a couple of months but that is rare! I was on tour and was getting alot of exposure and followers in a shorter amount of time! I've been a fan of the site for years so I was shocked that I went pink! I was so happy :)

BitterCoffeeMan1 karma

What has been your favourite piece of work so far?

SunnyHoliday0 karma

Tattoo wise? If so, My Billy Joel "New York State of Mind" garter

throwaway62627761 karma

I saw your show in Ottawa. I really thought you were good doing the little mermaid gig. I just wanted to give you a personal "thumbs up" for your performance as I liked the characters that you played the best.... My question, is there ever a lot of back-stage drama that ensues or are you all relatively a happy family when you travel/perform together?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Thank you so so so much!!! So happy you enjoyed it! We are looking forward to doing more numbers like that!

Honestly, this last tour was surreal because we all got along SO well that no one wanted to really go home! In the past there has been some drama because there's so much estrogen and we are all women eating, sleeping, breathing and working together but it's more like a sisterhood! If people get annoyed or upset or hurt, there's no way of hiding it so it's always out in the open and tackled in that moment and then we go right back to real life! It's realy just like anything else!

chakrablocker1 karma

Would you rather have Invisibility or Flight and why?

SunnyHoliday0 karma

Flight! Invisibility scares me! That's too much power to have and abuse :)

Lildrummerman0 karma

I'm trying to figure out what the best course of action for today is. Should I:

A). Netflix all day after smoking a big ol doobie

B). Visit family

C). Try to get this DeLorean to 88 M.P.H and save my eccentric neighbor?

SunnyHoliday5 karma

Honestly, I think you need to go with C!!!

But let's be real, you will be doing A while contemplating B all day haha

LaLaLaLa_Lola0 karma

Wow! I saw the Blackheart Burlesque show in Baltimore last year, and it was so much fun. I'm a big fan of burlesque in general, but the energy you guys brought was absolutely electric. Also, two of my friends got pulled up on stage, which was pretty cool.

My question is what kind of skills training would you recommend to someone interested in doing burlesque performances? Are there any types of dance classes that have been particularly useful, or did you train predominantly with other burlesque performers on that specific genre? Thanks in advance and can't wait for the next show!

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Hi hun! Well I actually did work with a burlesque troupe back in New York called "Charmed & Dangerous" and we did a few similar pop culture numbers. We would do some alternative s&m numbers and then throw in the can can! It was crazy fun!

With the Blackheart Burlesque, we get to work with star choreographer Manwe Sauls who has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Beyonce and he kicks our asses in rehearsal! :) I continue to take hip hop and ballet classes when off tour to keep myself prepared. There are so many different dance styles in our show that any dance training is good so that you can merel train to keep up with the choreography and retain it!

Also, doing anything on stage helps to be at your most comfortable level in front of an audience. I like to continue to perform in front of people on and off tour because not only is it my home but I like to stay on my toes when it comes to my performance level and audience interation XO

pmmeyourhairyvagina0 karma

Hi Sunny, do you think women will stop shaving down there and bring back the old school look/feel??

SunnyHoliday1 karma

I do believe eventually the bush shall make a comeback haha. I find women beautiful either way but if 80's fashion can continue to make a comeback over and over and over again, then eventually other things will follow! Hope that helps lol

pmmeyourhairyvagina-1 karma

Please start the trend!

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Haha that is a lot of maintnance and I'm lazy lol!

mollydolly930 karma

If you had a shrink ray who would you shrink and what would you do with them?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

I would shrink Conan O'brien and carry him around in my tiny shirt pocket and make him tell me jokes in his overly high pitched mini voice!

expert_mode0 karma

What is a suicide girl?

SunnyHoliday0 karma

Suicide Girls are alternative pin up models! :) Check out suicidegirls.com and you won't be dissapointed ;)

s0calflip0 karma

First off, I think you and the SG ladies are freaking AWESOME!! What city was your favorite to tour to? And will we be seeing you at SDCC again? I met you last year and you were awesomely sweet!!

SunnyHoliday3 karma

Hi hun! Thank you so much! That's super sweet of you! My favorite city to do has got to be London in the UK! It's always been a dream to visit there and it was shocking to me how at home I felt there. I didn't picture it to be such a posh New York and the UK SG models are my favorite!

I will totally be at SDCC and we have a show on the 9th to kick off Comic Con! I can't wait!

Stop by and say hi again this year!

Capt_Tattoo0 karma

Hey, as a tattoo artist I have always appreciated what SG has done for alt modeling and accepting tattoos as beautiful in a more mainstream view. But my question is, how do you ladies choose your tattoo artists and how is the best way to get my work onto a suicide girl?

SunnyHoliday-1 karma

Hey babe! Thanks for asking this because honestly, Suicide Girls get tatted on their own accord and they all have different ways of choosing artists! The girls actually love it when an artist reaches out regarding getting work done on a model so you should reach out to some SG's and see who is looking for their next tattoo :)

Pro_Quote_Maker0 karma


SunnyHoliday0 karma

In 10 years I would like to be living in my space shuttle above earth... but if I can't do that then I would love to be continuing to do what I love which is live performance. Someday I would LOVE to do a Broadway tour and record an album! I want to also continue to open a Burlesque dance studio and venue ;)

Pro_Quote_Maker0 karma


SunnyHoliday0 karma

I'm actually engaged and who knows! Maybe someday! I've always considered adoption but it depends on where life takes me. Right now I am focused on traveling, performing and being the most evolved person I can possibly be for myself :) If I can be happy with myself, only then will I be prepared to start a family and pass down my wisdom and crazy Dominican genes haha

evanman690 karma

What is the squared root of 1,000,000?

SunnyHoliday1 karma


and 43

jk ;) xo

itsfullcircle0 karma

Hey me and my girlfriend saw you guys at the stone pony at asbury park and I was the guy brought on stage so thanks for an awesome day! What's you're favorite movie and musician? AND WHY NO NJ DAYE THIS TOUR?! ):

SunnyHoliday0 karma

Ahhh The Stone Pony!!! We had a god time there! My favorite movie is a cross between "Selena" & "Ocean's Eleven" and my favorite musician is Billy Joel :) And we haven't finished booking ALL the tour dates just yet, there are a few dates to go! ;)

Right_All_The_Time0 karma

What is the magic number for Hopefuls to become SG's? How does SG decide when a set becomes Set of the Day? Just seems like really arbitrary numbers. I've seen some Hopefuls with like several sets in the 1700-1800 like range and they never become a SG (I feel bad for them, they are often great sets).

SunnyHoliday-1 karma

There is no magic number unfortuantely! It's up to the Gods of SG! Jk haha. Hopefuls can go pink for an array of reasons and sometimes numbers alone can make that call and sometimes a model is picked up because the staff sees something that they feel really needs to be shared with our memebers :) Sometimes it can be like when I went pink because not only did my set do well but I was also touring and members wanted to see more of the dancer's sets so I applied at the perfect time! I've met many hopefuls on the road and push for them to go pink and sometimes that's all it takes because there are over tens of thousands of hopefuls and a full time staff looking at sets all day, it may take meeting or working with someone in person sometimes. Therefore, I always push for hopefuls to attend shootfests and meet more often with staff photographers!

PurpleCantaloupe0 karma

Who is your favorite suicide girl? Akuma Suicide (Ginzilla) has always been mine, I even won a raffle from her!

SunnyHoliday0 karma

That is a tough tough question to answer but I'm going to go with Radeo and Jessica Lou :) Two super hot ladies that I was a fan of and they are both so gorgeous and so sweet in person. They will be friends of mine for life now, they have no choice haha

Right_All_The_Time-1 karma

Is it really really shallow of me to open up Hopeful sets and just KNOW... That girl won't go pink / become an SG? Sometimes it isn't even that the model lacks the physical attributes sometimes the set is just lazy, unoriginal and boring (probably more of that is on the photographer than the model) and isn't going to drive up likes.

SunnyHoliday0 karma

I think everyone has a right to their opinion and the site does embrace member feedback and you can simply click on "not for me" or "I loved it" to reply to a set. I don't think it's necessarily shallow to have your own opinion! I just like that hopefuls and Suicide Girls alike get so much love on the site. It's a very positive atmosphere and for alot of these women it can be the one place they have to feel that vulnerability and turn it into confidance. There are MANY times that hopefuls have never shot nude before and sometimes they shine through in their first set and others you can tell get much more comfortable and are more prepared by their next couple of sets. Even in my sets you can see my comfort level rise set by set.

Right_All_The_Time1 karma

This is true. You often do see an evolution from set to set for a lot of SG's in terms of confidence, posing, and better quality work from the photographers (lighting, angles, settings).

SunnyHoliday1 karma

Yup, It's actually one of my favorite things to do. I go on the site and look at models' sets in order from when they were hopefuls to when they went pink and you can see where that comes through in the photographs

santaliqueur-1 karma

How do Suicide Girls get their names? Do they choose their own?

SunnyHoliday0 karma

Yes we choose our own! The girls are encouraged to choose a name that is either meaningful to them, a stage name, a nickname or their very own name! It's really up to the model. It gets a little more challenging everyday for the models to pick names if they are taken already but we make it work ;) I got lucky because I have been Sunny for a long time in the burlesque community and I even had it tattooed on my body and then I learned that there is already a Sunnie! Sunshine Suicide has modeled and photographed for the site for years and she is now our tour manager so it's funny to have two Sunnies on the bus but we are besties and love it!

Hard_boiled_Badger-1 karma

So what is the Blackheart burlesque show? Is it basically just a strip tease type thing or is it more elegant than that?

SunnyHoliday-1 karma

The Blackheart Burlesque is Burlesque show made up of Suicide Girls who are alternative pin up models. The show embraces your classic strip tease and takes it to another level! We steer away from your clasic Gypsy routine and dive into cult classics dancing and stripping to numbers from movies like "Star Wars", "The Big Lebowski", "Kill Bill" and the list goes on and on :) Check out blackheartburlesque.com to see a trailer and info on tix! XO

thewretchedspawn-1 karma

Hey Sunny,

I really like that Suicide Girls is about girls who do not fit the prototypical mold of what girls in today's society are "expected" to look like. Because I feel that girls are their most sexy when they are free to express themselves in whatever way suits them. So do you think your work in SG is going to help break this notion that girls need to look a certain way to be attractive?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

I feel as if Suicide Girls has already broken that notion and continues to do so :) When SG began it was started specifically to embrace these women who did not fit society's expectation of what beauty is. I feel that SG started a revolution of alt models by giving them a home and it continues to grow. In the last 10 years alone alternative lifestyles have become more mainstream and I think I would credit Sg a little bit of that :)

Davey_Hates-3 karma

When do you think you will get a real job?

SunnyHoliday1 karma

I am not only self employed but I have several jobs as well and SG IS my real job! I am a full time burlesque dancer, actress, singer and model! I finally get to do what I love full time and I wouldn't have it any other way. The idea that a "real job" requires someone to sit behind a desk is just crazy because I wouldn't want Christina Aguilera to ever do that haha! I actually have worked in politics for the Assembly and Senate as well as manage an entire office for a lobbying firm and honestly, I am happy that when I clock in now a days, it's to dance and sing! ;)

bunchajibbajabba-2 karma

You mean a job of entertaining others as she does? I'm pretty sure all money she gets is people that thinks she earned it, not something she robbed from them.

I think someone's jealous or gay.

SunnyHoliday-3 karma

Oh sweetie, I am a huge Christina fan and totally gay for her :)

BoerboelFace-5 karma

Why don't you get a haircut and get a real job?

SunnyHoliday2 karma

Because I love my hair and I love my real job of traveling all around the world with a bunch of fierce and successful babes! :)

Apneatic-9 karma


SunnyHoliday0 karma

I have never and will never do any of the above! I look forward to my future in theatre, music and changing the world because I am smart, happy and confidant! Thank you very much! But thank you for the suggestions! They are quite degrading and rude! xo