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What corrections do you use?

How would you respond to people that say dogs shiuld not be corrected, only Rewarded?

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Does R Kelly know about your name?

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How can it be "accepted" when the DNC did not let law enforcement or the intelligence community touch or examine the servers?

That seems like both a serious law enforcement and journalism fail if indeed people are making this a serious accusation. It was a serious crime yet "Comey replied: “Well we never got direct access to the machines themselves. The DNC in the spring of 2016 hired a firm that ultimately shared with us their forensics from their review of the system.”

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Look at Canada where guy using his gun to defend himself from people throwing Molotov cocktails at his house is charged with a crime of unsafe storage.


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Wasn't your school a "gun free zone?"

Shouldn't we just make more of those?

You have the skills to be a lobbyist, an passed marksmanship in Army rotc/cadets etc. among other things. Would you not have been able to protect yourself with a firearm as per your second amendment right - which, according to the detailed wording, should not be infringed.

Thanks, A Canadian.