Out first super-casual AMA was almost a year ago, when we initially soft-launched our game and had just gotten started. A small group of us discussed the reason as to why we created the silly card-game, and our intentions for the future.

Now, we're back with an Expansion Pack, better card-stock, our first translated deck (Spanish) and some other proud updates –

It's been an interesting and wonderful year.

There's always more to learn, and we look forward to continuing this homage to the history and beauty of vintage smut :)

Ask away.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/PornTheGame/status/601757090332286976 LINK: SAFE / TWITTER PROFILE - NSFW

5+ Hours and this has been an awesome time / Thanks again to everyone, truly, for their kind words, their input, and the funny-ass dialogue


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brazzersofficial3472 karma

So like... how do you play?

WeArePORNTheGame2711 karma

WOAH! - We are in front of royalty here. Brazzers? THE Brazzers?

How do we even start? :) Well, people have compared the gameplay to UNO, but with Sexual Puns, references, mini-games, and optional drinking rules. You start with 4 cards (each are 100% unique, no duplicates) -so, if you have the "Anal" card, nobody else does.

Anywho, let's say it's your turn to play. You put down the "Anal" card -which tells you to "Fuck someone in the Ass" ---> the rule on that card states that you must pick someone to "fuck in the ass". That person will have to draw 3 cards from the deck and take a shot.

So, whichever friend you use that card on is screwed; now has 3 more cards to get rid of.

Follow? :)

....Brazzers (We can't believe it/ this is awesome)

brazzersofficial1719 karma

Sounds cool! We'd love to get our hands on a pack!

WeArePORNTheGame1687 karma

Feel free to reach out on twitter, and let us know where to mail the package :)

Acadia02208 karma

You guys better have a group of porn stars playing a strip version...eventually leading into a massive orgy. For science.

WeArePORNTheGame378 karma

Faceless_man_62 karma

Who's the second chick?

WeArePORNTheGame104 karma

Rachael Madori

LivingThatBeigeLife-6 karma


WeArePORNTheGame8 karma

Done - thanks for the reminder / marked the post as well, just to be safe.

addicted2everything570 karma

just a heads up, but your website should answer this question in 30 seconds or less. I watched your trailer, clicked around, read paragraphs, and I had to come back here and read your post to figure out what the hell I was looking at. Your site is a mess and marketing is literally all you have. You need to fix it.

WeArePORNTheGame393 karma

That's a very valid point; we'll correct.

Definitely an excellent suggestion/contribution.

Thanks, man.

_just_some_guy139 karma

We totally need Brazzers to record a game with their talent playing!

PimpTrickGangstaClik67 karma

Yo dawg

WeArePORNTheGame115 karma

The Tentacle Monster Card - To be replaced with this

Hippothoughtamus107 karma

Instructions unclear: penis stuck in game

WeArePORNTheGame162 karma

Rinse/Repeat *If erection lasts for over 4 hours, please consult your family doctor.

anunnaturalselection75 karma

So with a promiscuous enough group of friends, this game can be taken literally... ;)

WeArePORNTheGame142 karma

People have suggested, and claimed, to have done that.

TheCrotchKnocker71 karma

So, not the same Uno I play with my 5 year old...

WeArePORNTheGame84 karma

Well, no. lol

Aldrammech1695 karma

Why don't you call add-on packs strap-ons?

WeArePORNTheGame1574 karma

Holy shit, that's funny.

shortbitcoin466 karma

I'm contemplating making an adult-themed game (not like yours at all, BTW) and had a chance to speak to a game publisher about it. He said "You're nuts--no publisher on earth will pick up this product, and no store will carry it. People will boycott a company just for including this in their product line."

So what's your secret? Self publishing? Or are there publishers who are willing to go out on a limb with raunchy or otherwise distasteful games?

WeArePORNTheGame654 karma

  • Self Publishing is key.
  • We're made in the USA - believe it or not, 90% (if not more) of all printing companies overseas said NO WAY when they saw the cards.
  • I'm sure publishers are out there who would pick up your game, but in today's world, all the tools are available to make it work in your own vision without restriction. There's really no secret. We're still trying to find our place....

It's silly - think about Hustler Magazine, and all the Smut of our yesteryear. After watching Michael Nirenbergs documentary "Back Issues: The Story of Hustler Magazine", we recently realized that we're in a far more prude society today. Everyone has a voice ....free-thinkers, scholars, those with agendas, the moral police, the ill-informed - you name it.

Create your own space - you can totally do it.

(PS- Keep us posted, and feel free to contact us if you ever need any help or referrals.)

bozobozo202 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

WeArePORNTheGame621 karma

A toss-up between Barney, and this stoner: http://i.imgur.com/JtVlJTc.png

Touchdown_Knicks184 karma

Love the game BTW, I own one of your first packs. What inspired you guys to invoke the old 70's style smut?

WeArePORNTheGame206 karma

The 1970's & 80's Grindhouse/Sexploitation films of the time has always been something we loved. It reflects a different world, in a weird way - a, somewhat, less prude society, where the Free Expression of the 60's lead into a far more complicated times (Think "Taxi-Driver"/Times Square).

Those decades gave us some of the greatest films, artists, and shaped entire cities, such as New York and San Francisco. Now, with the internet age, Vintage smut and Dirty theaters are all gone.

We love the art, the imperfection of it all, and how it represents a certain point in history.

Our Expansion has "Cam Girls", and other nods to the the future of Porn, but keeping the art-style "Grindhouse" has always been a focus.

Hennessey23160 karma

Booze, babes and glory holes included?

WeArePORNTheGame291 karma

Looking for a party? You bring the Booze, We'll bring the Babes (or the other way around? -your call.) - and a Gloryhole can be made anywhere/anytime. <Revs Chainsaw>

drunkobnoxiousgafan132 karma

Will you ask me a question?

WeArePORNTheGame158 karma

What makes you happy?

drunkobnoxiousgafan150 karma


WeArePORNTheGame127 karma

Which kind do you enjoy the most?

JCollierDavis117 karma

There's no way I'm going to be able to access www.pornthegame.com from work. Have any youtube gameplay videos?

WeArePORNTheGame126 karma

No Gameplay videos - only this teaser trailer


Each crew really brings their own element to the game; the people who play it make it, and what they bring to the table dictates the level of fun. Thanks for the reminder though - we definitely should record one for those who prefer a detailed outline of what they're getting into.

innergametrumpsall247 karma

Listen man, I'd like to buy an adult novelty game but as a possible consumer of your product your sales copy here is junk. I have no idea how to play it and your "teaser" video is just people throwing around cards with sex acts on it.

How do I enjoy this game?

How do you bring sex into the room with this game?

etc etc

You should be demonstrating this to your customers. I'm not going to spend more than 5 seconds deciding if this sounds like a good idea and you're blowing your pitch to everyone.

In 5 seconds someone should understand how to play this game at a basic level and WHY they would want to play it.

The answer WHY is obvious, break the ice and get people talking sex. Get the booze out. Brilliant, genius. I'm all with you.

But you've given me

  1. Porn the game
  2. ???
  3. Profit

Presumably with the talent used to write the game\cards you should be coming up with an ad that isn't just a "teaser" but sells the game, demonstrates the concept and hook in 5 seconds and then builds on it. Cards against humanity has a one sentence hook. And in one gameplay turn you can see and understand the appeal.

WeArePORNTheGame132 karma

Appreciate the feedback -really. We'll ensure to hit those items as we update, revise, and improve.

Thanks again for the insight; much appreciated.

lithedreamer29 karma

Maybe Tabletop will play an After Dark episode?

WeArePORNTheGame38 karma

Our game is so casual and silly, that we sometimes get worried about the true connoisseurs giving it a review. It may not be their demo - mostly because of the explicit and [responsibly] drunken nature of it all.

With that being said,. maybe they will :)

OneMillionTroops13 karma

What is that song in the background? It's really nice jam

WeArePORNTheGame23 karma

Flatpack Jesus: Put your feet in six (Original Mix) Tainted Buddah Records :)

ComradeStrange99 karma

Hey, what's going on?

WeArePORNTheGame143 karma

It's Friday - drank 3 Espressos, looking forward to kicking back tonight and enjoying the long, extended, weekend with good people.

How's it going on your end, stranger?

Ambassador_Buta60 karma

Did you guys really like Custer's revenge?

WeArePORNTheGame79 karma

The Atari2600 was one hell-of-a machine.

ComradeStrange37 karma

Yeah, I only just woke up, so I'm still trying to find the coffee maker. Looking forward to... work, I guess.

WeArePORNTheGame42 karma

You can always play hooky [whispers the devil on your shoulder]

Cleverly_Clearly93 karma

Tits or ass?

WeArePORNTheGame323 karma


HemHaw186 karma

...and where the legs meet the back...

...actually, just that whole area.

WeArePORNTheGame196 karma

The human body is a BEAUTIFUL thing.

jmikesyo74 karma

How are family discussions as to what you guys do for a living? Ever give your moms the game?

WeArePORNTheGame152 karma

Because it's a game/novelty product, they're all surprisingly great and supportive of it, despite the graphic content. Sure, we have nude photos, and cross paths with people in the Adult Business, however -we can't stress enough- the people in the Porn Industry have been some of the most welcoming, kindest, and helpful individuals. It's just a job, like anything else. Judge a person by their character and how they treat others- not their occupation (we all sometimes forget that when society likes to slam labels everywhere). Also - we love our parents with all our hearts, express our thanks for raising us, and continue to show them respect and affection. As long as those elements are there, you know, I'm sure they'll remain happy -especially if we are.

Personally-speaking, being in my 30's, if we didn't take a chance to create something fun, that we enjoy, I'd find myself regretting it in the future ...wondering, what if I took that silly chance?.

Our parents understood that.

icegnomey63 karma

I was one of the first people to buy the game and just ordered the expansion.

Are there plans for more add-ons in different themes?

WeArePORNTheGame53 karma

Thanks for the early support! [and for continuing the love! - it means a lot to us].

We definitely intend on churning out additional packs and expansions. .... :)

ihatecats1858 karma

Couples night. Our turn to bring the game. Pulls deck out and some booze...

Will we get invited back?

WeArePORNTheGame99 karma

Yeah- Sure, they'll finger you as the pervert who's trying to play "wife-swap" but, once they open up and start playing - realizing it harmless fun, without sexual conduct and just some silly, giggle-inducing, novelty game, they'll probably get a laugh over the art, and learn about a few things, like Poppers, Hentai, and Hypno-Porn.

jrm72543 karma

So I tried to play this at a bachelor party, and, long story short, the game lasted like 3 minutes each time. What are we doing wrong? Each person puts down one card and thats the end of their turn, repeat with next player? The directions were really vague.

WeArePORNTheGame62 karma

The timing of the game has gone from under 5 minutes to over 45. I'm guessing the hands all players held were cards that lead to a quick game. It's really meant to be played in rounds, so once it ends - you shuffle and go again.

In our earlier release, we didn't expand on the "Tentacle Monster" card. We had to further elaborate that it's essentially a "Wild Card" that you don't want. This is where a small strategy comes into play.

  • If you play the card, the game ends. With No winner.
  • If you hold onto it too long and it's your last card, same as above.
  • Giving it to someone causes a dilemma for them,
  • unless they're a dick with 12 cards and everyone else is closer to winning - he can slam that down on his turn and screw up the round/restarting the game.

Additional info here: http://pornthegame.com/FAQ.pdf

The more one plays, the more familiar it becomes; to the point where people don't even read the cards out loud - just slam them down and play like any other card game.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out :)

As for bachelor parties, the expansion definitely kicks things up a notch (Drawing cocks on people, Beer Pong Challenges, and all drinking games/cards)


GodHatesSkags28 karma

This is the first I've heard of this game; it sounds fun! How often do you play it yourselves with friends/family? And what are your favorite games to play besides this one?

WeArePORNTheGame38 karma

Like any other game, we play it when the time is right -the setting fits, and the people are up for that type of silliness. The Expansion pack has us busting it out a lot more now, just because of the party-oriented drinking cards and games; it was made to spice up the casual nature of the Original.

Sometimes, you go to play something and everyone's just eh and would rather socialize and not focus on anything.

Other times, it's a party and people have a blast, making memories -creating their own rules, and using it a social tool to laugh, drink, and dick around. Players jumping in and out at will.

Like a review once wrote "It's not Magic: The Gathering" and we aren't trying to be.

(Much love to MTG - a legend in their own, very-deserved, right)

NickTrips26 karma

Is there a swinger edition to really get the party started?

WeArePORNTheGame54 karma

The Hardcore edition, may -or may not- be in the works. :)

TunnelSnakePaul23 karma

What is your game all about? I went to the website and it's pretty vague. how many players are preferred. What's the rules... srry I'm so ill informed.

WeArePORNTheGame29 karma

No worries, Paul :)

Here's the FAQ from our site. http://pornthegame.com/FAQ.pdf

There's a bit more detail in the response I gave to Brazzers.

Each card has an instruction, rule, challenge or mini-game (especially in our expansion) - so when you hold the game, it's easy to go with the flow (hence the simplistic instructions)

PrinceOfCups1321 karma

Does your game contain only heterosexual porn/sexual acts? If so, do you plan on expanding at all?

WeArePORNTheGame42 karma

We respect and feature it all :)

  • There's a Transgender card (Females have to talk like Males/Males have to talk like Females for the round)
  • A Gay/Straight/Lesbian Card: Everyone takes a shot in celebration of all orientations, while violently humping the air (seriously)
  • A Bisexual Card: Team up with another player, combine your cards, and play again.

ikerrytheteam19 karma

So like, where do you find people to play this game?

WeArePORNTheGame57 karma

Friends, Drunks at Bars, Old Ladies in Airports.

Punkgas18 karma

How do you feel about making me lose?

ArnieTheKid17 karma

This may be a little late but I have a question. I would like to buy the game, but I'm only 18 and still living with my parents. Will the packaging be discreet or will it say PORN THE GAME on it?

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

Discreet :)

TheDarkFiddler11 karma

Not my type of game, not because of the subject matter but because I don't really do drinking and the mechanics aren't to my taste. That said, I'm glad you're finding success with the crowd who'll enjoy it!

My question is: how much blowback and negative press have you gotten for your game? Has it been enough to make you question your decisions? Did the social statement play any part in your decision to make your game, or was it completely tangential to your production?

WeArePORNTheGame20 karma

We went into this, fully understanding that it's not for everyone (hardcore gamers, those who don't like "trashy" art, etc) - and really appreciate your honesty and kind words. Nobody can win everything, and not everyone will agree --human nature. Live and let live, baby :)

Because we've surrounded ourselves with people in Horror, XXX Films, Art, and others, blowback has been minimal because these are communities who are used to operating in their own realms. Also, it would be quite funny to see someone attack Illustrated Adult-Images on Paper in today's world of information and depraved content. lol

Your mention of a "Social Statement" rings truth in the little items, such as our decision to Censor the word FUCK on the back of the cards, meanwhile, the opposite sides have very graphic images and language.

...our way of calling into question the unnecessary and subjective nature of censorship and control.

Right on, Fiddler - Thanks :)

Digimonami4 karma

Why do u choose to dabble in this debauchery?

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

Sure, we could regurgitate the whole "you've got one life to life" line, but life leads everyone into certain directions - we choose the road, while the view around us is made up by everything we've known and experienced in life. Left turns, Right turn, Wrong turn.....everyone marches on.

Somewhere along the line, we became people who created a Porn-Themed card-game. lol

Your guess is as good as ours :)

(Good Question)

Turrrrrr3 karma

What are your LEAST favorite cards? I really hate the one where everyone has to shuffle their cards back into the deck and draw four more.

So excited for the expansion pack! I am glad it to see it focuses on the drinking aspect of the game.

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

That's the ORGY card! (Everyone back in the pile). Personally-speaking, I LOVE that one. It keeps the game going...and going.

Thanks for the positive vibes ---> we promise to keep progressing and improving. Thanks for the motivation.

*Speaking of least favorite card: we're probably going to identify one to swap out with a new card in our eventual Deluxe Deck.

MALE ENHANCEMENT (Penis Pump/Blue Pills): All guys take a shot. All girls take a card.

justin_memer2 karma

Is Tracy Jordan involved in any way?

Rambo_Brit32 karma

Is there a kinder gentler way of saying "jacking off"?

WeArePORNTheGame7 karma

Manual Stimulation

Smuttly1 karma


WeArePORNTheGame2 karma


hugemuffin1 karma

What's your favorite dish to cook? Favorite Cocktail?

WeArePORNTheGame7 karma

  • Greek Food
  • Jack, on the rocks. ---Or, if feeling "classy", an 18-year old Laphroaig -neat.

PM_ME_A_SteamKey-5 karma

Does this game guarantee pussy?

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Kandarino5 karma

Why was this bot downvoted? I'm honestly a bit confused. Considering that.. it's a bot. Did its job.

RaisingFargo4 karma

Kill all the machines!!

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

insert [skynet] reference here