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I was one of the first people to buy the game and just ordered the expansion.

Are there plans for more add-ons in different themes?

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A few months ago Steve Lemme from Super Troopers/Broken Lizard tweeted about this, not sure if you knew that happened. Do any other celebrities have the game or have any endorsed it?

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First things first, your show is far and above the most entertaining thing I've ever seen. I laugh harder at you and your shenanigans than anything else. Can you be my best friend please? Meryl Streep, you, and me could be the new three musketeers. My question is, is there a favorite moment of yours that for some reason (legal or something else) wasn't allowed to air?

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You guys seem to have this eclectic theme going on: 70s/80s/Grindhouse/Skinamax Horror Mix. Do you plan on expanding into other games or media?