Hey, I'm T.J. Graham, NFL Wide Receiver.

I enjoy working out and running, and I'm sponsored by Fitstrong Supplements which helps me with my training.

I'm looking forward to your questions and sharing with you how to train for an NFL season like me. Victoria's helping me get started, AMA.


Well guys I'm at a charity golf tournament for the Give the Kids Hope Foundation, and I'm using a friend's phone, so I have to go but I hope to come back soon and answer more questions. But I really appreciate the support of the fans. Thank you guys and I'll do this again soon!

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Drunken_Economist71 karma

TJ! We miss you in Buffalo.

Did it take long to adjust playing for a rival of your former team?

TJ_Graham53 karma

Yes and no? Anytime that you depart a place, and it's not when you wanted to leave, it's very easy to return and try to prove your point and try to prove yourself against them.

yawsotto47 karma

What percent of NFL players would you say use cannabis, whether in-season or off-season?

TJ_Graham119 karma

A lot more than you think! But not I.

yawsotto18 karma

Thanks for the response. I would not be surprised if 75%+ were consumers. I am trying to do a piece on this, but it's hard to get many people to openly speak up about it. Any advice?

TJ_Graham42 karma

Yeah, no one wants to put their job in jeopardy by talking about it, but you could probably do an anonymous piece with no names and you'd probably get more people.

yawsotto10 karma

You're awesome TJ! Thanks again and best of luck to you now and forever :)

TJ_Graham25 karma

Aw thank you! Appreciate the love!

gosabres44 karma

T.J., miss watching you play at NC State. Watching you return kickoffs was incredibly exciting. I also loved watching you at the Ralph, I remember the game in Cleveland you caught your first TD.

Having caught passes from E.J. and Wilson, what's your opinion on E.J.? If you were still in Buffalo, would you have him take reps this season or would you prefer Cassel throwing your way?

Hope you make it back to Raleigh on occasion. Go Bills! GO PACK!

TJ_Graham49 karma

You know, E.J's a good quarterback. He just needs to find his groove and get going. And it's hard for a rookie quarterback to come in and play his first year and make a big impact.

And if I were in Buffalo - I'd prefer the best quarterback for the team. Wouldn't matter who it is. Go Pack!

champ131535 karma

Do you think dogs will ever be able to talk like humans?

TJ_Graham70 karma

Yes, but humans won't be around for that.

Dogs will be boss, same as every other animal.

Bickle172935 karma

What do you remember about this play?

TJ_Graham48 karma

It's a trick play that didn't work! It happens - it's either gonna work, or not going to work!

TomorrowsHeadline29 karma

Hey TJ! First of all, loved seeing you play for State (go pack!) I've always wondered seeing players around campus, what would you do if you weren't in the NFL right now? Where would you be working?

TJ_Graham29 karma

I'm very well-rounded so I don't know where it would take me, but I'd probably look to get into coaching at this point - being the son of a coach, it's just in my blood to coach, it's just very easy.

oscarveli28 karma

Who would you say are the top five receivers in the league?

TJ_Graham68 karma

Ooh, top 5.

Okay, man! That's a tough one, cuz I love football.

I know he's a Patriot, but I really like Julian Edelman. He's really scrappy.

Demaryius Thomas... Odell Beckham Jr... and the other two are on my team! Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall.

Drunken_Economist108 karma

He's really scrappy.

A real gym rat.

TJ_Graham56 karma

Yeah, he really gets out there!

squeegeeboy26 karma

What's your take on Deflategate? Was the punishment appropriate for the Patriots and Brady?

TJ_Graham58 karma

You know, anytime you play the game, you push the limits, and anytime that you push a pass, things happen, but those types of things happen when you break the rules, and that goes back to grade school - there are rules and punishments happen. There's a lot that goes into football, and you can try to push the envelope to get a competitive edge, and there's a point where things are taken too far.

oscarveli21 karma

Who do you feel are your toughest opponents?

TJ_Graham50 karma

I'd have to say the New England Patriots. They're the toughest ones, because the system they have, they just have an attitude over there that's a bit different than everyone else. A no-nonsense attitude, I'd call it. But you have to have fun sometimes.

kebake20 karma

Did you ever race Goodwin? Who's faster?

TJ_Graham47 karma

Ooh. We're actually best friends. So we were neighbors and everything in Buffalo, and we never raced, because to be honest, it didn't matter because we were on the same team, so we helped each other regardless. Track times, we'd be very close. I'd race him if he wanted to race.

i_speak_bane19 karma

Do you feel in charge?

TJ_Graham25 karma

In life? Is that what you're asking? Yes, I'm a Leo, so I always feel like I'm a leader and always trying to feel like the boss.

cush2push17 karma

TJ always thought Marrone gave up on you too early and misused you like crazy. Did you ever get discouraged with all those 9 routes? When most of us could see that you're a YAC WR and needing more crossing routes and slants.

TJ_Graham18 karma

Im a wr of many talents but some times you have to adjust what the team needs. I am naturally a yac WR.

Thedustin14 karma

What is the best and the worst thing about playing in the NFL?

TJ_Graham38 karma

The best thing would just be the competition! You're playing at the highest level of football. And it's fans, it's the excitement of it all, it's just fulfilling to know you're one of the best of the best at something.

The worst is the public image of a typical NFL lifestyle or NFL football player. Because it's not like Hollywood for us, like people think it is. We make a lot of money, but it's gotta last for a long time. You can't live like a king, for life. And it hurts your body, too, your body really hurts.

pc_usrs14 karma

Are you looking forward to the London game? What's your main concern (weather/jet lag/ground condition)?

Uk jets fan here, can't wait to see you on our turf for a change!

TJ_Graham13 karma

i can't wait

FIFA_GOD14 karma

Do you like FIFA or Madden better? Which teams do you use?

TJ_Graham33 karma


I'd say FIFA because it allows me the chance to escape from my daily routine. Madden gets me into my gamer, actually Sunday mode WAY too easily, haha! So I don't like it as much. It's a different mindset to me.

oscarveli13 karma

Who was your favorite player when you were growing up?

TJ_Graham33 karma

My dad was a Cowboys fan growing up, so we watched a lot of Cowboys games in our house. So I started out as a running back, so I really liked Emmett Smith.

_blurhe11 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, TJ. What would you consider to be the most memorable game of your college career at NC State?

Go Pack! Go Jets!

TJ_Graham34 karma

Beating UNC 4x's 4-0 lol

_tx10 karma

How stressful is cut day for a good player?

TJ_Graham21 karma

Stressful for ANY player. I'd compare it to if you had a day at your job where there were going to be people laid off. It's similar to that. You don't know who it is, or when it is. You just go with the flow.

oscarveli10 karma

Who is your biggest inspiration?

TJ_Graham24 karma

I'd say it would be my dad. My dad is a professional track coach, and he's been there to give me wisdom, discipline, laughter, everything. And a lot of things i do now is to model after how he did things.

oscarveli9 karma

When did you realize you were good enough to play professionally?

TJ_Graham20 karma

My dad's always said I had the ability since I was probably 14. But me personally, I was questioning myself until I was a sophomore or junior in college. And then I realized how good I was, compared to guys in the NFL.

oscarveli9 karma

Since you entered the NFL, which defensive back has given you the hardest time?

TJ_Graham25 karma


He's on my team now. They're on my team now. Darrelle Revis or Antonio Cromartie. So I'm even tougher, because i practice with them every day!

Homeyjosey9 karma

How many calories do you eat on a rest day and training day? How many grams of protein, carbs and fat?

TJ_Graham18 karma

Oooh, that's a good question. So I usually try and consume at least 30-40 grams of protein, and basically calorie counting - I don't count calories, because I'm a small guy, so I try to get in as many calories post-workout as possible, because my metabolism burns up twice as much as a regular person in a workout. So I try to eat as healthy as I can while consuming a lot of calories.

gimpisgawd9 karma

What's your favorite Cam'Ron CD?

TJ_Graham34 karma

Oh my god.

It had to be the one where he's wearing all the pink on the front?

PURPLE HAZE. That's it.

And I played in a celebrity basketball game with him. He's very good at basketball.

oscarveli8 karma

If you had to pick between winning the Super Bowl or making the Hall of Fame, which would you choose and why?

TJ_Graham41 karma

Ooh, you know, it's very hard to pick between a personal accomplishment and a team accomplishment. But I'd rather win a Super Bowl. Because being in the Hall of Fame is an individual award, but winning with your teammates, that's like really, really priceless. That's something you can talk about forever.

skinsballr7 karma

Will your Jets win the Super Bowl this season?

TJ_Graham39 karma

I'm calling it YES! Go Jets!

j-fr3sh7 karma

What's your favourite healthy snack?

TJ_Graham10 karma

Mmmm. Favorite healthy snack! A strong protein smoothie. I like to put strawberries, bananas, greek yogurt.

sprgrss6 karma

What do you consider to be your greatest moment playing at NC State?

Please say that punt return against Carolina.

TJ_Graham20 karma


Reckless_Vlad5 karma

T. J HUGGE NY Jets fan, glad you did this ama. My question is, how is Gailey's approach to offense compared to Marty's?

TJ_Graham16 karma

he is a lot more understanding of each players strengths and uses them to best of their ability in his offense. way better fit for the jets.

Wordsworthswarrior5 karma

People are turning away from football like no time in the twentieth century. At one time football was really the defacto American sport. Now people are genuinely discussing the decline of football to a regional semipro club activity. How do you and your teammates feel about the issues; concussions, abuse, murder, deceit, greed, that have brought the sport to this place?

TJ_Graham15 karma

I would say it's not because of football that it's in decline, it's because of the availability of media. I would say that all of those things - greed, violence, and injuries - are a part of every job. It's just our job is very scrutinized in the media, and now that the media is everywhere, from Twitter to Instagram to Channel 9 news, our business is out a lot easier and it's more interesting to hear about one of us getting in trouble than a local employee at McDonald's.

j-fr3sh4 karma

What's your honest opinion of Geno Smith as the quarterback of your team?

TJ_Graham14 karma

He's great. I mean, he just needed to find the right offensive system that fits him. And I think we've found it.

ElBluntDealer3 karma

What do you think you're role will be with Decker and Marshall being the top targets on the team?

What do you think the offense needs to be one of the top of the league and maybe carry the team to the Super Bowl?

TJ_Graham11 karma

Well, speed. Speed threat.

Just consistency, you know? We need to be consistent, and execute first downs, in the red zone.

beernerd3 karma

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what's your strategy for survival?

TJ_Graham58 karma

So I'm recently married, and my wife is a professional track runner, we're expecting our first son in June, and both my parents are professional track runners, and my sister runs track in college, and I was an All-American track runner in college. So I think we'd outrun the zombies. Unless they were Jamaican zombies.

MrBulger11 karma

Zombie Usain Bolt would end the world himself

TJ_Graham28 karma

Yeah, he would! Hahaha! He definitely would! He's not catching me and my family though! I have a Usain Bolt son popping out!

A_Little_Rude3 karma

What is your most memorable catch?

TJ_Graham13 karma

Mmm. Probably my first touchdown. It was against the Cleveland Browns my rookie season.

mydickandballs-8 karma

Will u secretly be happy when Buffalo butt rams the stupid jets twice this year?

TJ_Graham18 karma

Not gonna happen!