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A lot more than you think! But not I.

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Yes, but humans won't be around for that.

Dogs will be boss, same as every other animal.

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Ooh, top 5.

Okay, man! That's a tough one, cuz I love football.

I know he's a Patriot, but I really like Julian Edelman. He's really scrappy.

Demaryius Thomas... Odell Beckham Jr... and the other two are on my team! Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall.

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So I'm recently married, and my wife is a professional track runner, we're expecting our first son in June, and both my parents are professional track runners, and my sister runs track in college, and I was an All-American track runner in college. So I think we'd outrun the zombies. Unless they were Jamaican zombies.

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You know, anytime you play the game, you push the limits, and anytime that you push a pass, things happen, but those types of things happen when you break the rules, and that goes back to grade school - there are rules and punishments happen. There's a lot that goes into football, and you can try to push the envelope to get a competitive edge, and there's a point where things are taken too far.