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Would you ever consider doing something outside of your comfort zone. As say working on Broadway?

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Good thing you didn't race Dareus. Jk

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TJ always thought Marrone gave up on you too early and misused you like crazy. Did you ever get discouraged with all those 9 routes? When most of us could see that you're a YAC WR and needing more crossing routes and slants.

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Appreciate the response

Good luck this upcoming year, except against Buffalo. I do hope Gailey and you click this year, he seemed to have some ideas for you before he was let go in Buffalo.

Get that YAC on man.

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Would you be open to returning to Buffalo at any point?

Thoughts about the preseason last year, more specifically the last one you played in Buffalo it seemed as if Marrone told you something and it took away the fun for you that game.