Tits; http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2804535040/nm5145425?ref_=nmmd_md_nxt

More about my adventures; www.EricOrman.net Proof (for the mods) it's really me; http://instagram.com/p/zEq78oi9c7/?modal=true

Signing off; 7 Hours later, I need to sleep. Thanks again for the questions, and I'll try and answer more in the morning. Have a great day!

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leviwhite93541 karma

When I saw "tits" I got excited.

Then I followed the link.

Why did you have to make me sad?

EricOrman1651 karma


leviwhite9838 karma

But still, nice tits.

EricOrman1514 karma

ヽ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )ノ

Cristal1337287 karma

I think you should flash them for us anyway.

EricOrman405 karma

See picture in description.

TexasComments230 karma

I am reasonably sure that I fucked your cousin.

EricOrman292 karma


slimtotheshady62 karma

He's a ginger. He has no soul.

EricOrman239 karma

Funny you say that. I've gotten 'dirty blonde' all my life. I moved to new-york, and a few people called me a ginger.

Maybe it's something in the water?

glamasaurusrex934 karma

What did high-fiving Tina feel like? Was it like high-fiving a million angels?

EricOrman764 karma


yasisterstwat526 karma

To be on the show, did you have to be fresh?

EricOrman906 karma

You gotta be fresh.

keyesrm335 karma

What was the experience like? I've always thought doing a nude scene would be awkward, even not fully nude.

EricOrman547 karma

Our scene was with Anders.(Season 3, episode 10) They were telling him to get his tits off the deck. Honestly, it was kind of liberating. I was fortunate to have a couple other guys in speedo's with me so, group mentality helps.

Film is supposed to be a respectful creative space. You create the environment. We had a cool director. I had fun.

I don't know. It's weird being sexualized when you're just trying to get a job done. I don't look in the mirror and think, hey, this is sexy. It's just kinda like. Ok. I'm a dude. Let's go.

Doing background work in NYC, I would sometimes draw the comparison, "Actor? Prostitute? What's the difference?" I know it's a very fine line, but you have to be willing to do a lot of things. Where the buck stops is up to you. Each level deeper you go has it's own assortment of battles and repercussions.

Good luck! Hope I answered your question!

metalray288 karma

Hey, it's Zach here. I worked with ya on a film called Grafitti. What is your experience on the differences in doing smaller, short films versus bigger things, like a television show or a feature film? Is there one you enjoy doing more?

EricOrman286 karma

Hey Zach! How ya been?!

I've done stuff because I really had my heart in it (free). I've also done things because I needed the cash. Honestly, and this isn't me being PC. I like all film. I think at it's basic root, it's story telling. I was working on a play in Glendale, CA with the pitch guy for Dreamworks. He said, "Rarely does anyone try to make a bad film."

It really put things into perspective for me. I mean, I've seen some powerful vines. That's 6 seconds! Whaa?!

I'd say scale is a big difference. The more people behind something, the more riding on it.

I'm really enamored by the big productions like the recent hobbit series. They must have had a West Point Military Co-ordinator on production. Pulling off separate independent film teams, within budget, time abiding, on foreign land and within whatever other factors, is quite the undertaking.

Every production is different though. I heard PA's telling directors they have to wait because Scarlett Jo 'Isn't ready yet.' And well. They can do that.

I've also been on television sets where it's incredibly stressful, and it's go-go-go all day.

I think it's a top-down mentality. It's a hippie way to say it, but the energy you bring, is the energy that will affect the set. Everyone is unique. I heard a couple actors who worked with Spielberg on St. James say that it was like filming with the buds out in your front yard. Just a very magical place.

NotMyRealName_____45 karma

I'm heading to LA in a couple weeks to try my hand as an actor. Have actors access, Backstage, and Central Casting profiles. I've already have several imdb credits, but all non Union shorts. Im SAG eligible, but haven't pulled that trigger yet.

So my question is, do you recommend any agents? Should I stick with boutique agencies, or try to go big?

EricOrman64 karma

Go with what feels right; What you have thought about, asked about, researched, and finally find what works for you.

If you can go big, and you want to, then do it. It comes with it's own set of standards and responsibilities.

Or, if you want more liberty, then go with a smaller agency.

You'll find your answer.

Good luck!

ChinMusic33213 karma

Do you actually use IMDb for networking and job offers?

EricOrman276 karma

Funny thing. I don't DIRECTLY see the benefits of IMDB. It's a very indirect, communal type thing. As well, does any recognition in the acting community.

I think it's a slow progression of people thinking you're less crazy when you tell them you're an actor. Everyone 'says' they're an actor. Actions speak louder than words. It's just great that I can show people something.

So, I use it to hit 'one of the angles.' I trying to set up enough angles that there's no reason for them not to say you're the right person for the job.

TSED88 karma

I've never said I'm an actor. Does this mean I'm not included with "everyone"?

EricOrman182 karma

WISE GUY. EHHH????!!!!

Nah, you're still cool.

CumingLinguist123 karma

Hey Eric! I played WoW with you years ago. I remember you played in a band called first class fever in Texas. When you make it big can I have that hipster street cred of having heard of you first?

EricOrman139 karma

Dude. Totally.


LowRidin9112 karma

I still have First Class Fever songs on my iTunes. I used to go see you guys at Plano Centre when I was just a silly high school girl. Oh memories.

EricOrman3 karma

FCF!!!!!!! ;-)

Narutophanfan1110 karma

Are you still looking for your big break?

EricOrman373 karma

There's a thousand ways to 'make it,' you define what making it is.

Is Tom Cruise a good actor? If you judge by monetary success, then yeah. Is Daniel Day Lewis a good actor? If you judge by Academy Awards, then yeah.

It's kinda like, what do you wanna do, and how do you deem yourself successful?

To me, my 'big break' would be a body of creative, invigorating, and stimulating work.

There's a lot I'd like to do, and it's a constant evolution. Keeping my horizons open and looking towards to whatever comes my way. :D

softasfontanelle336 karma

it really sounds like you're saying tom cruise and daniel day lewis are shitty actors here

EricOrman241 karma

Hah. My bad! No. I think they're both great at what they do!

Rodney Mullen had a great Ted Talk on this. It's more like, work really hard, and push that one thing you do really well, and hopefully it will be respected and place you in the 'famous' category. I see fame as another way of saying, "Man, they're incredible because how they worked those certain skills that one way."

Here's the Ted Talk; It's around 11:30 onward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GVO-MfIl1Q#FoodForThought

ChrisCGray134 karma

Not only that, we have people like Matthew McConaughey who are true actors, but end up taking an easier path because everybody wants to cast them as the male lead in rom-coms.

Even though he started out doing great roles, and continued to do so (Frailty, anybody?) he essentially took one amazing deal after another until he got to the point where he could pick and choose.

Cue everyone thinking he's suddenly a great actor. No, he was always a good actor, but now he gets to be a great actor.

EricOrman43 karma

McConaughey is awesome. Texas represent!

Totoro-san34 karma

My all time favorite pro skater did a TED talk?!

I am now distracted from worrying about not having a date tonight.

EricOrman19 karma


funkfor208 karma

thanks a ton for showing me that clip .. great stuff there!

Keep up the good work my friend.

EricOrman8 karma


Narutophanfan122 karma

I was just asking becuase I know somepeople make livable money working as extras for large projects. Ny way best of luck to you.

EricOrman36 karma

Yeah! I did it for 6 months. It's very possible. A lot of work, but thrilling to be on the front-lines.

mesosorry20 karma

How do you get gigs like that?

EricOrman30 karma

There's a number of ways. Depends on what you want to do.

I think in general, it's using everything in your ability to try and make it work. Classes, calling, taking good photos, studying, learning, networking, growing.

There's also casting websites that organize things well. Agents also help move things along. Everyone has a different process.

Casting Networks, Actors Access, and Central Casting are good hubs to start. I mean, looking into what's casting, who's casting it, studying their casting patterns, looking into industry contacts. It's a hustle.

BalsamicBalsamwood44 karma

How about casting couches? Can they help you get "noticed", or to get other work?

EricOrman25 karma

Yes and no? I don't want to stomp on their game, but sometimes?

It's good to show face, bring what you have, and work it. Sometimes though, they can be really expensive and take time to get results.

Most casting workshops have a disclaimer, "Does not guarantee work." I find it funny.

Find what works for you, and run with it. Meeting the players in the game is very very important. Something I need to specifically work on. When they say it's a small world, they aren't joking. ~ Yep. Initial assumptions were correct. You meant CASTING COUCH...ahhhh... That guy's a champ.

glide_right_by11 karma

He meant porn, dude.

EricOrman25 karma

Yeah. The realization stings a little. And for how much I've seen that guys work? I'm a little embarrassed I didn't pick up on it.

BigBOSSAlak7 karma

Can you write a book; that was insanely insightful.

EricOrman28 karma

Thanks! Maybe one day. I have a hard finding the patience for writing.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway

1holdsupspork1-49 karma

You are not an F list actor. You are background, you haven't even hit the Z list yet.

EricOrman25 karma

My body is ready.

spider_84-65 karma

You're not famous. So you haven't made it.

EricOrman31 karma

Hence, my "F-List" title to thread.

loveplumber56 karma

How shitty is being an extra, seriously?

EricOrman104 karma

It's really rough. Like, really rough. I have incredible respect for them. There's a lot of different layers and personalities to deal with, so you're constantly on your A-Game. Casting Directors are an entire field of assorted drama. Your hours can be incredibly long. The costume directors can put you in something thin, when it's freezing outside. There's a hierarchy on set. You get really wild people in and out. Etc. etc.

Don't get me wrong, there are good days and great people too...

Honestly, It's the 'modern-day circus' (Show-biz in general). I don't think there's a more accurate way to describe it that that.

yazid8739 karma

Huh, honestly being an extra is the easiest job I've ever had. You sit around talking for a while, then go stand somewhere for a little bit until they get that angle, then sit down some more while they set up the next shot or scene. Rinse, wash, repeat. Loads of overtime and a slightly better wage than most crappy service jobs. They scheduled a bus from the city out to the location and gave us breakfast and a lunch/dinner so there were no transport or food bills for that job either!

EricOrman34 karma

It has it's perks. :D

I've also heard some horror stories...

ipslne35 karma

You can't just say that and not elaborate.

I mean... you can; ya know, free will and all.... but for real you can't.

EricOrman44 karma

I heard a BG actor for Non-Stop say there was a guy who brought his own hair-cut supplies with him, and was offering free hair-cuts to everyone on set.

Non-stop is a Liam Neeson film, that required everything look the same every-day.

Also, later, a couple BG got into a fight with TSA. Had to be escorted off.

Also, I heard there was a dude who was being a little too handsy with the ladies in Noah. It was rainy and muddy. Had people packed everywhere.

Oh, and The Amazing Spider Man 2 times square scenes were brootal. People freezing, catching colds.

I mean. Sometimes it's not pretty. I always crack up at the Titanic rumor where the production crew got angry and slipped PCP into crafty. Sick joke.

IBrewMyOwnBeer20913 karma

Not sure if you're still around but how does one go about becoming an extra?

EricOrman30 karma

Casting Networks, LA Casting. Show up on time. Don't cause drama. Do and go about what they say.

Silvia Fey Associates, Grant Wilfrey, Central Casting, Background Inc.

There's a lot of different companies who put bids on who does casting for what production. Hunt them down. Make them know who you are. (Politely, of course. They have feelings too.)

And once you have the 'in' work it. It's the same as a real job in the fact you still have to be there, and do the work demanded. It's just in a place that everyone is watching.

Good luck!

fsas133 karma

I could not continue to do it.

I live in LA and write for shows. I was an extra one time, years ago, on some verizon commercial. It was the worst experience I've had out here. I was trying to fly under the radar and get out of there with the money. So many people were using this as their advantage to get noticed.

So every take the director would have to stop and tell these people to calm down and just stand there. I was in hell.

EricOrman4 karma

Yeah. It gets to be like this sometimes.

I mean, a lot of people hide the fact that they did BG work. I embrace it, because...I mean... it happens. It's a thing.

There's a rumor in LA that Bradd Pitt was kicked off set for smoking pot and told by Central Casting that he'd never work again in Hollywood. Look where BG work got him...

Best of luck with the writing! You writers rock!

Sierra_Romeo30 karma

It seems like you love what you do, and I would hope you continue to love it, but do you ever regret getting into acting?

Follow up: if not acting, what would you have ended up doing, career/job-wise

EricOrman33 karma

I love acting! It's just something that makes sense to me.

Nah, I don't regret it. I mean, everyone has tough days, there are ups and down, but I'm thankful for what I've been able to do. It's really made me appreciate professionalism and people in other professions.

I contemplated being a pilot when I was younger. I've always wanted to go to space. Star Wars changed my life.

Champion_of_Capua13 karma

You should play the Mass Effect trilogy if you haven't already.

EricOrman26 karma

Mass Effect 2 was my jam!

hal223 karma

Is acting what you thought it would be? Or is it different and you like it despite being different or maybe it's even better because of that?

I ask because in one comment you said you were in Boardwalk Empire and felt set back in time. But many times I see pictures from the making you see lots and lots of greenscreen shots. When I see the completed thing I think it must be great to be an actor, being at wonderful places etc. Then you get to know that just two people stood in front of a green wall and had to pretend they were at a special location I think that must be extremely hard. (Not just the location aspect but interaction,...)

Thank you, best of luck to you.

EricOrman8 karma

I was originally trained in Theater. So a lot of my connections come from moment to moment basis. The sort of ping-pong that happens in conversation between people. Everyone has feelings, and can sense people and their sort-of 'moves.'

A good director will help you make those connections. I give mad props to the Actor in "Life of Pi" for 1. Being new to Acting and 2. making those real connections with an imaginary tiger.

Check out this interview too; really explains what it's like when it all comes together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm2rtiTnUPw&list=LLsskbeT6V67NUSKRnDk5yKg&index=17

Mikeahya7 karma

Without underscoring the role of training, and its obviously not something you'd fault a guy like Hugh Jackman on ... I'd think there'd be some people who do not, by nature, have the charisma - or even the right look or a combination of all that ( for its an individual's strengths and weaknesses that make em who they are ) - to ever be too convincing or magnetic on screen, despite training.

Its a weird thing. You cant just walk into a court and Lawyer. What are your thoughts on the guys and gals who just show up and 'do' it ?

EricOrman4 karma

Marty Feldman has cool Eyes. Steve Buscemi has unique teeth. I think the "Need to look pretty" thing is too often a cop out.

Hugh Jackman has a lot of training.

Eh. I mean. If what you're doing is working, and you can master all the things that come with that territory, then go for it. Sustaining that 'it' factor is hard to do.

You wonder why there are one-hit wonders. I think the legendary artists go above and beyond to sustain their product by working incredibly hard and mastering their craft.

hmmwellyousee23 karma

What's the best free food you've ever eaten on the job?

EricOrman68 karma

YESSS. Workaholics had bacon wrapped shrimp and rib-eye steak. I was in heaven.

I'm a crafty-holic.

Alysiat2819 karma

If you became a successful character actor, how would you or how do you think you would be typecast?

EricOrman35 karma

Nail in the coffin for this one. I get Steve Zahn as my doppleganger. They say it's my laugh and my chin. But, home-boy has played a variety of characters.

I often get 'the guy next-door' or 'all american.'

My agent just sent me a break-down for a "confident, bold and authoritative, from a place of wisdom, honest and genuine, calm and measured, not overly dramatic."

I think in 2-3 years, I'll have that one down.

I'd like to go as far as having prosthetic applied to alter my physical demeanor. I really look up to Brando, Depp, and Gary Oldman for their transformations.

Alysiat2816 karma

Steve Zahn has had a long, successful career so I suppose this wouldn't be too bad. Your picture struck me as the "nice guy who got dumped" type character, ha ha. Good luck to you with your career.

EricOrman31 karma

Thanks man! I'll take it. #ForeverAlone

LordHussyPants17 karma

Have you seen Rampart? What did you think of it?

EricOrman11 karma

No, I have not. But, I just google'd it. Ben Foster is champ.

GloriaJamesIzHawt14 karma

You would totally hang out with the Workaholics characters if they were real people, right?

EricOrman19 karma


In my travels, I've met very gravitating personalities. Like, people you look at, scratch your head, and say, "Who the heck is this person?" A complex mystery of growing, learning.

I really admire the Workaholics characters for how thought out and precise they are. Very very believable. They have a good thing going.

TheKunit14 karma

Are you to the point where the "f" list is paying the bills or do you have a day job? If so what is it? What would you be doing if you had to drop acting permanently tomorrow?

EricOrman23 karma

Once an actor, always an actor. You could call it a mental addiction, or you could call it insanity. Idk.

Always ready for the call.

So, I've had times where it's been good. Most recently I had a 6 month stint in NYC. Then the industry shut down for a month. (Holidays). It was a good transition to try something different.

I think a good jamble of everything all at once sets you up for that. I had a gig where I was on MTV monday, working a day job tuesday, then doing background work wednesday, auditioning thursday, reading for a scene study class friday, performing in theater on Saturday, back to day job on Sunday. It's just constant madness.

Look at some of the actors when they're giving interviews for things. They get thrown around from gig to gig so rapidly, they take a second to adjust.

"Where am I and what am I doing?" Alright. Lets go.

So yeah. I'd be looking for the next acting opportunity. It's a relentless never-ending search.

UpkeepUntap12 karma

I'm sure you have had your down moments. How did you rebound from any points in your career, so far, where you wanted to give up and get a "9-5" job?

EricOrman10 karma

Glad you asked!

There's many times that I've said, man, I need to have something incredibly stable and routine. Sometimes by choice, sometimes because I need to make enough back to take acting risks.

Over-qualification in the work-place is a problem I sometimes have. With being able to do more than what's asked of me, and the boredom leads to me needing to find some other project. Constantly seeking opportunity. "Oscar Mike" as the marines say. I like to have a lot of different things going all at once. Project to project.

I like variety. I spent a couple years in Los Angeles. Burnt out, and hung with family in Dallas for a couple months. I moved to New York for a year, burnt out, and lived in Dallas for a month.

I'd recommend vacations. Give yourself that much needed break.

poopsnippher12 karma

Does Tina Fey smell like beer?

EricOrman13 karma

I really wish I could let her know, that someone out there in the world, legitimately asked this question. VALID. YOU, sir, PoopSnippher, WIN.

mo0op10 karma

Hey, Eric! Did you know that we totally went to high school together? I'm a big fan of your drive and insatiable pursuit of success. Keep on grindin', brother.

EricOrman19 karma

HEY! What's up?! Haha. Thank you! :D

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." -Mark Twain

HenryHenderson10 karma

Good Morning Eric,

Two questions if I may:

1) Actors always seem to give such effusive praise to one another/directors/crew/writers/production staff in interviews. Why is this? Presumably with one eye on the next job?

2) How prevalent are drugs on set? If you can't answer this for whatever reason, I'll help..press 1 for drug usage similar to Led Zeppelin end of tour party in 1972...press 2 for Pete Doherty 2005 Friday night....press 3 for Seth Rogen and James Franco in pre production to discuss Pineapple Express in early 00's...

Thank you please.

EricOrman12 karma

Hey Henry!

So yeah, I mean. Everyone wants to work. It's kinda like when an actor sees someone, they see there personality. There personality is their business. It's a mutual respect of, "Oh. Ok. You do that thing. I see you." Also, us actors are really good at masking truths (obviously). Some-times I imagine it could be saving-face.

2) Drugs are there. I was lucky to only be exposed to Mary-jane. I think more of that stuff happens at parties. When it's time to work on set, it's the same as a full time job. But yeah, I imagine people might do uppers on 18 hour production days. I've seen a few sketch things on set.

A lot of what you see in movies is the perception of what could be cool. Drugs have a certain stigma. A certain legacy about them. So, you write them into movies to get certain reactions. (Duh)

I will say, I worked on Seth Rogan's 'Untitled Rock Project,' and there are some hilarious moments.

AwwYeahDevin9 karma

What are the workaholics dudes like off the camera?

EricOrman14 karma

Professional. Whole-some down to earth dudes. It's funny, I'm starting to notice in interviews how PC everyone is when asked about other actors. I wrote an analogy about what the industry is to other people.

"How it all works........it's kind of like digging for treasure in The Sahara Desert. Many people are afraid to even start. It's a certain determination to take it all on. But, like the pioneers coming before, it's entirely possible. Maybe one of your projects will land a bigger shovel? It's also quite possible to grow larger muscles, the intellect necessary to hit the right spots. And, if you're lucky, the treasure will come to you. There are a lot of other diggers out there. Mainly everyone wants to work, so people are relatively generous, but there's a few bandits here or there...people willing to will sell their souls for the 'Holy Grail.' It's easy to become tired, lost or quite possibly mad. Finding the right ways to replenish keeps moral high. Take a break, start over, but mainly Keep Digging."

Hope that helps!

dangerdark6 karma

What restaurant do you work at to supplement your income?

EricOrman6 karma

I've worked at a few different restaurants. Turn-over rates at restaurants is pretty high. I've had fairly good relations with the ones I've worked. A lot of the things you pick up in the restaurant industry prepares you for the quickness and ever-changing pace of production. There's a lot of acting involved.

Damngladtomeetyou6 karma

As a college senior who has decided to commit 6 months after graduation to spending pilot season in LA trying out his dream before going into a "real career." What are the first steps I should take? How did you start?

EricOrman6 karma

I had a rad acting coach in LA named Alex Feldman. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0270994/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

He said, don't set yourself a time-line. The exact deadline you give yourself, will sell yourself short. Can really impair your thoughts.

A career takes time. You have to love and nurture that ho.

BUT! I wish you the best! You'll find all your answers, make your decisions.

I would suggest registering with Central Casting, LA Casting, Actors Access. I'd suggest taking classes. Every agent wants to see Improv on a resume. (UCB and 2nd city are cool.) Network, and submit yourself to any and everything like a mad-man. Talk to people, don't come off as desperate. Be yourself. Hustle Hustle Hustle. Enjoy the ride!

I tried to put up as much info as possible about my journey on my website. Check it sometime! www.EricOrman.net

PimpCinnamon5 karma

What was your first gig?

EricOrman10 karma

I was in 6th grade. We had a play for school, written by the music director. Very cheesy stuff. I was supposed to play a helicopter pilot, who rescues everyone from a hairy situation. I went all out. Saved my allowance and bought an army uniform. I had like one line, but I saved everyone, and looked super cool. One of the guys from that play just came out in "Video Game High-School." His name is Joshua Blaylock. We went to elementary school together. Small world, right?


holmesa953 karma

If you answer my question, then you will be the most famous person I have ever spoken to.

My question is, how are you celebrating National Ferris wheel day?

EricOrman7 karma

Floss. Lot's of flossing involved.

ForeverAUnicorn3 karma

Why were your tits so on point?

EricOrman6 karma

I once had a kid call my tits peperoni's. I've been self-conscious ever since. I slyly flicked them before shooting so they could cut ice, if need be.

JustRedditingAlong3 karma

Can I be in a movie with you please?

EricOrman8 karma

Yeah! Let's make it happen!

Zer0Hour13 karma

What movies/shows were the most fun to work on?

What directors did your have your best and worst experiences with?

EricOrman9 karma

I had a lot of fun working on 'Dean' with Demitri Martin and Kevin Kline. I play the 'new family dad' who buys his house(Small part). There was this amazing moment, where they were doing a scene, and I was just chillin on a front lawn in Brooklyn, and the front door opened, and "OOP! THERE'S KEVIN KLINE." Just, ya know, talking to Demitri Martin. No big deal.

Uhh, I really liked working Boardwalk Empire too. We had a couple over-night shoots, where I caught myself believing I was actually living back in time. There sets/costuming were incredibly accurate. A costume director said to me, "Be careful. These shoes are over a hundred years old."

I try to block out the worst experiences? I'd like to work again, so I take the rough days as learning, growing opportunities? My mantra; "A bad day on set is better than a good day at work."

I thought McG was a quirky director. He be killer at comedy.

the_c00ler_king3 karma

What is your favourite type of pie?

EricOrman14 karma


Sgtbuttercup2 karma

Do you have a part-time job while waiting for an acting job? Once you do have an acting job, does it pay you well?

EricOrman3 karma

Yeah. It's kind of a rotation. Where are my finances? Am I getting consistent gigs? Are things slowing down? If so, how will I find a way to pay the bills? Did I make enough to afford this time, and am I using it correctly?

On the business side, it's how long will I hold onto this job? Will the gig that I get pull me away from this Job? Will this job understand if I need to take a break? Will they have a job for me when I get back? If the job doesn't take me back, what other types of jobs will I work?

I try to work 5 days a week, minimum. Time is money.

Sometimes, they pay well. Really depends. Hit and miss, numbers game. Side-note; Actors like to gamble.

zingularity2 karma

What's your networth? What's your annual income?

EricOrman20 karma

"F-list" Actor. I've done some cool things. I haven't bought my Ferrari yet.

BitBotRobot2 karma

why are you seeking attention?

EricOrman7 karma

Honestly, I came home tonight. Had no plans. Enjoy Reddit. And wanted to commit myself to debunking any questions people had about the industry.

There was an post on reddit a couple of months back. It loosely said we're all pretty much just responding to the world around us. We collect data, and we give it back. It's a constant exchange of information.

I hope that this AMA could help create some fun, and maybe answer a few questions. Thanks for asking!

nanyanwu2 karma

I am a huge fan of Miss Fey's work. Can you tell me what are her favorite hobbies?

EricOrman17 karma

I was filming the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and we were in between scenes. During a long lull between takes, I asked Tina Fey for a high five. She was cool with it. I quickly said,"Sorry" out of embarrassment for being so ridiculous. She smirked, and before heading to her mark, replied, "No, you're not."


I only worked a couple days with her. BUT! She was really into writing. In between takes she would type on her laptop. She's VERY organized, VERY creative, and VERY on top of her game. I really respect her.

DullestWall2 karma

How did you figure out you were F-list specifically? Why not E-list or P-list?

EricOrman4 karma

Well. In scholastic grades, there was the A,B,C,D,E,F categories. I figured I was no-where near a bankable star(A or B list). So F-List? ...Sounds kinda dirty.

crayingmantis1 karma

What kind of cheese is the moon?

EricOrman2 karma


aaronthenia1 karma

What actor/actress inspires you?

EricOrman1 karma

Philip Seymour Hoffman. Gene Wilder. Ingrid Bergman. Paul Muni. Don Cheadle. Scoot McNairy. Elizabeth Taylor. Charlton Heston. (I could talk actors for hours, so I'll cut the list short)

There's a lot of un-"Famous" actors, and someone also said, who have been in the game for years, and just self-lessly act because they love it. Those guys/gals are my heroes.

Also, I was really blown away by Joseph Gordon Levitt. I worked with him on Untitled Rock Project. I always had a hard time buying into that guys act. It seemed a little too good to be true? But, wow. That guy has it together. (Also, go watch Hesher)

I also really dig music. I'd love to hang with Thom Yorke and Norah Jones.

aaronthenia1 karma

Thanks for the answer! My followup question is, what's your favorite curse word?

EricOrman2 karma


This helped my appreciation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EXqPriuHHI

tysonmoorewood1 karma

So, I work on movie sets. I have no interest in doing it or being on camera, it's just kinda something I stumbled onto to pay bills. I ran into one of my friends from way back in the day who went from being an extra to Ed helms' stand in. He claimed that being a stand in was better than being an extra. In your experience, is that true?

EricOrman2 karma

Great question!

So, I mentioned earlier that there was a hierarchy. Some people can claim being a stand-in is better because you're closer to production, they know your name, and you get paid more.

BUT. You're contracted with them until production closes.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are people who ditch for better opportunities, but that can also work against you.

Being an extra is cool sometimes because you have the flexibility to be contracted in for a specific time. (1 day, maybe 3, sometimes more). You can juggle auditions well.

Being a member of SAG-AFTRA, and if you land a kush extra gig, then sometimes it pays more than being a stand-in on a smaller production.

The swat team guys for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made BANK. (Bumps and bonuses for weapons and uniforms, smoke on set, etc etc.)

So really. The golden rule of acting; Hustle, hustle, hustle. Go with what works for you, and what feels right.

TheCanadianViking751 karma

Any cool stories from the set of "Boardwalk Empire"?

EricOrman0 karma

Yeah! Ok. So, we had paparazzi there the last day. Home-boy from ghetty images was snappin away. He was pretty chill and hid from frame when rolling.

Also, in the middle of the night in the Far Rockaways, NYC, there was this dude...I swear he was drunk or desperate for attention, carrying a flag, and shouting things. He ran across the beach, and everyone was so incredibly tired, we all were just like, "Ughhhh....freakin idiot." And the moment passed.

kaydeejay1 karma

New and aspiring actor here... I need a lot of advice on how I should start my career. Any help?

EricOrman5 karma

Go get it, and stay hungry.

Do everything in your possibility to try and let people know your abilities. Network, study, read, learn, grow, adapt, search, create. Anything with the word acting, on near or above, go do it.

ChrisCGray1 karma

How many fellow actors do you see in the industry that have realistic expectations of what their careers will be in the industry?

Are there more dreamers or realists? I don't mean people won't "make it", moreso being able to make a living.

EricOrman2 karma

There are many different personalities on different walks of their journey. You see all different types.

The cool thing too, is sometimes those pins and needles are beneficial to the specific character they're looking for. I had an acting coach, Alex Feldman, show me a quote from one of his mentors.

"If it's human, it shouldn't be foreign to an actor."

rsong9651 karma

What's your day job?

EricOrman3 karma

It varies. Actors need, what they call a "Flexible job." A job that allows them to go gig when they are called.

I had an AWESOME manager in Los Angeles who understood what I was trying to do. In repayment, I would work incredibly hard to show that I was worth the extra time.

I've dip'd and dabbled in catering. They usually ask you weeks in advanced if you're capable to work certain dates. I've waited tables too - played the politics game to have shift coverage's.

And, I mean, if you're lucky, you'll get a gig that puts you in the green, far enough ahead, that you can take time to look for the next gig. When these big budget actors get millions of dollars for a gig, they're also, hopefully, investing in the next production. I think Brad Pitt produced "The Assasination of Jesse James." Cost him a pretty penny.

Currently, I'm working as a contracted photographer, and in the second round call-backs for a paid theater gig.

teakettle31 karma

Good. Keep living the delusional dream?

EricOrman2 karma

Just a game, to keep moving within. Why do people play basketball? Because it's fun, and you can learn something new.

Same thing goes for acting. I enjoy it.

viJJJi19891 karma

I've always been a natural at the Dramatic arts, I was great at it in High School and loved it...but lots touch with it throughout the years. I've always had a talent for projecting my voice, being funny, portraying emotions, public speaking, but what else do you need to stand out? Individuality? A certain charm or characteristic? Do you have any advice for an aspiring actor who hasn't even slightly began his career? Where should I start? Where should I go for opportunity? (geographically).

I'm just so god damn lazy and I've slumped into a mediocre 9-5. I need to be inspired, show me the way!

PS- sorry if this question was all over the place, been drinking.

EricOrman1 karma

Constantly create a body of work.

Man, if I knew what the 100% panty dropper was, then I'd be using it right now.

I'd say, just get after it. Go, go go. Stand up comedy, once a week. Improv, once a week. Go see a show. Go audition.

Eventually through the trials, errors, and repetition, you start to see the patterns, and what works best.

I wish you the best of luck! :D

nyr13991 karma

Did you meet Joey Longstreet while shooting UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT?

EricOrman2 karma

Not familiar with the characters names. Funny thing, the more into production you get, the harder it is to keep up with these televisions series. There an incredible time commitment.

I was working with Jon Hamm and Tim Blake Nelson.

Jon was freaking destroying his role (in all the right way). After watching madmen I didn't know he had such a swing for comedy.

Tim Blake Nelson was OG status. He knew the beat before it even got there.

Very cool experience to see the pro's work. It's contagious. Just seeing them work gave me perspective.

Cloobert1 karma

What does Blake Anderson smell like? I would imagine it's somewhere along the lines of pot brownies + what dreams are made of.

EricOrman3 karma

I had only seen one episode before my day on set. I walked up to him, right away, because he looked like he could hang(not realizing he was a lead). He had an afro, so I said, "Cool hair." He laughed, and said, "It's a wig." Not getting the reference to an earlier show, I replied, "Cool wig."


antihexe1 karma

You make any money doing that?

EricOrman4 karma

There's some money. It's something.

And when there's lots of money, Agents come into play. Sharks.

Fl3xor0 karma

Do you ever get called Eric Oreskin?

EricOrman1 karma

I've been called Eric Forman before. #That70sShow