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The department which deals with the banned books process has suggested that anyone buying the book from overseas and bringing it into NZ(even for private use) contacts a lawyer first because they don't know how the law can be applied.

Since it's a $3,000 fine or something, easier to just wait until October to read it.

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Ha, cheers!

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Have you seen Rampart? What did you think of it?

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Transferrable voting won't work unless the entire system of elections is overhauled. It works in other countries because the head of the winning party becomes the leader, but America runs two houses and a separate election entirely for President.

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I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know. Following a path of logic, I'd think that those buyers would be outside the country, and could only be prosecuted if they came here.

The receivers shouldn't be liable, but if they were found to have organised the purchases, that would be distribution.

I don't know how lawyers/Govt would see it.