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Is it really voluntary though? If it's a rite of passage within a tribe then the option is either do it or be shunned by your only community.

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Huh, honestly being an extra is the easiest job I've ever had. You sit around talking for a while, then go stand somewhere for a little bit until they get that angle, then sit down some more while they set up the next shot or scene. Rinse, wash, repeat. Loads of overtime and a slightly better wage than most crappy service jobs. They scheduled a bus from the city out to the location and gave us breakfast and a lunch/dinner so there were no transport or food bills for that job either!

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---Alves----------Hierro-------Roberto Carlos---

----------------Xabi Alonso-----------------





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I never realized they were brother and sister, them some good genetics! For anyone who doesn't know Victoria Coren-Mitchell is a two time European Poker Tour winner, author, and TV host of a ridiculously difficult quiz show called Only Connect. Their father was a humorist, magazine editor and regular TV panelist.

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Well he did beat Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Floyd Jr.'s dad and coach who is the biggest influence on his defensive style).