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Everybody remembers him as a nice science guy who had cool lessons when they were kids. People who grew up watching him have, in the past 5-10 years, started to be nostalgic about him. Nye rides this wave of resurgent popularity and boosted his career. He (or his agent/manager/team) decided that these days people want to see people who are extreme right or left leaning and since science is politicized, they decided Bill Nye would be a good voice to connect with Millennials, who they think are all extremely left leaning individuals.

So instead of being the nice PBS kids show host, he decides to become an asshole and voice for the extreme left leaning scientific community. People accepted it for a little while until they realized that this guy: loves to speak on subjects he has no background in, wants to debate childishly, and is an egotistical asshole.

He could've been the Mr. Rogers of Science but he became the Bill Nye of Assholes.

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I hate this "pick a side and fuck everyone else" world we live in. The entertainment industry encourages it thinking that's what everybody wants but they should know there are a lot of people in the middle who don't want biased information and heated rhetoric.

I mean this guy in particular was famous for being on a kid's tv show. No one wants to see Levar Burton and Mr. Rogers (RIP) be an asshole.

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