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It's always fun sitting in a jury room trying to explain to these fucktards the difference between what they feel and what they know.

I sat voir dire for 4 days. on a highly publicized double murder trial, and ended up getting struck at the last minute. Some of these people they kept were flat out liars, claiming they had no knowledge of the crime beforehand (I knew this guy was lying because his job meant there was no way he didn't know the accused, and it's a pretty small town.) It seems like they also ended up keeping the dumbest ones out there too. They had to try the case 3 times, because the first two ended in a hung jury. I was so angry about it.

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I’m a firm believer that if you do what you love for a living then what you love just becomes work. I’ve always enjoyed keeping work and play separate rather than combined.

How do you find (and I’m not sure the technical term here) lyrical syllabic stanzas? that fit in the melodic/rhythmic sequences. Like Tool is known for their syncopated lyrics & rhythm, and All I want for Christmas is clearly traditional (though faster than 2/4 I think) on beat rhythm.

I’m not even sure if my question makes sense, but hopefully.

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If you became a successful character actor, how would you or how do you think you would be typecast?

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Hi Sara! Do you still feel immense pressure to stay thin in Hollywood in order to get the parts you want or has that pressure subsided some since you have made a name for yourself?

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Steve Zahn has had a long, successful career so I suppose this wouldn't be too bad. Your picture struck me as the "nice guy who got dumped" type character, ha ha. Good luck to you with your career.