In the askreddit sub, the question was something along the lines of "What is something you do that's a big "Fuck you" to society?" and I explained that I work odd jobs and hitchhike to fuel my travels, It gained some interest and I was asked to do an AMA, so here I am!

I started about a year ago from Michigan, made my way down to Florida and stayed with my brother for a few months, then hitched my way from Florida, back home for a week in Michigan, then all the way west and up the west coast. I'm soon headed to Australia after I get the visa situation worked out and a few other things, and I'm hoping to get a job on a ship to get me to South East Asia and beyond.

I've been a lot of amazing places already, and met a lot of incredible souls, it's been a blessing and I don't plan on stopping for some time, AMA! My Proof:

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Edit: For those asking for social media my IG is @ConnG14, it won't be crazy wild exciting for a couple months or so though

Edit: You guys rock, I had a lot of fun answering your questions, I hope I inspired at least one of you to take the leap of faith and begin your own journey. Inbox me any more questions you may have, it may take me a minute to answer, but I'll get to them. I swears.

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sexquipoop69258 karma

have you ever met my buddy Brandon? He has been doing this for more than 10 years. He knows everybody.

Sandmaster14141 karma

Sadly no, but one day our paths may cross!

Glfpunk186 karma

In your travels as a hitch hiker, have you ever been faced with someone violent that picked you up? If so, how did you get out of the situation?

Sandmaster14266 karma

I actually have not, I've been pretty fortunate, but honestly I feel like that's a misconception about hitching, I've definitely gotten some weirdos, but I've never once felt in danger. Most of the time it's someone who used to hitch, or wants to live vicariously through me, hear my stories, that type of thing.

light24bulbs138 karma

Yeah, i've hitched about 3000 miles in the us and only had one situation where I was sketched out, and it was sexually. But i could tell I wasn't in danger, not really. Sketchy drivers are the scary part. Btw i have a similar lifestyle to you. Cudos

Sandmaster14113 karma

Nice! PM me, we can maybe cross paths some day

frank_mania51 karma

I clocked over 50k by thumb in the US and Canada in the '70s and '80s (mostly the 80s). There were legions of kids doing it in the '70s, by the time I was doing it 5-10 years later, it was a recent enough phenomenon for most folks to be comfortable with, but uncommon enough that I never had to wait long for a ride--plus, I was a very fresh-faced, slim youngster, neither dirty- nor threatening-looking, despite my long hair and colorful garb. I pick kids up today whenever I have the chance, and hear tales of 3-day waits! What's the longest you've been stuck in one place?

Sandmaster149 karma

Just a day and a morning. Most rides come quickly though, 30 minutes or so. I bet you've got a lot of stories, man!

Amphibialrabies6919 karma

I guess you've never heard of the highway of tears in Canada. I wouldn't exactly go parading around saying that hitch hiking doesn't have it's dangers

Sandmaster14231 karma

I know it's dangerous, I'm not ignorant to the dangers, but there's also school shootings.. Should kids not go to school? Idk man, I just suggest people not live in fear of something that rarely happens

Hawbe128 karma

One of my main concerns is how do you deal with personal hygiene on the road? Is it more of a 'fuck it' attitude and you never wash, or do you seek places to shower/wash and launder your clothes?

How do you think your personal hygiene effects your interactions with other people? (especially people who have to deal with you sitting in a car with you!)

  • An experienced traveller/backpacker and newly aspiring vagabond departing in a few weeks.

Sandmaster14162 karma

Congrats on starting your journey! I am a rare clean hobo. I mean yes you may go a while without a shower, but I brush my teeth as often as I would at home, and keep wet wipes in my pack for if I go a little while without a shower. I do seek out places to bathe though, rivers and streams are a powerful experience, but using Tinder has given me some luck with that, as well as outdoor showers along beaches, and laundromats along the way.

214b119 karma

Isn't tinder a dating app? Do you pick up girls with the intention of using their shower?

Sandmaster14234 karma

It is for dating, but I don't try to pick them up. I just send them a message that I'm traveling and looking for a couch for the night, it's the best use of that app I've found. haha It has a better success rate than sites like couchsurfing for me.

pHreaksYcle175 karma


Sandmaster1491 karma

I'd like to think so, haha

sisterchromatid66 karma

Hey, I haven't hitched or traveled in a few years, but I had a ton of luck getting free showers at larger truck stops. Lots of truckers use their company credit cards to fuel up, and many truck stops offer rewards or points for money spent on fuel, food, etc. So I would hang out by the point redeeming stations, and ask the truckers if they could spare a few points to get me a shower. Truckers tend to be really decent folk, and they'd laugh when I made jokes about bein' tired of smelling bad. I've gotten dozens and dozens of free showers that way. And the showers are always super clean and you get a couple of plush, freshly laundered towels and sample size soaps and shampoos.

Sandmaster1431 karma

I've had luck schmoozing the gas station ladies, but I'll keep this in mind!

whitepaddedwalls105 karma

Ever hit someone, who claimed to be Jesus, over the head with the blunt side of a hatchet?

Sandmaster14147 karma


kcolrehs100 karma

What kind of gear do you travel with? Backpack, boots, tent, etc.?

Sandmaster14239 karma

I bought a backpack from a army surplus place, they're much cheaper than the backpacking packs you see that come to mind, and for me, much better. I use a Hennessy Hammock which has a bug net/rain fly and that keeps me off the ground as well, I slide a thermal pad into that and I'm cozy as can be, I like it more than some beds! I've got a solar charger, water filter, couple knives, a propane stove thing(very small) a nice sleeping bag, journal, and some needles/floss for patching things.

I grew up skateboarding, and have always been most comfortable in skate shoes, but they're not too practical, so I found a perfect balance in the Emerica Reynolds LX, which is basically a boot.

I also don't like shoes unless I need them, when I was in southern california I didn't wear shoes for 2 months probably

PounderMcNasty98 karma

I hitchhiked around in Alaska. It was fun until the bears. Have you had any wildlife scares?

Sandmaster14126 karma

I woke up a few feet away from a skunk, and I was in my hammock so I couldn't do much but wait til it left. Other than that nope, I've been fortunate so far, I don't think I'll have the same luck in Australia, but we'll see..

SinI5TeR102 karma

You won't have to worry about large predators in Aus, but with a hammock you're probably leaving your boots on the floor, and there are all kinds of venomous snakes, spiders, etc, you definitely have to worry about.

Sandmaster1492 karma

Great tip! I'll definitely be hanging my boots now. Thanks, man!

ThisVersionOfMyself54 karma

Be careful about eating any wild berries. =P

Sandmaster1483 karma

I'll never be as ill-prepared as that man was.

ErikThe95 karma

How do you find the jobs you do? What's the weirdest place you've slept? How did you decide to start this adventure?

Sandmaster14183 karma

Great questions, I find the jobs through being an extrovert, and using craigslist. I'll go to the lawncare ads and ask if they need help, but most of the jobs i've gotten have been through just meeting people. I make simple hemp jewelry that I can sell for some quick cash in touristy places, and that also helps me meet amazing people that hook me up with work.

The weirdest place I've slept? I definitely have been in some cool places, abandoned buildings, under waterfalls, etc. My favorite I'd say was either up by the Hollywood sign in LA, because of the most gorgeous view of the city lights at night, or in a random abandoned shipping container I found.

I decided to start this when I finally gave into my dream and took it, I've wanted to do this for quite some time but life pushed me in different directions, I finally said "alright fuck it, I need to do this for myself."

Thanks for asking!

sisterchromatid84 karma

I had a lot of luck asking to do cleaning and laundry at mom n' pop type motels. They always need someone to wash bedding and towels. A lot of the time they'll put you up in a room, as well.

Sandmaster1485 karma

Holy great idea, Batman!

Beansareno126 karma

So you just ask people if they got some work for you, and then they have one? Thats' pretty fascinating. Also, what does "odd jobs" entail? Some examples?

Sandmaster1460 karma

Well people know people, it's not always the immediate person. But farming work, cutting lawns, harvesting crops, etc.

MuffinMasochist90 karma

How do you get on reddit and other internet things? Smartphone? Libraries?

Sandmaster1487 karma

Both, I use wifi at coffee shops and fast food joints too

Barbara_Booey79 karma

What about sex? Can you tell us about the people that you've hooked up with and where you did it?

Sandmaster14236 karma

Well honestly the app Tinder was really awesome for finding places to sleep if needed. I'd just message "Hey, I'm traveling through your area and am looking for a couch to stay on, if you know anyone let me know! Here's my social media information so you can do some stalking before hand." or something along those lines, and that'd work more often than couchsurfing or whatever that other site is. But obviously that lead to things a couple times.

I also went to an aforementioned music festival in Colorado which lead to one of the best sexual experiences of my young life, it was one of those times that you're with someone hanging out and everything's just going right, doesn't feel real, it's like it was supposed to happen. We had sex in her tent on an air mattress, which wasn't particularly romantic or anything, but it was phenomenal. Sadly I did not get her contact info, which has bothered me since, but maybe it was better that way.. Who knows.

Barbara_Booey29 karma

wow, that's a great story!

Sandmaster1453 karma

Thanks! Glad I have the opportunity to share with strangers. The internet is a wonderful thing.

butterday60 karma


Sandmaster14159 karma

Do I think a female would be more in danger? Yes and no. Yes because you will definitely get rides from creepy dudes, it's a guarantee. I say no because in honesty, they're just creepy dudes. I think the possibility of getting hurt by a stranger, or raped by a stranger etc. would be the same for males or females.

Now I will stress that instincts and street smarts are the most important tools a traveler can have. I've turned down rides because of a feeling I've gotten, and you can't be afraid to do that. As far as precautions go I have an accessible knife in my side pocket at all times, but honestly other than using it as a tool, I doubt seriously that I'll ever have to use it to protect myself. The world is dangerous, yes. I'm not ignorant to that, but at the same time, living in fear of it, is to me, no way to live.

butterday17 karma


Sandmaster1415 karma

Of course!

Moizyyy16 karma

The second paragraph is the most amazing thing I've read in a while.

Sandmaster1413 karma


deadendy51 karma

Have you ever regretted living life like this?

Sandmaster14115 karma

I had ONE awful couple of days in Nebraska, I really hate that state now(Sorry Nebraskins). It was rainy and no one was really pleasant, most were methy where I was, on top of that It took me 2 days to get a ride out of this town. That was the only time I ever went "God damnit I maybe don't like this life"

Other than that, it's the happiest and most free I've ever felt. Truly I wouldn't trade this for anyone elses life. So fulfilling, so wondrous

deadendy15 karma

Best of luck with your future adventures.

Sandmaster1417 karma

Thanks, brother!

NaturalisticAsHell47 karma

Have you heard of the Rainbow Gathering? They are held all over the world and it sounds like you might dig it the most....

Sandmaster1444 karma

I have! I met so many people that really recommend them, but I haven't gotten to one yet, I'm sure I will though!

heiberdee238 karma

Followed your comments in the "Fuck You" thread. Good on ya for following a dream. What/how much do you usually eat in a day?

Sandmaster1480 karma

I keep a jar of peanut butter, and a thing of 20 tortillas in my bag, which I've come to love. That's honestly a main source of food for me, I'll put nutella or raisins in it, sometimes jam if I have it. Protein bars/granola for snacks, lots of water, and a mcchicken or something while using wifi/charging phone mid day. That's when I'm moving. If I'm staying somewhere and working and have a steady income I'll eat more. I realize it sure isn't the healthiest, but I have energy, and I feel good, so for me that's fine.

GooseRace11 karma

How much cash do you usually have to your name at any point in time?

Sandmaster1428 karma

Couple hundred bucks

xthenighty6 karma

Actually while reading this I thought you're living a pretty healthy style of life.

Usually and most of all during summer I'm not that kind of lazy guy but when I think of what I'm doing most of the time I definitely have a lack of motion in my life somehow as I'm sitting around on a computer all day, at work as in private.

I'd have a guess you do not even smoke or dring a lot... right? (that was the one for the top-level question ;).) I'd rate myself in bad habits worse than I'd imagine you have to rate yourself, so protein bars with peanut butter/nutella an lots of water sure won't kill u, dude!

What just comes to my mind: do u know how to fish? A small traveling fishing-rod would be a cool item in your backpack and gives u nice protein, too.

Also it's super fun to catch your own meal!

Sandmaster1412 karma

I've thought about getting at least some fishing line, that's a killer idea. But nope, I don't drink or smoke. If it can benefit me spiritually I'll experiment with psychedelics but never for simple recreation. The ones I've met with substance problems have it much harder, I must say

allthemuffins37 karma

Ooh where in Michigan? If you end up back in the mitten at any point, I'll buy you a beer so I can hear more stories.

What's the kindest thing anyone's done for you while you were on the road? Have you ever had to keep moving while physically ill?

Sandmaster1448 karma

I'm in Michigan now for the Holidays, Utica area!

But the kindest thing? You know there's been a lot, just trusting me and letting me into their vehicle is a huge deal. I really make sure they know how much I appreciate them, because they do have to take a risk. I make sure they never regret it. I've had people that picked me up try giving me cash, which I won't take until it's one of those "NO YOU'RE TAKING IT" type of deals. Some will, after spending some time with me let me crash at their house, do laundry, shower, etc. I've also had long stays with people that are also traveling.

I was on an amazing hippie bus for a long stretch for instance, they let me crash in it, we shared food and money/busking skills. It was amazing and I'll never forget those people

allthemuffins11 karma

I have no idea where Utica is. I don't venture from the west shore area very often.

Sandmaster1418 karma

Metro-Detroit, If I head west I'll let you know!

FunctionallyInsane36 karma

I have a few questions...

  • What is the socio-economic status of your family/parents?
  • How is your relationship with them?
  • What race/ethnicity are you?
  • Do you panhandle/beg for money?

Sandmaster149 karma

They're lower middle class

My relationship with them is great, truly.



onnoj81736 karma

where's the weirdest place you've had to poop?

Sandmaster1457 karma

Hah! I'm fairly good at holding it until I get somewhere comfortable, but my favorite was overlooking beautiful coast line in Big Sur, California. That by the way is my favorite place I've been. That coast line and hiking is indescribable.

RandomGuyAppears29 karma

That whole coastal side of California is just a beautiful place. I drove from San Fran to La on rt one. Took quite a bit of time but I wanted to take my time and stopped where I wanted and such. Good luck on your travels! And here's one of the pictures I took while traveling on rt one.

Sandmaster1424 karma

Yeah I got lucky and climbed aboard a repurposed bus that was traveling up the coast. A brother/sister whom were traveling together. We took the 1 all the way up and spent a weekish camping along the coast. That place is heaven I swear. Every turn out was just as beautiful as the last.

RandomGuyAppears4 karma

There were so many places I stopped at. I wish I would've made a better log of what I did so I could go back to visit. Sometime in the near future i'd like to take another trip down rt one again.

Sandmaster146 karma

Yeah I'm not a great picture taker. It doesn't help that I lost my phone down a hundred foot waterfall along the 1 though either, A bunch of the ones I did take were gone.

Battl3gn0m334 karma

How did you get started? How did you prepare yourself to become what you are today? And what where were you expecting to end up when you started?

Sandmaster1448 karma

After a long time I finally bought a backpack, my parents gifted me things last christmas(Hammock, Sleepingbag, water filter) and I was on my way.

I left with an open agenda though, I knew there was places I really wanted to see, but other than those destinations I left it up to the universe. I wanted to see the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, LA, San Fran, Colorado, etc. I never went west of the Mississippi river before this, so it was mostly things out west I desired to adventure to.

mr_gila27 karma

Ever get into any crazy or otherwise dangerous situations whilst travelling?

Sandmaster14127 karma

This is by far the most embarrassing part of my trek, I was camping up in the Sierras in NorCal and I ended up burning an 8th of an acre down, I had a small cooking/warming fire going for maybe 4 or 5 hours, and got too comfortable. I rolled over and thought I fell asleep and woke up because everything got so bright, but it was because it spread onto some grass, which made it's way to a bush. I put the water I had on it and threw my blanket over it but the oils on the bush made it impossible to put out. After moving all of my stuff(which some got ashes on) I ran as fast as I could to the nearest house to call the Fire Department. They showed up, put it out quickly, and were really awesome guys, they said it happens almost daily and because I was so honest they weren't going to do anything about it. I'm from Michigan and I'm used to the humid air, but California really WANTS to burn.. I still feel like a moron because I've had so many fires, I'm ashamed typing it honestly.. haha

Other than that you'll be surprised to know I've only been into one real altercation with another person, where I went to go pee in Golden Gate Park(where I was staying for about a month) and I turn around to see a tweaker going through my backpack. I went up to him fuming and said something like "So dude, find anything good?" He was so out of it that he was like "nah not yet!" I was like "dude, this is my fucking bag, are you serious?" and he got up with something of mine in his hand. I was so pissed I ended up dropping him, I grabbed whatever it was, and grabbed my pack and left.

I never leave my stuff unattended, it was a fluke and I am not proud of it.

fat_ass_mcgee26 karma

Can you give the best life lesson you've learned on the road from a unique individual? Being nomadic seems like a great time.

Sandmaster1494 karma

The best life lesson I've learned was from a 80+ year old war veteran, he drove me through Colorado for maybe 3 or 4 hours and was such a pleasant man. He told me something along the lines of "Never let fear dictate your actions, if you can do that, you're ahead of 90% of men in the world." and I really liked that. People tell me "Well aren't you afraid of getting murdered?" Well, no. The chances of someone picking up a stranger with a backpack, just to murder them is almost nothing, I'd never live my life in fear of that. Now I do play things smart, I trust instincts and take the safe route a lot of the time, but I don't let it control me.

CommonsCarnival22 karma

Do you believe if you were a 'minority', such as black or Mexican, would be it harder to obtain odd-jobs and generally rely on the support of strangers?

Sandmaster1452 karma

Sadly, yes I do think it would be harder. We live in a really imperfect world and I know I'm fortunate to have the circumstances that I have for what I want to do. I know that if you're a genuine good person, and want to do what I'm doing, it can be done, and the universe will provide no matter what circumstances are surrounding the traveling soul.

Secret_Squirrel42021 karma

How did you fund this?

Sandmaster1439 karma

I saved a little bit, but not too much. I've worked along the way here and there like I said though, and I make simple jewelry to sell in touristy areas. Also trading is huge in this lifestyle

Iwishmynamewasclever20 karma

Hey man, from the sounds of it what you're doing is pretty rad.

I'm getting ready to do what you're doing in 5 months or so, but starting in France, and then working my way over to Southern Asia and to Australia. I have a good amount of money saved up. I'm from the states but am cooking here until June, at which point I'll pick up my backpack and leave. I'm 21, haven't done this before, but have wanted to for a while. The more I work, the more I realize I just want to travel, but a part off me is slightly anxious about being ready. What did you do to prepare yourself mentally/physically for the trip?

I see you mentioned tinder as a way to find places to crash over websites like couchsurfing, have you found any other good practices for this?

How much money would you say you spend in one day on average? And on what?

Do you generally look for specific work when you look, and then broaden your search if you can't find anything? Or do you consider any and all work? How long do these gigs usually last?

What has been your best experience so far? And your worst?

Have you found that there are any obscure small tools/items that have helped you out on your trip? If you had to pick 5 things other than the clothes on your back, what would they be?

Have you lost weight since you started your journey?

Thanks for doing this AMA btw.

Sandmaster1431 karma

I love the questions mate, hope my answers satisfy.


1: To be honest, you'll probably never feel "ready" I think it's similar to people having kids, like no body is really ready to take that plunge, but you can prepare yourself. For me it came to a point where I was like "god damnit I've talked about this for months, things have gotten in the way and I'm not letting them anymore."

2:Honestly Tinder has had the best luck for me, I mention that I'm traveling and always looking to share stories and looking for a couch. If they swipe right then they either want me(because they saw my picture and didn't care about the bio enough to read it) or they read it and found it interesting. However I know couchsurfing and hostels are more a thing in Europe, but I don't yet have that experience to share.

3:Maybe 5 bucks on average, sometimes none, sometimes 10. It's usually just a sandwich of sorts while I charge up and use wifi.

4:I let work come to me much of the time, I really like the jewelry. I can make that 5 or 10 bucks easily in an hour if I'm in a touristy place. If you have any musical skill that will work wonders too. Meeting people and word of mouth/simply asking and using CL is the best way to find something. Sometimes it's just a day of mowing lawn for 30 bucks, sometimes it's a month of working on a farm, it all depends.

5:Best? That's tough, because every day is a beautiful one, honestly. Even the bad ones. Worst was either the panic of the fire I set(mentioned in a thread somewhere here) or my shitty couple of days in Nebraska(also in a thread somewhere).

6:I really think having a needle and thread is smart, quick patch jobs and I actually patched a jacket with t-shirts and things I got along the way. Also something from a loved one. Just a little something you can have with you to remind you that you're loved. I had a couple things and it was nice.

7:I have actually, but it's muscle mass. going from working out before I left to just walking and eating less has gotten 10 pounds off me, I still feel healthy though.

Thanks for asking, man!

angelhart117720 karma

Do you get laid? Or just resort to fapping?

Sandmaster1451 karma

I do, not super often but I do. Fapping is kind of difficult considering the cirCUMstances, but I won't ever say I don't.

space_tiburon20 karma

I'm probably way late to this party, but who knows?

I've traveled extensively on my own dime for several years and I've never even thought about hitchhiking. Any advice you'd give to a 22 year-old girl that has an adventure addiction?

Sandmaster1422 karma

Come with me.

Nah in all seriousness just trust your instincts, I've said it 10 times in this thread but I can not stress it enough. If you've traveled a bit already then you've got what it takes

space_tiburon20 karma

Need a travel buddy? Don't tempt me, I'm in a place to jump ship and travel again. I'd say I'm joking, but I'm not. Lol

Sandmaster1416 karma

Pm me, ya never know!

KingScrapMetal21 karma

I want this to happen and then you guys come back in like 6-10 months and tell everyone of your adventures together.

PandasAteMyKoala11 karma

And invites for all of us to the wedding.

Sandmaster144 karma

I'll invite you all if it happens.

Rhaegarion18 karma

So what is the life of Jack Reacher like?

Sandmaster1417 karma

I've had like 7 redditors mention him, and sadly I have never read the books, but it sounds like it's right up my ally!

bewbs_magee17 karma

Being a fellow michigander, I'm totally envious.

Do you ever get lonely?

Also if you ever make your way to seattle hit me up :) or Thailand, I know some great places there haha

Sandmaster1427 karma

There's times of loneliness, but honestly I'm pretty good alone. I'm an extrovert, and can talk to anyone/like having company, but alone is good for me. It's almost a spiritual thing.

But I will! Especially for Thailand. I'm not sure when I'll be in Seattle, but I KNOW I'll get to Thailand.

bewbs_magee8 karma

Awesome. Thanks for doing an ama! You're never going to want to leave Thailand. It's an incredible place

Sandmaster1411 karma

So I've heard! I met this girl in Oakland area, California and she was a huge factor in my desire to go there. She made it seem like such a haven, I'm really pumped for that leg of my journey.

Funklord_Earl14 karma

You ever met a banjo playing dude in his twenties traveling with a dog?

Sandmaster1416 karma

Someone asked me that in the thread yesterday. I haven't unfortunately, I met a banjo dude in his 20s with a bus? but he didn't have a dog with him.

ThankTheCreator11 karma

Are you meditating?

Sandmaster1410 karma

Once a week I'd say.

TrulsTheAss10 karma

What are your next travelplans for the next couple of years/months? I read that you were going to Australia, but what are your plans when you get there? (If you got any at all) I love your lifestyle and aspire to do the same one day.

Sandmaster1413 karma

Well after the Holidays mid January I'm headed back to California to work a bit, then in Marchish/April I'm going to head to Australia, depending on the visa I get I'll spend my time traveling through there, MAYBE getting to NZ as well if I can find a way to get there cheap enough. From there I want to find work on a ship of some sorts, or maybe even stow away somehow(don't tell my mom) and get to South East Asia. Thailand is a big destination and Tibet eventually. Who knows from there, Really who knows after Australia, I let things come to me.

sqwibb10 karma

When do you plan on stopping? Any long term life goals? Have you ever had problems getting the things you need like food/water?

Sandmaster1417 karma

I don't have a plan to stop, but I'd like to publish an autobiography/ book about my travels, and start a non-profit of some sort. Maybe a clothing company for the foster programs or something along those lines. I haven't yet had those problems though, knock on wood!

arkhamandcheese8 karma

Where in Australia are you landing? Do you read up much on places before you get there or take it in on a whim? How do you handle winter?

P.S. Based in Sydney's inner-city so if you need a place to crash, feel free.

Sandmaster1411 karma

I try to stay in warm places, I'm not a winter guy, it's nice being able to be like "Okay, I'm cold, I'm going south." like birds do. But most likely one of the big cities, Melbourne or Sydney. I haven't booked a flight yet. But I'll save your comment and keep you in mind though, thanks!

doopercooper7 karma

What are your plans in Australia? How long are you going to stay and are you getting a Work Holiday visa or just a visitor visa?

Sandmaster148 karma

I just applied for both, if I can get the work one that'd be best, I know someone in Sydney that said they could hook me up with a job, but we'll see. My plans are to surf and see what there is to see. I really let the universe guide me as much as I can while still being prepared.

rohitknhs7 karma

What's the oddest job you have ever done?

Sandmaster1422 karma

I haven't done too many odd ones, I got picked up by a couple in Nebraska that were headed to ARISE music festival to volunteer, they said "Hey, if you want to join us, you're welcome to, volunteers get in free!" after a few hours of getting to know each other of course. So I did, it was on a commune in Colorado and that was an amazing time, that was odd because it was so random and free, but after a full day of work I went to the commune(which was semi-separate from the festival) and asked if anyone there needed any help, they were said in a sarcastic tone "Sure, we need someone to shovel cow shit", to which I said alright I can do that. He looked at me sideways, but he actually needed to do it. I did some of that, which was gnarly, but afterward I got to eat with them and shower in their facilities, it was nice.

SeymourWG7 karma

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone who's looking for an adventure like yours?

Sandmaster1420 karma

Best piece of advice I'd give you, is to jump. Take the leap of faith. Delaying for this reason or that will make you go from "oh I'll go in a month" to "after I graduate" to "after I retire". The "real" world isn't going anywhere, and if you don't like it, then you, as a human being, will get it figured out.

That's my piece of advice, well that, and everybody wang chung tonight.

honusthegrif7 karma

Are you able to keep up with pop culture or do you find yourself in front of a tv every few years wondering who the hell the kardashians are?

Sandmaster1435 karma

Well I haven't been gone for long enough to not know who they are.. I do fall back on what the popular show is, and newest annoying radio hit is, But what I find fascinating is that people truly care about them. The celebrity worship was something I didn't really think about until I was on the road, and since it's just baffled me. Following these celebrities every move is a multi million dollar industry with the TMZ and tabloid bullshit, it's nuts.

syndus6 karma

Pirates or ninjas?

Sandmaster1428 karma

Muhfuckin' Pirates.

zukeroo6 karma

How are you using the internet right now? Do you have a prepaid cell phone or anything like that? What do you miss most about having an actual place to call home?

Sandmaster1419 karma

I'm very fortunate to still have a "home" which is where I am for the holidays. I have amazing support from my family, my mom was a bit of a hippie, and my dad sees the education and experience that can arise from what I'm doing. I have a phone and use wifi in coffee shops and libraries/fast food places as well while I'm on the road.

SkipSkipperton4 karma

I've always wanted to pick up a hitchhiker but have been to scared. What should I look for when picking up/passing on hitchhikers?

Sandmaster1417 karma

Look for a travel backpack, and a smile. I wouldn't pick up anyone that isn't facing traffic. Also no matter how far you're driving, tell them you're going just down the road, that way if you like them after a few minutes of conversation you can say "I was just being cautious, I'm really going 4 hours", and if you don't like them you can kick em out after one exit nicely

diraniola4 karma

How do you find jobs/money? I can't imagine it would be easy now a days.

Sandmaster147 karma

If I'm near a touristy spot I'll sell some handmade jewelry, simple stuff and ask for donations to my travels for whatever they chose. And I use craigslist for work/word of mouth. Meeting people is the best route.

twislebutt4 karma

How often do you clean yourself? What's your hygiene routine like? Ever have skin/scalp/mouth problems?

Sandmaster1417 karma

I'd say a shower once a week on average, wet wipe myself every day or other day depending on if I was sweaty or whatever. I brush as much as I would at home, shave whenever I shower, and no problems yet.

Orzabal3 karma

Hey man! I've enjoyed reading all your responses to other users' questions, and I think what you're doing is so awesome.

I really wanna know, honestly, if you think this lifestyle would suit a more introverted person? I've thought about doing what you're doing for a few years now ever since doing some volunteer work in South Africa and Mexico - it scares the bejeezus outta me, but deep down I'm really passionate about it... I think! Anyway, whether you get a sec to respond or not - have fun man!

  • a 23-year-old Welsh guy.

Sandmaster145 karma

As long as that person has a skill that can get them money (guitar, harmonica) it would suit them very well. Though I'd hope that the person would have someone to talk to if needed at all times

TreetopBandit3 karma

Hey man thanks for the AMA, really inspiring. I'm 21 and have been seriously considering vagabonding it for awhile now. It's always been something that I've wanted to do and I think I'm getting to the "just go for it" point.

How did your family react to you deciding on pursuing a life on the road? Was there something you said that eased their mind if they were apprehensive to the idea?

Sandmaster1412 karma

Well no parents will say "This is the route I want my child to take". So naturally they were worried and nervous, but one thing I kept telling them was that it's human nature to work things out, as a man our job is to make things work and survive, I'm not sure it helped, but they at least understood that with their backing, and my will/drive, that all would most likely be okay, and if not, I'd at least be doing what I want to do. Really the only thing that eased their worries was how happy I was, and how well it has gone since taking off. Once they saw that this was possible, and not only possible, but really right for me, they worried significantly less.

I hope you do get to that point though, because it's so fulfilling and free, if you can handle some hardships, you'll never want to stop.

AeirsOne3 karma

So you're a hobo then correct? A bum with ambitions and plans to travel.

Sandmaster147 karma

I like vagabond, or nomad. Or just Connor. Yeah I like Connor

bharber3 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

Sandmaster145 karma

Peanutbutter nutella wrap for on the road, but if I'm by a toaster, I love me some Peanut butter-banana sandwiches.

Im_xoxide3 karma

Who are your favorite authors? Did you find inspiration in Kerouc's work?

Sandmaster149 karma

I did, though I didn't read that until I was already On The Road. haha

I'm a big fan of John Steinbeck

Peuned4 karma

I read East of Eden repeatedly when I was traveling. Just such a rich, long (Cuz short books don't do to well eh) story is humanity and family

Sandmaster142 karma

Phenomenal book! Great choice

Grasscangrow2 karma

How does vagabond work out for you on your resume?

Sandmaster1441 karma

"Education is most important, experience, is the best education, and travel is the best experience"-My Grandfather.

Now as far as submitting a resume goes, I'll most likely never be hired/called unless the person was once a vagabond himself, but get me in front of the person, face to face, and I have a good chance. I've learned more traveling in the passed year and previous travel experiences, than 2 years of college and high school combined.

[deleted]1 karma


Sandmaster145 karma

Chicks do actually find it incredibly interesting, and I have stories for days that keep their attention. Girls seem to have a larger desire for travel than guys do, which I found interesting, but girls really think it's a romantic lifestyle. I'm not swimming in women or nothing, but I'm a decent looking, tall, adventurous guy.

woundedbreakfast1 karma

I can imagine if I picked up a really smelly, dirty hitchhiker, I probably would never do it again. Do you make sure you don't smell before you get a ride?

Sandmaster142 karma

I definitely do, I'd hate picking up a stanky dude too, so I try to make sure I smell nice.

molestedbygod1 karma

I am an 18 year old musician, i am finishing up highschool at a college. After highschool i have always dreamed of doing something like this, the lifestyle suits me very well and i have been on a few backpacking trips and i just love it. But i am worried about money, finding odd jobs to do, and being so young. do you have any advice?

Sandmaster144 karma

Take the leap of faith, especially if you have some sort of support behind you, because honestly you figure things out, you put the energy of "I need money"out and put effort in and you'll find it. As long as you're not addicted to anything

pressthebuttonfrank1 karma

What made you choose that path in life? Are you a drug user, mental patient or diagnosed with some personality disorder? I am NOT condemning you for your life choice, just want to learn more about your lifestyle and the situations that led you to take this path.

Sandmaster149 karma

None of the above actually, and you're fine, I understand completely. I chose this path based on true wanderlust, and desire to live every day full. I had a serious car accident when I was 16 and I broke 4 vertebrae in my spine, as well as a closed head injury that usually results in brain damage(also a bunch of other breaks and injuries). I am ridiculously fortunate to not be in a wheel chair, and to not be brain dead. That was a big reason I chose what I'm doing. Things might change at some point too, I might come back to the "real" world some day, but it'll be after I do and see everything I want to.

rodeler1 karma

Imagine yourself 20 years from now, what do you think will be the life lesson you have learned from this (fucking awesome) adventure?

Sandmaster143 karma

20 years is so ridiculously far away. I've really only LIVED maybe 6 years of my life, like truly experienced it for what it is. Imagining 20 more is mind boggling. With that being said I'd say the biggest lesson I'll learn I don't yet know. The one I've learned most is to trust instincts

headintherealworld1 karma

Do you have any plan for any unexpected long-term illness or injury? How long do you expect to live this way, and when you plan to stop what is your plan for settling down? Basically, do you have any plans for your basic needs in the 10+ year time frame?

Sandmaster141 karma

I'd like to have a published Novel, and start a non-profit of some sort. Maybe a clothing company geared toward the foster programs, or something along those lines. I can always go back to tending bar, which is what I did before leaving. I have decent people skills that can get me on my feet should I fall off after my travels.

Sadly a long term illness or injury you can't plan too much for, but I try to have enough on me to get home if necessary, and a ration of meds with me.

VinceVenom0 karma

How many cigarettes do you bum from people in a single day?

Sandmaster1414 karma

I don't smoke, it's a waste of money and an ugly habit.

piponwa0 karma

Have you done any sketchy train catching and hoboeing?

Sandmaster144 karma

This is the one thing I'm kinda pissed I haven't done yet. I really want to train hop, the stars just haven't quite aligned for it yet. I love the idea of being on one writing in my journal as the (relatively) untouched areas of the countryside pass me by.. I'll get there eventually.

piponwa-3 karma

What happens when no one wants to pick you up?

Sandmaster144 karma

You wait. I wear bright clothes, I'm clean shaven, I have a traveling backpack, and I smile. It really doesn't take long for rides. I've had to wait a while before, but eventually you get picked up.

Jack_Of_Shades0 karma

On a scale from 1 to 10, how dead are you?

Sandmaster143 karma

0 man, I'm more alive than I've ever been!

purplepooters-1 karma

Do you have a lot of sex with Truckers?

Sandmaster141 karma

Firstly, no. Never. But turning this joke question educational, you'd be surprised to know that truckers don't pick hitchers up anymore. You can get lucky at a truck stop, but the drivers companies track everything they do now, including stopping on the side of the highway.

timewaitsforsome-1 karma

do you have a lot of sex with truckers?

Sandmaster141 karma

Firstly, no. Never. But turning this joke question educational, you'd be surprised to know that truckers don't pick hitchers up anymore. You can get lucky at a truck stop, but the drivers companies track everything they do now, including stopping on the side of the highway.