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I think we can all safely say that bullet flowers are here to stay. It's a solid, long-lasting business plan. Congratulations.

Using your engineering expertise, do you believe it would be possible to design a machine that keeps redditors from recognizing a thinly-veiled advertising attempt?

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1). What percentage of her actions would you attribute to use of methamphetamine and what percentage to crazy bitch?

2). Did you fall in love with a good person that later decided to use crank and destroy her life or did you kind of know she was bad news from the beginning?

3). What's your perspective on the effects of methamphetamines on a person?

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That's good stuff. When I watched your video, it made me realize how much is needed to get a glass blowing operation of the ground. I also saw how critical it is that the proper tools are ready to go at each station. How many times have you gotten a lump of hot glass going and realized you can't find the tool you need?

Also, that video has a real Mister Rogers feel to it. Was that what you were going for?

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Do you think you could kill an adult chimpanzee if it were wearing a muzzle so that it could not bite you?

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Have you heard of the Rainbow Gathering? They are held all over the world and it sounds like you might dig it the most....