My short bio: I've been working for Springfree Trampoline for the past year, and I have learned more than I ever need to know about trampolines!

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Has your business being seeing ups and downs, lately?


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Are bounce houses your arch enemy?

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Trampoline parks and spring-based trampolines! Yes! Bounce-nemesis!

Edit: Actually one of my coworkers actually calls spring-based trampolines "Death traps."

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If you dropped a 40lb weight onto a 12 foot trampoline from a height of 10 feet, how high would it bounce? What if we did this on the moon?

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Err.... /r/askscience?

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Humans definitely enjoy jumping on a trampoline - what about animals? Is it something that we sort of invented for ourselves, or is there something else to this magic of bouncing on something that other creatures understand as well?

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Haha that's a great question. There are definitely tons of videos of bears, dogs..etc. on trampolines. I think I am going to attribute their enjoyment of it to the magic of bouncing. Animals want to have fun as well! :)

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I think you're right. Here's some foxes jumping on a trampoline

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What do you think of the big trampoline gyms like Rebounders?

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Rebounders are great! Before I worked here, my ex had a rebounder and I would use it every so often. They're great for working out and good for people who have small spaces and want to work out on a trampoline still.

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Haha not the little ones. I meant places like these gyms ...sorry for the confusion.

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Ah trampoline parks! I actually don't them because there are very high accident rates at those parks. Lots of kids and adults get hurt. I think even a few people have been paralyzed.

Edit: Actually people have died even.

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Do you get drunk and jump around on the trampolines?

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I don't drink! :)


Does spraying water on a trampoline actually help it bounce better?

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I have never heard that. I think it would just make it super slippery! TIP: Putting a sprinkler under the trampoline makes it more fun in the summer!

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Don't let springfree hear that! When I last looked at a manual of one maybe 5 years ago it said something like: HOLY SHID DONT MAKE THIS TRAMPOLINE WET OR YOU WILL DIE ALSO IF YOU DO ANYTHING FUN YOU DIE.

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Errrr. Take this! Lol! "The views and opinions expressed by the registered users of this thread as well as the views and opinions displayed in this site are not necessarily representative of the views and opinions of individual companies, registered users, nor of the owner and/or administrator of this Web site. Employees and officers of any registered users speaking on this site should not be considered to be speaking for the other company or companies registered, but rather as representing their sole view and opinions. Views and opinions are also subject to change without notice, and the owner and/or the administrator of this site assumes no obligation to update the information in this site or accompanying discussions and the owner and/or the administrator reserves the right, for any reason, in its sole discretion, to terminate, change, suspend or interrupt access, in whole or in part, to the site, including its contents, features, or hours of availability without notice."

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How many trampolines do you own? Do you host trampoline parties for your neighbours? Do you have kids?

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Haha actually none. My backyard is too small. No kids, I'm single!

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You say you have learnt more than you need to know about trampolines. Is there any cool facts, or interesting things even some ups and downs of what you do?

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Yes! Prior to working for this company I knew nothing about trampolines, they were not on my radar at all (except seeing them on Reddit). After I worked for this company, I found out that traditional spring-based trampolines were very dangerous and that many kids got hurt on them every year. Same with trampoline parks. Our company however manufacturers spring less trampolines and uses rods instead. So also have eliminated gaps in our trampolines so kids can't get an arm or leg stuck in them. I'm fortunate to be working for our company and if I ever get one I will be purchasing one of ours!

Cool fact? A lot of celebrities own our trampolines including Jamie Oliver, J Lo, Adam Sandler? and we gave away trampolines to everyone in the audience on the Ellen Show a few years back.

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Other than getting something stuck between the springs, are there other bad things about spring-based trampolines?

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I find that the quality with those products just isn't there. They deteriorate quickly and they don't bounce as nicely. Most of them are cheaply made in China. While parts of our trampoline is made in China, we actually own the factories so we have better quality control (and pay a living wage!)

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I have learned more than I ever need to know

How long had you worked there when you learned just about the right amount of trampoline knowledge you needed?

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Haha.. Um... Good question. I think there is always something new that I could learn from this company or any company that I'm at even after many many years!

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Do any of your clients have a trampoline room in their house?

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Yes! I found a picture on Houzz of someone with a trampoline in a room. I was shocked!! Hold on let me find it.

Found it!: link

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Are you a kiwi?

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No but our inventor Dr. Keith Alexander is a kiwi!

My_usrname_of_choice2 karma

Yea thought so. Had to check. Where are you from then?

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Our head office is located in Ontario, Canada! I'm a Canuck! :)

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How safe are the trampolines? How long do they last? What sort of weather conditions degrade them?

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We are the world's safest trampoline. I know customers who have had their trampolines for 10 years and they still use them! Our trampolines can be left outside all year round and are snow resistant, rain resistant, uv resistant etc.!

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I've curious, what are trampolines made out of?

Any nifty perks at the company (such as getting to test out the trampolines or having a stocked fridge)?

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Our trampolines are made from double powder coated galvanized steel frames, UV resistant polypropylene nets & mats, composite fiberglass rods.

We always have 4 trampoline set up in the back so that's pretty sweet! Also we have beer-o-clock every Friday! So we all get together and talk about our weeks at 4pm.

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You said you don't drink you phony

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Haha I usually bring my tea! :)

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Why are the soles of my feet/socks so black when i use my friends trampoline? Is it something rubbing out from the material of the trampoline or is it just dirty as all hell?

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Ewww. Sounds like the trampoline is falling apart. Or your feet were really really dirty.

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Craziest injury you've seen at your work?

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A blister on my foot from my shoes? Haha. I work at the "world's safest trampoline" company, so nothing really happens.

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My (not your brand) trampoline got caught by a freak windgust and it flipped over for the first time in the 5 years I've had it.

The frame is bent in two sections and three of the poles for the screen are bent. If this happened to one of your customers would you be able to send them replacement parts? If so, how much would it cost?

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Wow. Our frame is made from double powder coated galvanized steel. I have never heard of that happening to one of our units, so I don't think this would have happened to you! :)

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Would you ever consider adding 'BOING' sound effects to your trampolines? This is essential information.

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Our trampolines already make a natural BOING sound! :)

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Is it true they were originally called Jumpolines until some Redditor's mother used it ?

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You wouldn't happen to be located in Issaquah Wa would you?

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No, I'm in Canada, but we have a store there with an awesome store manager Mike!

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I'm going to buy a trampoline for my kids for the holidays. Any chance to get a discount? I really like our design but they are pricey.

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We're offering a free basketball hoop right now with purchase! If you are in the states, you also get free shipping.

CapturedForLife1 karma

Thanks. What do you have to say about this review?

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That website (trampoline safety) and this video were actually made by a competitor. You can see the adult in the video jump very hard on the edge to get the carrot to snap which is an unrealistic way for people to use trampolines. I'm not going to call them out, but we know we're the world's safest and we hope that people will be able to make the smarter choice! :)

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How safe is the outside of the trampoline using these rods? If my kids are playing on the outside of the trampoline or kids are running around doing other things on the outside there is a potential to get hurt because of the rods not being protected. We all know kids love to put their hands where they don't belong.

Also, looking on your webpage the net seems to really be elastic. How easy would it be to fall all the way to the ground if and adult were jumping into it?


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Sorry are you asking about the Springfree trampoline or traditional spring based trampolines?

Our nets are very flexible! The mat in the middle can hold different weights, but my coworker who's like 6ft+ and 150 pounds+ doesn't event touch the ground when he realllly jumps on it. This guide might help you! It has the jumper weight ratings for each trampoline.

centrumsilver11 karma

Thanks for the info on the nets! I'm a little over 200 hopefully it will be safe for me too if we order one :)

I was talking about the Springfree, the rods specfically in this picture, rods because there isn't anything protecting it my wife and I were worried about the kids getting themselves or hand caught in there. Do you guys have anything that would protect against that?

Again, thanks for doing this :)

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Yes, our trampolines are made for adults too! :) It's really great for exercise for both adults and kids.

We don't have anything that acts as a cover around the rods currently, but the rods are designed so that they aren't suppose to pinch the frame. Unless you are really jumping on the veryyyy edge of the trampoline, that is unlikely to happen.

I think your kids would love this for Christmas! But make sure you factor in time for shipping and installation.

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What did it feel like like to get a Red Dot award?

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It was very exciting! It made us feel very fancy!

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Good question. I'm not sure, but I know with our company people have said it's a "softer", better, and quieter bounce.

I've actually never been on a death trap! :)

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Does everyone at work just call them "tramps"? I'd imagine it'd be exhausting saying trampoline all of the time.

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Haha yes some people at work definitely call them "tramps". It always makes me laugh.

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I'm a girl!

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Where would you even put that puppy?

ohcomeonidiot-2 karma

He'd put it on the trampoline in his apartment of course!

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Our trampolines are huge!! He would have to eat on it, sleep on it, shower on it.

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Can you please provide some proof that you work there?

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Can I PM you proof?

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