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Do you play Kerbal Space Program?

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Indeed. It is basically a rocket science simulator with a full planetary system to explore albeit at about 1/4 scale earth. So you can get to orbit at about 76k meters. But you have to build and design your own rockets. There are many many unintentional rapid disassemblies.

But once you manage to get a craft into a decent circular orbit and have fuel left over to come back again it is pretty awesome

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tainted cumin

What a great name for a band

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No worries, there is an entire sub reddit on the subject IIRC Rather r/kerbalspaceprogram

You can get it off steam and there is a downloadable and runnable demo floating around somewhere.

You know how in a lot of games your character can have attributes you can set like Intelligence, strength agility and so forth? Kerbals are little green men who have two. Courage and Stupidity. Their animations while you launch them into the abyss are rather amusing.

Edit: Corrected link

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The PARKS AND REC ad-lib was my terror at them never calling "cut."

The bring all those people, Cast, camera, art, makeup, hair, grip, electric, to do one thing, capture the performance. Why call cut when you have such a great performance going on?

Well done, really.