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There still is a Fark?

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I had a dead drive that I didn't care about so I stuck it in a -80c freezer overnight, because if a freezer is good then a -80 would be great! Right??

When I plugged it in it made the most godawful groaning noise and within a minute it had a half-inch thick layer of frost crystals over the entire drive.

Surprisingly it didn't fix the drive.

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Nintendo Power gave away a free copy of Dragon Warrior with every new subscription. I actually got two copies for some reason and sold one for the cost of the sub, so thanks for that! About 10 years ago I booted up that cartridge and my save was still on it.

Some credit this strategy as a way to introduce North American gamers to the RPG genre.

Why was Dragon Warrior chosen for the free game, and were other games considered?

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Why does it take more time? Small bag of food vs big bag of food, but the driving time is the same? Genuinely curious! I've never used one of these services.

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How often do you get supplies? Do you pay for the food and supplies or does your work? How many days of supplies do you keep on site? Are you prepared to repel invaders when the zombie apocalypse forces people to seek secure shelter?