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VicisSubsisto53 karma

Do you ever find customers are afraid of you?

Has lingerie gotten boring for you?

Not_very_helpful_123 karma

I thought most customers would avoid coming to me because of awkwardness but I was wrong. Occasionally, I will get a hesitant customer who feels a little uncomfortable watching me handle their panties or lingerie.

I hate to say but I guess you can get a bit desensitized working here. After folding and handling hundreds of panties and bras everyday, the excitement kinda dulls away. One weird thing I have caught myself doing is guessing what panties a girl is wearing from looking at the lace or anything else I can see. Its more of a curiosity thing rather than a perverted thing.

GorillaBallet45 karma

How many customers have you slept with?

Not_very_helpful_93 karma

Only one if you count my ex girlfriend

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Not_very_helpful_25 karma

None that I know of. I always wanted her to try new things but "i dont like girls that way". Excuses

Prop_shop39 karma

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Not_very_helpful_74 karma

The bathroom does flush on its own sometimes

trainspotting237 karma

The whole bathroom? Weird.

Not_very_helpful_79 karma

light fixtures and all

BaBaFiCo32 karma

What can you tell me that will ruin my fantasies of hot women buying racy underwear all day long?

Not_very_helpful_56 karma

How bitchy some can be. There are tons of attractive women but their personality can kill it for me. Also, everyone poops. They dont call it butt floss for nothing.

kornholyoyo28 karma

and most of those panties will get blood on them.

Not_very_helpful_27 karma

oh god i never thought about that

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Not_very_helpful_15 karma

Its so sad when someone you find attractive is a douche. A little piece of me dies inside.

Elitair4 karma


Not_very_helpful_54 karma

and carlos mencia doesnt steal jokes

I_sniff_books32 karma

Do people ever assume your gay when you mention that you work at Victoria's Secret? If so do you take it in stride or has it ever annoyed you?

Not_very_helpful_97 karma

Most people expect a flamboyant voice right?

On the rare chance I do get assumed I'm gay, it doesn't bother me. Gay guys generally have good hygiene and good fashion sense. I take it as a compliment.

goldkear10 karma

You're voice sounds a lot like mine. I am gay and most people can figure it out by themselves. Also, I have worked at Victoria's secret before.

Not_very_helpful_11 karma

Really? Maybe people do think Im gay.

DestroyBoy4 karma

Has anyone every told you your voice sounds a lot like Carlos Condit? http://www.mmafighting.com/2014/3/13/5506430/carlos-condit-ufc-171-pre-fight-scrum-video

Not_very_helpful_5 karma

Nope but damn that does sound pretty close. By the end of november, I will obtain that beard.

halfpakihalfmexi4 karma

Holy hell, I know I don't hear my own voice often but shit that's exactly how I sound. Shit is weird enough when you hear a recording of your own voice but now hearing it and it wasn't even me that said it.

Not_very_helpful_6 karma

I got used to it from playing xbox

noobteam28 karma

How good looking of a guy are you?

(I'm a straight male FYI. I just thought it'd be interesting to ask this)

Not_very_helpful_36 karma

I guess I'm decently attractive. I've had people at other stores who are known for hiring attractive people (Hollister and Abercrombie) come up to me and try to set up an interview. It's sad to say but you must be somewhat good looking to work there as a guy. Girls are more lenient in my opinion.

mcgillycuddy41219 karma

Come on man, you're a dude working at Victoria's Secret. You ever find out a customer's "secret"? If not the customers, what about co-workers?

Not_very_helpful_45 karma

Dude I dont even know victoria's secret. The 45 year old housewife that buys very provocative lingerie always throws me off. Kinda makes me hope thats my wife when I get older.

Most of my co-workers are recent college graduates that get obliterated at the bar every weekend and are obnoxiously flirty with everyone. Also, the PINK store next to use has a lot of drama. Supposedly, the boss who is also a straight guy likes to sleep with his coworkers. Great guy.

rootedchrome25 karma

$30.58? Uhh, how often do they pay you?

Not_very_helpful_15 karma

Well that paycheck had to get split up because I forgot to clock in for a couple hours :/

vishalyagnik23 karma

What is that you really like and dislike about this job ?

Not_very_helpful_62 karma

I like the atmosphere and my managers who all seem overly enthused to work there. They do a great job of keeping morale up.

I dislike the constant begging for discounts. I understand the merchandise is overly expensive but you can always buy bras and panties at Kohls. If someone is nice or buys a huge amount of stuff, I will toss in a discount here or there.

successadult16 karma

I used to work at VS as a straight male as well. The worst customer I ever had to deal with was an older teenage girl that had grabbed a bunch of panties that were marked down during Semi Annual Sale. The price gun was running low on ink I guess and some of the "7"s looked like "1"s so she wanted them all basically for a dollar. She pissed me off so bad I had to just get away from the register and my manager gave them all to her for a dollar each.

And she paid with "Sorry you had a bad experience" gift card, so the dollar each didn't even come out of her own pocket.

Not_very_helpful_13 karma

I'm so sorry I know thats the worst. My managers would've told them that they couldn't do that. They can get just as bitchy as the customers, its great. Closing after the panty party and semi annual sale is the worst experience.

moar_distractions6 karma

I was really surprised to see how easily my GF could bring in an old bra and get a discount. It seems uncommon for any place at a mall to just have seemingly random ways to get discounts. So uhhh, what other ways to get discounts are there? (Sorry don't hate me)

Not_very_helpful_16 karma

She brings in an old bra and gets a discount? Well we send out coupons constantly. Hint: at the end if each transaction, keep putting in your phone number and email. Each time you do it, the coupons get sent more often and get more personalized based on what you buy. Also, that VS credit card is completely worth it.

HankIsNotMyRealName5 karma

Do you ever get girls that think they can get a discount by trying to flirt with you?

Not_very_helpful_25 karma

Often. They try to smile really wide, play with their hair and laugh at everything I say while asking for a discount. Never works.

goldkear3 karma

I'm obviously not OP, but I am also a man that worked at Vicky c's, and one thing that was kinda lame was the discount. I only really got to take advantage of that to buy some Christmas gifts. I also for a discount at bath and body works, which was OK, but there's really only so much of that one wants to buy.

Also, they had a contest as an incentive to get people to sign up for an angel card. The prize was a coach clutch. I had zero interest in that contest and would give credit to whoever was working the register next to me for the sign up.

Not_very_helpful_9 karma

We get free lip gloss or small perfumes from time to time. I just end up giving them to my friends that are girls. In return, they bring me to partys. Everyone wins!

Victorias Secret should definitely open some sort of mens underwear line.

TheWistfulWanderer21 karma

Victor's Secret?

Not_very_helpful_6 karma

I'd buy all of Victors underwear

itstinksitellya23 karma

Do most customers use the word 'panties' or 'underwear'? I feel like an old pervert just hearing the P word, I have no idea why.

People always say 'moist' is a disgusting word, or 'scab' or something, but for me the word is 'panties'.

Not_very_helpful_14 karma

Most of them use panties. I can understand the stigma though. I've noticed a lot of the older customers use underwear instead.

itstinksitellya9 karma

Haha, twice in two days I've been lumped in with old people on Reddit (the other time was because I own an alarm clock instead of using my phone)...but I guess 29 is probably older than most.

Not_very_helpful_8 karma

I happen to use an old alarm clock with the two bells on it! Only thing that can actually get me up. 29 isn't old at all. Look at Ted Mosby!

HatredsBlazingGun22 karma

Do you feel like you've shattered the glass ceiling for men in a job field normally dominated by women?

Not_very_helpful_20 karma

I think its cool to work here as a guy but not necessarily tearing down any borders here. It is interesting seeing peoples reactions when I say I work there though.

McJ_swirl22 karma

Any women (shoppers) treat you poorly or give you dirty looks, maybe as if assuming you're a pervert?

Not_very_helpful_51 karma

Some of the very young girls (13-16 years old) look at me in disbelief for some reason? As if they can't grasp why or how I work there. Some of the boyfriends/dads give me weird looks all the time. They especially observe me carefully when I'm handling their girlfriend's/daughter's lingerie. I'm sorry but its hard not to get some mental image.

tealgreen36 karma

I thought Victoria's Secret was created so that men could have a place to shop for lingerie for their lady friends without being judged.

Not_very_helpful_19 karma

From what I know, the guy who made victorias secret made it so women can have a place to shop for classy and elegant lingerie and feel good about themselves. I think somewhere along the line elegance got traded in for slutty.

thepassengerwithin14 karma

Girls bring their dad's to Victoria Secret to by lingerie??? I'm creeped out

Not_very_helpful_22 karma

Mhm. Always weirds me out but they cant afford $50 bras by themselves.

TTTT275 karma

Dads actually take their daughters to shop at Victoria's Secret? That seems a bit odd.

Not_very_helpful_8 karma

My thoughts exactly.

developingman19 karma

How does it feel to have beautiful women around. Are you an intelligent talker too?

Not_very_helpful_60 karma

It was intimidating at first but remembering that everyone poops brings them back down to earth. My manager hired me because I could make her laugh and be a little charming without coming off as creepy. If anything, I don't think I sound dumb.

developingman8 karma

If you dont mind, would you share the knowledge about how to make a woman laugh?

Not_very_helpful_52 karma

Subtlety make fun of them without being too mean. Ask questions and keep the teasing light-hearted with a smile. Imagine you're Joseph Gordon Levitt for the charming part.

Dookiestain_LaFlair6 karma

See, I can do that too, but not the "without coming off as creepy" part.

Not_very_helpful_5 karma

I think it has to do with the tone of the voice.

Dookiestain_LaFlair6 karma

And the "not casually mentioning her butthole" part, that plays into it too right?

Not_very_helpful_7 karma

If you can comment on her butthole without creeping her out, go for it.

madosh19 karma

How did you get the job?

Not_very_helpful_54 karma

At my school's career fair. A woman kept yelling and throwing applications at people. Me and my other guy friend said we were guys and she yelled "WERE LOOKING FOR STOCK BOYS TOO!" I went for my first individual interview and they called all my references to make sure I am not weird or creepy. After my second group interview, they gave me a call back and I got hired for sales rather than stock.

vladimusdacuul35 karma

my first individual interview

So, until that point, you were duo interviewing Step-Brothers style?

Not_very_helpful_6 karma

Well yea, thats why I got to the second interview.

Worfrat116 karma


Not_very_helpful_28 karma

Hahah no. I have seen some prime brown stains though. I've always wanted to make it weird and look the customer in the eye while sniffing their returns. I just want to see what they would do. If they freak out I can always say theyre on some candid camera show.

Blu-4 karma

Didn't even know they allowed returns.

Not_very_helpful_5 karma

90 day return policy. We pretty much take back everything.

id10t_pen1515 karma

Why didn't anyone ask if you've tried on any panties?!

Not_very_helpful_71 karma

I have. Is that weird? I want to wear the wings but they wont let me. Racists.

id10t_pen1510 karma

Totes not weird, you sell the product, why not try the product? Plus, the wings are the best part of the job! Men have rights too!

Not_very_helpful_30 karma

Damn straight! We want Victor's Secret!

silent3210 karma

I feel like that would be my go to line for an icebreaker... "Yea that pair of panties are nice. The fabric is superb, but they were a little snug."

Not_very_helpful_14 karma

It would definitely break some ice. I make odd comments from time to time and see if anyone ever catches me.

GorillaBallet12 karma

What is the best looking item you sell in your professional opinion?

Not_very_helpful_27 karma

The bombshell bras are pretty great although they only come in push-up

frozen_barbie_head11 karma

Have you ever used your job as a pick up line? Bonus what are the perks of the job besides the obvious ;)

Not_very_helpful_33 karma

At the last party I was at I made it clear I worked there and can get people discounts. I ended up promising too many people and it got out of hand. Also, I blacked out so theres that.

MisguidedSoul10 karma

How often do customers ask you how good they look in lingerie/bras/panties?

Not_very_helpful_27 karma

Usually when they get fitted for bras. Customers usually dont show off in panties. All of our staff is pretty honest but we will never say you don't look good. They try to teach us that confidence is also a big factor in sex appeal, not just looks.

Some of these girls shouldnt be wearing lingerie though.

Onlio10 karma


Not_very_helpful_30 karma

I'm a sales associate. Most of our stock people are girls. From time to time, I'll be on the floor helping customers though. We actually have one stock guy who is almost 60 years old and has some crazy stories from his home back in South America.

LaSuisse10 karma

Who is your favorite LoL champion?

Not_very_helpful_8 karma


swordofthespirit6 karma

I would have guessed Viktor

Not_very_helpful_10 karma

Fuck. I messed it up

fedoraincarnate10 karma


Not_very_helpful_23 karma

We have an older gentlemen that does stock but other than that all female. Its nice being around women. They smell good. My managers will occasionally ask me on the headset if any girls have flirted with me today. Sadly, I always just get the cougars. I have gotten offers for me to meet some of my coworkers daughters too.

puppeteer10710 karma

Does this resonate with you at all?


Not_very_helpful_11 karma

Oh god this hits home. They actually give you a nice booklet about bras. The anatomy and different types of bras are all included.

420bitchnugget9 karma

Did you apply because you wanted to see tits and lingerie all day or just for the hell of it?

Not_very_helpful_23 karma

For the hell of it. I didn't expect to get a call back. Out of all the places I applied to, a lingerie store was the first to call me back. I took the first call I got. Its like when you apply for college and you fill out a Harvard application. You're pretty sure it won't happen but it doesn't hurt to try.

commanderjarak9 karma

What's your favorite TV show? Why that one?

Not_very_helpful_15 karma

Currently New Girl and Brooklyn Nine Nine. Mixology was also great but my favorite of all time is probably The Office and Parks and Rec. Also, Dragonball Z.

commanderjarak6 karma

I love Parks and Rec and 30 Rock. Is it likely that I'd enjoy Brooklyn Nine Nine?

Not_very_helpful_2 karma


bobthebobd9 karma

Do men customers go more often to you or female employees for help?

Not_very_helpful_23 karma

The men usually come with their respective spouses, girlfriends, friends, etc. A lot of the times guys come in with no idea of what to give their girl as a gift. I make sure they get a giftcard. Its always the safest bet.

The females try to avoid me as much as they can. Its pretty funny.

Torquito7 karma

How are your co-workers?

Not_very_helpful_18 karma

They're pretty great! Some of the nicest people I've met. They're funny and pretty attractive too. All of them are very driven to work there. Being around those kind of people also get you motivated to work harder.

turbulent_energy16 karma

they know your reddit username, don't they?

Not_very_helpful_20 karma

I only go by my reddit username.

ghostFaceKillah1876 karma

How good are you at guessing girls bra sizes?

Not_very_helpful_7 karma

Not good at all! Bras are very tricky.

Omeganovember6 karma

Does it creep you out when younger girls come in? I know when I was shopping with various exes there I always felt weird standing next to the changing room because there would always be 13 year olds there with their moms. I felt like they judged me if I looked up from my phone. I can only imagine its worse as an employee.

Do you have to do a lot of loss prevention? while working retail that was always a problem for us. If so, what's the weirdest way you've seen someone try to steal something?

Not_very_helpful_24 karma

I know the feeling all too well. Every time I went into PINK or VS with my exes, I always had to make sure my eyes didnt wander. Its very difficult considering there are 5 foot pictures of naked girls everywhere. When the younger girls buy thongs or anything provocative, it weirds me out.

We get a lot of stuff stolen from us but its mostly panties which are very hard to keep track of. Even if we see anything, we cannot physically do anything to them but call security. We wear headsets for a reason! The rooms are seperated by beauty, intimate, provocative, sleepwear, sport, etc. When one employee sees something fishy, we usually hear them say something along the lines of "Theres gum on the floor next to the women in gray in intimates." You see a hord of employess go up to the suspected person and ask if they need help looking for something. They keep nagging them to let them know we're on to them.

compiled6 karma

Do you think you will ever activate Microsoft Office?

Are you involved in a relationship with another human?

What is your position title, and do you enjoy working there?

Not_very_helpful_5 karma

Never. I'll just get a new crack.

Not anymore.

I am a sales associate and its great working there

solo_a_mano6 karma

Do old desperate cougars ever hit on you in the store?

Not_very_helpful_11 karma

It happens but they keep it subtle. Its more flattering than creepy though.

successadult5 karma

Dude here, when I worked at VS I wasn't allowed to work in Body and only stayed on the Beauty side. From your responses it sounds like you work on the lingerie side though. Is that the case?

Also, how many times have customers told you "I didn't know they let guys work here!"

Not_very_helpful_5 karma

Well its kind of iffy. I know enough about the products to work in lingerie but my title is only a sales associate. Technically, guys cant work in anything other than beauty, stock or cashier. They trust me enough to cover for someones break in lingerie though. I dont think I can ever work in fitting rooms though.

VinceVenom5 karma

At what age did you realize you were a sexual deviant?

Not_very_helpful_28 karma

Probably when I was 13 when I thought lola bunny from space jam was hot

Dookiestain_LaFlair4 karma

Have you ever had a pair of panties returned because a woman farted so hard she blasted a hole in them? Do you think it is possible for a woman to fart hard enough to put a hole in a set of VS panties? If not, is that a testament to the strength of VS panties or a matter of simple physics?

Not_very_helpful_6 karma


Yes, I think its possible.

I can't comment on physics since I only took 2 semesters of it in college.

the_drew4 karma

My wife absolutely LOVES Marisa Miller, any chance you have some posters of her I can buy off you?

Not_very_helpful_5 karma

I wish :/ She really is gorgeous though. Try this

streetking-154 karma

whats the largest size bra you remember someone buying? and were the goods gross or actually good looking?

Not_very_helpful_4 karma

36DDD. My head could fit in one cup. When someone like that comes in, I scan the goods and they usually dont add up. I dont understand.

HombreGranJefe3 karma

When the ladies ask you if they think something will look good on them, do you just crumple it up, throw it on the floor, then look at her and say 'yep'?

Because if you don't and you work on commission, you should.

Not_very_helpful_4 karma

"Nope but it will look good on me. Then i grab whetever theyre holding and skip away"

ILikeItHardUpTheButt3 karma

Are there cameras in the changing rooms?, if so, do you ever feel uncomfortable when you have to watch them?

Not_very_helpful_10 karma

Not in ours anyway. I'd hate for there to be cameras in there. All the bras have sensors which are a bitch to get off so we can hear people if theyre trying to steal.

kennydomochoe3 karma

can you pap on the job? also do the women make you want to pap more often than usual?

Not_very_helpful_3 karma

I don't think we have some specific rule saying we can't but we aren't allowed to have customers see us use our phones.

Nasyd83 karma

How good are you at League of Legends?

Not_very_helpful_3 karma

Season 2 I was at 1850 elo. I only play rank to get placed. Last I checked I got placed in Gold V in season 4? I dont really play anymore.

LilyBentley3 karma

Can you get me a job?

Not_very_helpful_3 karma

I can get you an interview! Its in your hands after that

MrBluez3 karma

Have you ever had an erection at work, have customers noticed, and how have they reacted?

Not_very_helpful_2 karma

You know I thought this would be a big problem but so far I've kept it contained.