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Where do you intend to generate the money from for this? Every politician can say, oh we need more affordable housing, better pay packets, better infrastructure, a better NHS, but as a country we have to live within our means don't we? Won't there be cuts to public services whatever happens after the elections in May?

What's the labour plan, and exactly how much money will you generate?

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Asking the important questions

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That's just scaremongering bullshit! I'm sorry, but it was Labour who began the privatisation of the NHS. Hitchingbrook hospital for example, thanks to Labour MP Andy Burnham.

Also, Labour is in charge in Wales, where your party decided to cut the NHS budget!? As a result, the NHS has been so appalling in Wales, that patients have had to seek better healthcare in England.

Do you go around telling 80-year-olds in your constituency that if they don't vote Labour, there will be no NHS in 5 years time? Shame on you.

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I love how you judge 'damaging the economy' by austerity measures.

Are you aware that unemployment went down by 2 million, growth is up, and the deficit is halved?

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Is there an argument that if you tax the rich too highly, they'll go somewhere else, or invest somewhere else. Isn't it a fine line?