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Have you found that lots of battles are not covered by the media? How does that make the folks involved feel?

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What made you decide to be so open? Did you run on a platform of transparency or did you get elected then go for openess? What do your fellow congressfolk think of you explaining every vote? Is there any sort of tension that they're upset with you because you're raising the bar for what we expect out of our elected officials? And are there any other politicians that make their votes easily known that I could be following on FB or twitter?

I read an article about you and instantly followed you on FB even though I'm from WV. I don't agree with you politically on everything, but I'm glad you're taking the time to educate the country about what Congress is doing

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You ever get out of the cities with Koyro? What's the North Korean wilderness like? Is it well preserved due to lack of development? Or does the government not care and is it polluted and messed?

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Does this resonate with you at all?


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What's your favorite Chinese food?