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So do you have to go off of memory, fantasy of the cute scientist walking around, or you go like regular and whip out the porn?

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I also have been giving at least twice a year since I was 17. I am a universal donor so I always get asked "Do you have time to do a double red blood cell donation, we could really use it?" So I have no choice but to say yes.

That being said, I don't want to become a blood marrow donor because I hear it is incredibly painful. I feel like a bitch sometimes because I'm so big into giving blood but too chicken to even get on the list to do marrow.

Edit: There is nothing to fear anymore. Technology is our friend and I will be joining the list shortly

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So did you make it to the Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond or was there not enough time?

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What is it in comparison for Everest?

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Details of said story?