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How many phone chargers did you have to bring with you? Haha I bet that was annoying to figure out. On that note, what types of tech gadgets are you bringing? Four years is plenty long enough for your phone and laptop to be borderline obsolete at the end.

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So frustrating trying to explain this to people and they just sort of shrug it off. You can tell the people who don't really need to stress over the extra money so fast. I'm an accountant who wears glasses and is stuck with Eyemed through work. I ran the numbers extensively. The only real plan you can choose is almost certainly much much more than the average person needs. At the very least, most people should consider only paying for it every other year, especially if you've never really had your prescription change much.

The standard Eyemed plan comes with one set of basic frames and lenses, but only up to about $150. Now go to the stores that are in network and see how much almost all the frames cost. You get to pay every week for the right to get $150 off $200 glasses. You can get beautiful top of the line lenses and frames from Warby Parker for $100-150, or free to $40 budget stuff from discount retailers.

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Do you think we have a chance when it comes to Net Neutrality, or are we looking at the future of the internet being cable tv?

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There are a lot of people saying Coke has paid for promotion of several posts in the past week, including your door. Any thoughts on that?

Most of these posts are over in /r/hailcorporate, I think most are over blown, but Coke does appear a lot....

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Any thoughts on priests being allowed to marry? Do you think more people would consider the calling? At this point in your studies, were a rule change somehow occur tomorrow, would you be excited and want to considsr it, or have you already gotten to a place where it would be something you wouldn't?

I wish it was an option, if only for the fact that it seems a shame some of the most caring, educated and genuinely good people would probably raise children with similar qualities.