I am a 24 year old private investigator who resides in the state of New Jersey. I'm ready to answer any and all questions you have for me!

Proof: http://imgur.com/nRns6pj

EDIT 1: I am going to bed now but feel free to ask whatever you like and i will answer them tomorrow, as well as upload some pics of my pen cam (and whatever else you all would like to see pictures of)

EDIT 2: Sorry guys I was busy with work today and have had a cold, and am now doing some online work that needs to get done. I will be back later tonight to answer all questions I have yet to answer and all new ones though!

Edit 3: Finally Uploaded pictures of my Pen Cam. Sorry it took so long I have been sick, doing a lot of work watching a lot of football today. LINK: http://imgur.com/a/ehJol

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seizuresrock59 karma

Do you know Veronica?

alienware9915 karma

Unfortunetly I do not :/

HenryHenderson56 karma

Do you ever begin to walk out of an interview or conversation with a suspect/target/witness and then stop just as you get to the door and turn around, saying "Just one more thing..." and then ask a question?

alienware9923 karma

I'm going to guess this is a reference to something, but I'm not very up to date on pop culture so I'm not to sure lol sorry. Maybe ill try this one day tho

ofcourseimathing27 karma

Always worth taking some tips from Columbo.

alienware9916 karma

Haha I actually do know what this is, thanks for sharing!

Richard-Fitzwell23 karma

What do you say when people ask you how you got into the profession? ...."Well I've been following people since I was a little boy.."

alienware9919 karma

I would actually say I lucked my way into it. I never really had any desire or the thought that I wanted to do this. My brother got me into it and I am very grateful for that

phildevy17 karma

Do you have any kind of cool spy gadgets? Parabolic microphones, vehicle trackers lock picking sets and that kind of stuff or is my imagination getting carried away ?

alienware9935 karma

Your imagination is getting the best of you. While I am sure some of the big time PIs use that stuff, I don't. The most interesting thing i have is a camera pen that is actually a fully functional pen that converts to USB. Ill share pics later if people are interested in seeing.

DorianMislay16 karma

Do you feel that your age is a hindrance to your potential clients that are looking for professionals with more life experience?

alienware9923 karma

I do not. Some cases require me to get close to claimants (what we call the people we are working). Being younger can sometimes make me seem less suspicious. There are times where i purposefully try to look a certain way to fit in and not cause speculation. I work for a company with several other investigator (I am the youngest) so we are generally working cases that best suite us.

DevonDoesTomahawk16 karma

  • How much do you get paid? by case or by hour?
  • How much do you make on average (per month)?
  • What is the requirement of your job (training, education, etc)
  • What makes you want to be a PI (hobby, the money, family career)?

alienware9922 karma

I'm sorry but I cant really elaborate on how much I'm paid. I can elaborate on how I'm paid tho.

I generally work 40 hours a week (not counting my commute), with the occasional overtime if the claimant is active. I get paid hourly, but I also get paid a specific amount for every mile I drive, I get compensated for every toll, for my cell phone, and also a set amount for every report (reports are filled out and sent in every day for whatever case I am working that day). So every other week I receive 2 checks. One is my hourly check which is taxed like normal. The other check is my check that is for travel mileage, cell phone, tolls, reports and this check isn't taxed. I'd say about 15% of what I get paid per mile goes towards gas, the rest is profit.

There aren't to many requirements. College is a plus but not necessary. When hired you go through a tarining process which lasts roughly 3 weeks or so.

I never thought about being a PI, the job kind of fell into my lap. My brother got the opportunity, put a good word in for me and next thing I know I was a PI.

Griffin-dork8 karma

I know you said you cant say how much you get paid, but would you be allowed to say whether or not if you make more or less than $45k a year? Im a student in my mid twenties who went to school after quitting my career as a mechanic and am now kind of figuring out traditional academia is not for me and am wondering if something like what you do might be a career choice to look into. After reading your replies for over an hour it seems like I would really like and be good at being a PI.

alienware998 karma

It would be more than that when you calculate both checks you receive (sometimes mileage check is as much if not more than hourly check)

mooonmoon16 karma

What's the scariest story/experience you had while working? You've replied in another comment where guns were pulled on you. Can you tell us the whole story or a summary of how that happened? What case were you working on and what happened after and how did you get out of that situation? I wanna hear some movie-drama level story :D

alienware9940 karma

Ok I'll go into detail about a story. I was working in an area you could refer to as the boondocks. You know how the people out there are. Well The house i was doing surveillance on was in a secluded area with one way in and one way out, this was about 7 p.m. so it was pretty dark out. My windows are tinted and i heard what sounded like a vehicle but couldn't see anything due to the darkness. I then heard a thud on my car, so i made an attempt to turn around and leave and there was a truck blocking the one way out with a man in his 40s or 50s standing there holding a shotgun saying "get the fuck out". I had no where to go so I opened my door and half way got out as he screamed "what the fuck are you doing on my property" while having his shotgun pointed at me. I had to make up this elaborate story about how there have been several kidnappings in that area lately (I always carry around a few photos of people for this reason) and showed him my badge and the picture and said I was doing surveillance for that reason and he can call the police they know I'm here. He wasn't happy but I made my way out after he told me If I come back near his property he will shoot me. Scary stuff

mooonmoon15 karma

Wow. Good thing you were prepared for that. That's some scary stuff man.

alienware9911 karma

yes it was very scary, but I just tried to stay calm

Seraphus3 karma

Why were you on private property to begin with?

Are you often forced to "bend" rules/laws to get the info you need?

alienware9916 karma

I wasn't on private property, but i was in no position to correct the guy

EiW1N16 karma

I have 2 questions for you.

  1. Do you work mostly for corporations/ businesses or private individuals?

  2. Do you find your word given the same value in court as, for instance, the police?

alienware9922 karma

  1. I work for a company who does most of its work for insurance companies, but also does work for individuals as well.

  2. That's a tough one, but I would say probably not. I feel like officers probably have relations with their towns court so they are trusted more where as I go all over the place

CthulhusHat15 karma

You say you fell into the job via your brother, but how would you recommend that a person without any law enforcement experience could get into this field? Do PI firms ever hire "off the street", or do you essentially need to have a background or know someone?

alienware9914 karma

From what i understand a lot of my co-workers started off in the company in another department and migrated to becoming a PI. They do hire off the street as a matter of fact, which people probably wouldn't think, so it's always good to ask around. I recommend getting your shoe in the door of a company by taking any job opportunity they offer, then work your way up.

reddstudent14 karma

How did you get into the business so young? The common conception is that the PI world is for people with law enforcement backgrounds?

What's the strangest thing you've come across in your work?

Paint a picture of a day in the life.

alienware9912 karma

I got into the business at a young age through my brother, who has a law enforcement background and is also a PI. I was lucky enough to get this opportunity thanks to him.

a day in my life would be to log into my companies online (webpage?) the night before and find out where I'm working, what time i have to be there, find out how long it will take me to get there and set an alarm, research the person to find out any useful information, wake up and head to the case, wait for activity by the claimant, sometimes get personal with them if the cAse calls for it, follow them around etc.

Vtiboy13 karma

What's the danger level like?

alienware9915 karma

Some days very dangerous, other days not at all. It all really depends on the case you are working and the locations. I have a few dangeros experiences I'll share if people are interested


Please if you don't mind share the dangerous scenarios you were in.

alienware9917 karma

I've had guns pulled on me several times (including a shotgun and including a cop who thought i was a drug dealer), I've been blocked in by cars/people who had weapons, had people attack my car with weapons. Way to many stories

reddstudent21 karma

We're here for stories. Do tell.

alienware997 karma

I just told one story on another comment further down, i will tell more in a little bit as I'm about to eat dinner. I will also see if i can find my reports for any of these cases to post if possible

probablysometimes12 karma

First off: thanks for taking the time to do this!

Have you ever turned down work based on personal/moral convictions? If so, would you elaborate?

In your opinion what is the best portrayal of your occupation in any movie/tv show? Your thoughts on The Rockford Files?

alienware9914 karma

You very welcome, thanks for participating.

I have yet to turn down any work for any reason, but if there was a situation involving someone I knew I would turn it down.

Unfortunately I really can';t think of any movies that portray my occupation. I would say I'm kind of like a professional stalker lol (that sounds creepy)

dvmitto11 karma

  1. Do you have a normal outfit for work?
  2. What car do you use?
  3. What's something about the job that you didn't realized until you're in it?
  4. How's your experience with the local police?
  5. What's the most fucked up case?
  6. Are you intending to strike out privately in the future or are you comfortable at the company? why?
  7. What kind of cases are the mainstay for PIs? Are they any like the Hollywood version (full of homicides and stuff)?
  8. Are there famous PIs?
  9. What does your office look like?
  10. What are the things you never leave the house without?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

alienware9915 karma

  1. My normal work outfit is not what youd expect. A pair of basketball shorts, a t-shirt, a hat and sneakers. I spend lots of time in my vehicle so its nice to be comfortable. I do however keep spare clothes in my trunk if I ever need them.
  2. I drive a mustang, its not the best vehicle for my job because it sometimes sticks out, but they are a dime a dozen these days so its not to bad.
  3. The commute is rough. Sometimes its 2 1/2 hours one way and other days it could be 5 minutes (a normal day is between an hour and 1 1 1/2 hours).
  4. For the most part they aren't a problem at all and sometimes help out. Every morning I call the station and let them know my information and where ill be and what I am doing. Sometimes they will tell me its required I come to the station which can be a hassle. I've only had one bad situation where a cop gave me a ticket for window tint. It's obviously required for my job, and 99% of the time they will not bother you about it but this officer was young and seemed like he wanted to flex his authority so gave me one anyways because technically its not legal in my state. Not a big deal though because my company covers the cost.
  5. I wrote this somewhere else but ill say it again, I worked a case that was domestic (a woman cheating on her husband). Nothing out of the ordinary, saw her and the male at the apartment. The next day she was found dead.
  6. I have no thoughts about doing this independently or starting my own investigation company. As of now I am very happy where I am, but who knows in the future.
  7. Basically your old run of the mill insurance fraud 80% of the time. People claiming they can't do this or use that.
  8. None that I know of, but there could be.
  9. The office is comprised of a training room, a room with about 8 cubicles with 4 smaller office rooms connected to it for the higher ups, and then then upstairs with 3 large office rooms where the owner and 2 others work. I don't report to the office very often if at all. I go to work from my home then head home when the day is done. I only go there when it is necessary (few times a year).
  10. Things I never leave home without is my camera and pen cam, their chargers, a phone charger, my badge/ID, wallet, cell phone and a snack. Most of this I usually keep in my car.

Thank you for participating!

Poondoggie9 karma

What's it like being a private dick?

alienware9929 karma

Its better than being an open-book dick.

In all seriousness, Its pretty cool. I didn't think I'd enjoy it because it requires lots of driving and patience, but i truly love it. Every day is different and i get to see a lot of places I wouldn't have had the luxury to have seen if not for my work.

laurgalor8 karma

How helpful are social media sites such as Facebook in your investigating?

alienware999 karma

They are very helpful. We have a group of Investigators who strictly work in the office and research FB and other online mediums to get information we can use.

lolfailnoob7 karma

What's the wierdest and most astonishing case you have ever handled?

alienware9917 karma

That would be a domestic case i worked, where the claimant was thoguht to be cheating on her spouse. Nothing particularly crazy happened the day i investigated it but a day later she was found dead.

reddstudent4 karma

Do people you investigate often wind up dead?

alienware998 karma

No they do not, not at all that I know of

CaptainMonkeee3 karma

Natural causes or murder?

alienware995 karma


immensethrowaway6 karma

Have you ever been doing an investigation on one subject and found another, unrelated issue that was an equal to or larger in importance to your original mission?

alienware997 karma

Only thing i can think of that kind of answers your question is that I've seen drug deals being done while working in certain areas, but that's about it.

CountofAccount6 karma

What are the telltale signs someone is a private investigator?

What do movies and books always get wrong about PIs?

alienware997 karma

If you see a dark vehicle with tint in an obscure location for a long period of time, its most likely a PI.

I guess the fact that they always show the exciting stuff but never the boring stuff (long periods of time just sitting around with no activity, days where nothing happens, long drives etc.)

pikey1015 karma

In domestic cases what percentage is a client normally right? Like I believe my S/O cheating or they are not going where they say they are.

alienware9911 karma

i would say 99% right. If they go as far as hiring an PI to look into it, their usually right.

luvelywun4 karma

What do you investigate? Insurance fraud or cheating spouses?

alienware996 karma

Insurance fraud is the most common cases. Every once in a while I will have to do domestic cases but they are few and far between

Griffin-dork2 karma

Im just curious how investigating insurance fraud goes. Like what type of claim would someone make and then you would have to investigate.

alienware995 karma

Auto accident for instance, someone claims they can't do certain activities or use certain parts of their body.

methbear333 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA.

What are the best and worst parts of your job? How long have you been a PI? How did you get started in the field and do you see yourself doing as a career long term?

alienware996 karma

Thank you for participating. The best parts of my job i would say is Traveling, Although i don't go crazy far (mainly NJ, PA, DE, NY), i get to go places i wouldn't normally go. The worst part also is probably traveling, but in a different sense. Sometimes i''ll have to go 2.5 hours away and be there by 6 a.m, so i have to leave by 3:30 a.m. The hours can be hectic at times, but I get used to it.

SuaveMF3 karma

I imagine life as a PI is not as glamorous as people make it out to be. Isn't it true that most of your time is spent just sitting and watching/waiting? Here's some questions: (1) When you're out on surveillance , what are the logistics for bathroom usage? Do you just hold it in or do you go into diapers like nascar drivers? Piss in Gatorade bottles like truckers? (2) If a PI smokes, wouldn't it suck for him/her on a surveillance gig? (3) How much domestic cases do you work on and what is the percentage of a customer being right on their SO cheating on them? According to a PI I personally know, he said when someone suspects their So is cheating on them, they are right 100% of the time. Yes...100% of the time. (4) Do you score with a lot of chicks when you tell em you're a PI? (5) Do you like the Moody Blues? (6) What would YOU do if you suspected a PI was paid to follow you? No easy answers such as "change my routine", etc. Thanks!!

alienware992 karma

You are 100% correct with you assessment, there is lots of sitting around and waiting, that's what i do majority of the time.

  1. I have a legit "pee container" in my car that i keep that was given to me for christmas last year actually lol. When it comes to #2, you wither hold it or find somewhere close by when you get a second to break.

  2. I would imagine it would suck. Thankfully I don't smoke.

  3. I personally work domestic cases maybe once or twice every other month. In my experience with the cases I've done, they are always 100% correct. If someone goes to the lengths of hiring a PI to determine if their spouse is cheating, they must be pretty damn sure they are.

  4. I have a girlfriend of 7 months now so I don't really get to use my career as a way to pick up girls. I will say this tho, it's nice to be able to answer people when they ask you what you do for a living and telling them i'm a PI. I feel like it interests creates lots of conversation.

  5. I would make sure i'm doing my job 100% correctly (which I do anyway). I don't think I would confront the other investigator, i would just go about my job and show them there is no need to investigate me.

12OunceEpilogue3 karma

How does a 24 year old get into that business? Seems like a retired cop job or something.

alienware995 karma

Strictly luck, My brother was in the profession. I guess its always good to know somebody in the industry

The_Majestic_Banana3 karma

What's the craziest day you had doing your job?

alienware9913 karma

I've shared some bad stories already so ill share a crazy good story. I was working a case and followed the claimant to Atlantic City. I lost them after about 6 hours so i was told to call it a day. So afterwards I decided to stick around walk the boardwalk a little and gamble a little. I won $700 that day. It was a pretty good day

undercover_blanket2 karma

With all the (potential) danger you find yourself in, I find it odd that you have not once mentioned that you carry any type of weapon for self-defense. Or do you?

alienware993 karma

In my state I am not legally allowed to carry a gun. I do not carry any type of self defense but I, others do though and I probably should

Penny_is_a_Bitch3 karma

If you do decide to carry something to defend yourself with, I recommend pepper spray or something like that. A knife/baton type deal would just escalate the shit out of things a lot of the time. I imagine.

Gotta say, now that I know you don't have to be an ex cop, military, security type, I'm pretty interested in looking into being a PI. Might be up my alley.

Thanks for the ama.

alienware992 karma

Yea, I don't want to get myself in more problems than its worth so thats a good idea. Also,if its something your into id definitely suggest it.

TresChicSarah2 karma

That's so cool! How can I get the job?

alienware998 karma

Laws and the process is different from state to state but I would suggest first looking into it and do some research to make sure it's really something you want to do, then make a professional resume and look for a an investigation company in your area. If during the interview they ask you if you enjoy fishing or hunting say yes...they ask this to see if you a patient person as the job requires lots of patience

alienware992 karma

Get a job at an investigation company or in the law enforcement field doing anything at all, then once you have your foot in the door you'll have a much easier time finding work

LaustinDWoods2 karma

When you tell people that you are a PI, what famous PI do they usually compare you with?

alienware995 karma

Emerson Cod? I dont know lol

ariscris2 karma

What's the least accurate stereotypical PI characteristic in TV shows?

alienware993 karma

In my experience it would be that they usually seem to be middle aged. Alot of my co-workers are late 20s and early 30s

monalisafacial2 karma

What kind of fraud attempts do you regularly see? And how do you prove they are

alienware992 karma

fraud attempts people try to pull are usually work related or auto related injuries. They cwill claim their back, neck, shoulder etc is in pain and they are unable to do certain things such as drive or walk without support.

Most of the time the claimant is lying. You will catch them going to the gym, driving, doing yard work, working on their car, working a job under the table. One of the biggest mistakes people make is claiming they cant do a specific activity then get caught doing it. I sometimes follow people to rehab centers or a doctors office where they limp in with a cane then once they leave they walk fine with no support

Lazer_chiken2 karma

Has anything you've investigated gone on to become a much more serious issue with a full fledged police investigation or something?

alienware991 karma

None of the cases I've personally worked have to my knowledge

AnsonKindred2 karma

How much of your job is just searching on google?

alienware992 karma

About 1%. There are employees whose job it is to strictly search online for information, but they are in the office everyday. I only go on to look up information that may be useful to me that hasn't already been relayed to me (maybe look at their FB page to see if they will be doing anything of note anytime soon)

kneeesocks2 karma

Have you ever refused to do service for anyone? Also, have you ever been or almost been caught?

alienware991 karma

I have never refused any work yet (but I would if i felt it was necessary). I have been caught a few times but nothing serious came of it

ian14212 karma

What kind of jobs did you work before you become a PI? What would you say it takes to do the job?

alienware993 karma

Pretty normal jobs. I worked for my county's newspaper. I worked in the sports department. It was great, i had my own cubicle and iMAC, watched sports and wrote about local sports games. This was when I was 17-18. I was only part-time and the pay sucked but it was fun.

CaptainMonkeee2 karma

I imagine for this position you have to stay active and fit like a real officer. Do you work out and contol diet because of the job?

What is your workout routine like?

If not, is it because it is unnecessary and you usually just watch others?

Also, you could probably carry pepperspray at least. Not having any weapons is making me uneasy!

alienware993 karma

I don't work out often. Also, my diet isn't anything special, its actually pretty poor. I am an average looking guy tho, normal height and weight.

Its not because its unecessary, i mean it isn't necessary but I'd like to be in awesome shape, its just a lot of dedication.

Yes thats what i was thinking, thanks

George_Hale2 karma

How did you become a PI and at such a young age? I thought that in order to be a PI you had to had some police experience or military experience or something like that. Did you just go to college and then? What's the process?


alienware992 karma

I had the same thought as you until my brother got into the business. I realized how (for lack of a better work) simple it was then through luck and my brother I got in.

Indexpert2 karma

I'm 23 and a buddy of mine said he could get me a job at the law firm he works at as a "legal investigator", I know the process is different from state to state (I'm in Michigan). But was it difficult for you to obtain your license?

alienware993 karma

It was moderately difficult but I was committed so I had no problem, like you states it is different from state to state but if you work hard you will no doubt succeed. Good luck!

alienware992 karma

It was not as difficult as one might think, not at all. It did not take long, just some training, and then I was in

JustinBotkins1 karma

Weird seeing this post. Had this discussion with my step father the other day about how to get into Private investigating. 24 seems a bit young to me, but idk. Can you please share how you became a PI?? Thank you!

alienware991 karma

I would say i'm definitely on the younger side but there are several others I work with who are late 20s. Like i stated a few other times I get in through the help of my brother. I did still have to put in a lot of time and hard work to get where I am

ceslek1 karma

Do you read the the Sue Grafton Alphabet series?

alienware991 karma

I do not and have never heard of it before, but I am going to look into it now. Thank you

deminaut1 karma

How did you get into the business? Do you do a lot of detective work that ends up ruining marriages? Do you ever feel your safety is threatened because of how your job has effected others lives?

alienware993 karma

My brother introduced me into the business and set me up with the job. He is also a PI.

I really dont follow up on cases after they are worked to see if the marriage is ruined, but I'm sure I have. I don't really think of it as me ruining the marriage tho, the cheater ruined it themselves, they just got caught by me.

I do not feel that way at all. I am basically completely anonymous to the people I work.

noahomg1 karma

Have you ever been hired by someone to investigate another private investigator who is investigating you?

Sorry a friend told me this joke a few days ago and I had to ask

alienware992 karma

Not to my knowledge lol. Sometimes though investigators will be assigned to follow other investigators without their knowledge to make sure they are doing their job correctly.

off topic: I do now notice other investigators throughout everyday life every so often now that I know what to search for

pyrochyde1 karma

Are PI's allowed to carry? If so, can they fire on suspects?

alienware991 karma

Some can, some can't. It varies state by state. I for instance do not. I would imagine if they are in danger and fear for their lives they can shoot

HogBomber20011 karma

This one is pretty important to me, so I'd really hope you'll answer.

I have a friend i've been looking for for years. I miss her dearly. She Moved when we were in the 4th grade, and she was a riot to be around. I miss her. I can only remember her adopted last name tho. Not her maiden one. Advice?

alienware991 karma

This is really something the people who work in the office could answer better then me. My only advice would be to search for her on google and all social media sites (which i'm sure you've already done) and ask other people who knew her if they remember her name.

Btjimmymatt1 karma

How much could you make in a year and what are your hours like?

alienware993 karma

I cant really elaborate but I am by no means rich, but i'm not poor either. I make enough to live off of comfortably tho. The hours are usualy 40 hours a week (five 8 hour days not counting travel) and 2 days off. My days off are not set in stone tho. Some weeks it will be mon-tues others it will be sun-mon its always different. Counting in my drive time, its about 50-55 hours a week

AussieTerry1 karma

Have you ever wanked in a clients house?

alienware998 karma

I have not, I'm a private dick who likes to wank his dick in private

niiltios1 karma


alienware991 karma

I do not, do you suggest it? I will look into it though.

BaaBob1 karma

Are you a native speaker of English? Just curious.

alienware993 karma

I am, but i take it you ask this because my grammar/spelling is poor?

Provel1 karma


alienware992 karma

Ok ill bite on this, although i cant give an exact figure. A 7th year PI would be making about 90k.

Reluctant_Rakkasan1 karma

Have you realized that Alienware products are extremely overpriced within the last 5 months?

alienware992 karma

I've realized this after one week. Don't get me wrong its a good product, it just costs more than it should

The_Sloop_John_B1 karma

What's your favorite literary / cinematic depiction of a private eye?

(Currently very much enjoying Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice)

alienware993 karma

I don't know if this counts but shutter Island is one of my favorite movies (even tho Leo plays a detective and not a PI). Also, in all seriousness the great mouse detective was one of my favorite movies as a child.

i_dont_give_adam1 karma

how did you get into that? i read the Sherlock books and got a huge i can do that boner how different is it from Sherlock Holmes? that sounds like a dumb question...

alienware991 karma

What he does is almost nothing like what I do. They have to spice it up for TV, but my job does have its moments

bonerassault1 karma

What was the case that made you fear for your life the most ?

alienware992 karma

When I had someone approach me with a shotgun. Also, working in very bad locations where there is lots of gang activity and crime isn't fun

Duuwc1 karma


alienware992 karma

Less than a year, and the scariest thing would be people pulling a shotgun on me

wogtog1 karma

Do you carry a gun around with you, and if you do have you ever had to use it?

alienware992 karma

I do not, it would be cool tho

patrickkevinsays1 karma

Late to the party but I was wondering if your employer paid for the tint on your car? You mentioned it was necessary for the job and I'd think that they would pay to have this done.

alienware991 karma

They did not actually. I'm sure i could have been compensated but I did not want to nickel and dime them, especially being the new guy at the time.

Pantherpants1 karma

Do you actually use Alienware computers?

alienware991 karma

Yes I have an Alienware M14Xr2 i purchased a few years ago

sundialhero1 karma

How does one get into such a field, is there certain requirements to do so? Did you ever have to be a cop?

alienware991 karma

Requirements vary from state to state, I did not have any law enforcement background, I do however have an associates degree in business.

bong-water1 karma

How would one go about getting such a job? Are you drug tested?

alienware991 karma

I would suggest simply applying. I was not drug tested but I'm not sure if that is the norm

IsHARI1 karma

Do you like the Dire Straits' Private Investigations?

alienware991 karma

I've never heard of it before but I will be sure to check it out!

hoodyupload1 karma

What inspired you to become private investigator and what do you enjoy most in the job?

alienware991 karma

My inspiration was that its a job i find interesting and fun (majority of the time). I never wanted to be in a profession where I dreaded going to work every morning. The part i enjoy most is pay day every other Friday lol

jam13371 karma

How often do you use pickup lines to do with investigating privates?

alienware991 karma

Never, but i'm open to hearing some suggestions that I can use in the future

raiko_1 karma

Do you know where Jessica Hyde is?

alienware991 karma

on the run?

AJ1Z31 karma

How do you get a start in that industry?

alienware991 karma

I'd suggest calling up and seeing if there is any positions available. I mentioned it on another comment but they do just hire "off the street" occasionally

theOtherRyanReynolds1 karma

Hey. Cool AMA. I've worked with various security companies. Both daytime and graveyard shifts at shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes. Is this relevant at all to the P.I. field? Worth about mentioning to get hired? Thanks

alienware991 karma

I don't know how similar those positions are to what I do, but they would definitely look good on a resume if applying to be a PI. So yes, i would definitely mention it

Patches671 karma

So how many spouses do you spy on who SO's think they're cheating?

alienware991 karma

not very often, but every once in a while this cases come up. I'd say maybe once a month give or take

g43991 karma

How would you recommend someone else in there early twenties get a job as a Private Investigator without a brother to put a good word in?

alienware992 karma

First look into it, do research and see the requirements. Some states I believe require college, others do not (but it's always a bonus). Also, make sure you have a vehicle that is dark in color and doesn't stick out. Find an investigative agency near your location and see if they are hiring for any position then work your way up. Most of my co-workers did it that way, started off small and worked their way up within a year or two.

m33sh41 karma

How did you get started in detective work? Do you have a degree? My friends say I would make a good PI because I like "digging for facts", and I'll admit it, I'm curious. Do you recommend it?

alienware993 karma

I would definitely recommend it.its truly a job that most days you forget it's even work because your so invested in it. I was introduced to it by my brother who set me up with the job. I do have an associates degree. You sound like you would be a great PI, I suggest you look into it!

m33sh41 karma

Did you get certified?

alienware991 karma

yes I did get certified. It wasn't all that long of a process

alienware991 karma

I have an associates degree, but it is not related to law enforcement. I would definitely recommend it if it interests you. Sounds like you would be good in the office. We have several employees who do research online looking for whatever information they can

Li0nhead1 karma

Is my girlfriend having an affair?

alienware991 karma

If you think she is, there is a 50% chance, If she does anything out of the ordinary and has bullshit excuses she 75% is, If she is always on her phone and never lets you see it she 99% is

Adzy121 karma

Thanks for spending the time for this AMA!

Are you given a specific car for you to travel in or do you have use your own? If they give you one, what type of car?

alienware991 karma

I use my own car, and pay for my own gas but I get compensated for every mile I drive which comes out to be about 6 times more than I spend on gas, and it isn't taxed, so it works out good. And I drive a mustang

LeWaffle1 karma

What year? Come join us over at /r/Mustang!

alienware991 karma

08, I didn't even know that subreddit existed! I will be joining and visiting frequently, Thanks!

Hallogemz1 karma

Have you ever had to like spy on the wife to tell the husband that she isn't cheating on him? Or that she is.

alienware991 karma

Yes I have had to investigate woman (and men) to see if they were cheating on their spouse numerous times. I have never had to break the news to them that their significant other is cheating though, that is my bosses job

Draestrix1 karma

I think we all want to know—is being a detective IRL anything like the TV dramas?

alienware992 karma

Very rarely is it ever like you see on TV. Maybe once every few months i will have a day where I think to myself "this would make a good episode on a TV show"