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MrDeadfisch25 karma

I'm a 23 year old virgin and the idea of sex fascinates me. Would love to hear from a pro- what's some wisdom you could impart about the game or the act itself? Vague on purpose. Dealer's choice.

ingodwetryst65 karma

Have some charisma. Be yourself. Be clean. Don't do things you see in porn. Self confidence is sexy - sexier than a six pack. When I date, the guys I date tend to be quirky or offbeat - some are attractive, others probably not. I don't really care about that honestly, as long as you're real and as long as you're you.

In terms of the act itself. Find angles that work for you. Don't be afraid to use lube. Make sure you know how to put a condom on correctly - and don't do that thing where you go to put it on and its backwards so you flip it around. No :(.

I've devirginised many men in my life, with the oldest being 34. If you find the right woman, it can be a really special experience. I tend not to notice the clock when I'm with a virgin - as someone's virginity is fucking priceless. I kind of also made a hobby of this personally - giving people awesome virginity experiences. I like the idea of being an amazing lifelong memory for someone I think.

MrDeadfisch12 karma

This answer is everything I was looking for and actually was inspiring. Thank you.

ingodwetryst14 karma

I'm glad :D I tried to be useful!

felipebarroz11 karma

"Self confidence is sexier than six abs". So why every girl I've became a friend goes crazy with models and gym guys who have them? Why they share their pics on only-girls whatsapp groups?

I'm calling bullshit on this affirmation. I'm not mad at anything (I'm a very healthy and happy guy in a long term relationship), but six abs and a fit body does attract ALL Girls and helps a lot when you want to get them to your bed.

ingodwetryst15 karma

Not people who get paid for companionshio. We work a little differently ;) Is it attractive? YES. Do I find it sexier than personality? No. I've had some really hot guys pay to see me. I have had some hot guys in my personal life. I much prefer someone who can make me laugh. How attractive someone is...4th or 5th on my list. Easily.

I actually take a lot of shit about the men I date, and we always draw attention in public. I've only dated one "hot" guy. The average guy I date tends to be about 30-40lbs overweight. The last guy I dated was 60lbs overweight when we started dating. Guys tend to get in good shape when we date though because a) I cook things that aren't total abortions for you and b) I'm a pretty active person. I always lament when the belly disappears.

felipebarroz3 karma

Oh, now I understand that you're not implying that it's general, just your opinion. Than that's OK. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

But for going out and meeting a girl, it's way easier being sexy than being funny. For a relationship the appearance became less important and gives place to other features, but for meeting a new girl... Nothing beats a gym body. Period.

ingodwetryst1 karma

Oh no, just MY personal opinion. I would venture far enough to say other providers may feel the same way though. That's a hard relationship to be the partner of though.

Yeah absolutely meeting a new girl you want to be on point with your body - but it's gotta go further. Even the hottest girls want a little something.

Me personally loves when someone can make me laugh - like Jessica Rabbit. I don't care if you look like you've been hit with the face with a shovel as long as we spend most of our time laughing and enjoying life.

-___o4 karma


ingodwetryst6 karma

Research is so important in this and unfortunately people don't really know that until they have an experience that's less than optimal.

I agree it's not an ideal experience - have you seen providers since then? Are you still sexually active? I'm not trying to be nosy, more wondering if you've had any GOOD experiences since then.

-___o2 karma


ingodwetryst4 karma

Totally understood :( I'm glad you've had good experiences at least :)

escortenjoyer2 karma

...I lost my virginity to an escort that was a complete clock watcher. Rushed me through it and mentioned the time constantly. Reading this saddened me seeing there was someone who actually views taking someones virginity like this.

I'm sure those who've you taken em from really appreciate it. And in a sense its wonderful to read, just wish I had a similar experience.

ingodwetryst5 karma

I'm really sorry to even hear that. Honestly I operate under this principle: Treat others as you wish to be treated. I don't care how corny that sounds honestly, it's absolutely my #1 business principle. The stuff I write on my website isn't me blowing smoke up your ass and getting you in the door, it's how I actually feel. I am a very genuine, honest, and forward person - I see no reason not to be. It's gotten me pretty far too.

I've had many appointments involving other women, and I always read their website first and you know what? 90% of the time, it's total bullshit. You meet them and they're...dumb. There's no better way to put it. They are every stereotype embodied in the "dumb hooker" misnomer despite beautiful photos and a classy writer. I never wanted to be that - so I write and design my own website, I only offer things I want to do, and I treat people with dignity and respect. Other women in this profession and wives have led to me really not wanting any more contact with women than sex. I often joke (and I know up front it's sexist and terrible) that if a woman is still in my bed the next morning she better be lost or making breakfast.

It's not really that hard to be a human being honestly - like, you spent your time working to make your money and you're REALLY indulging to spend that much on a short period of time. I GET THAT. And so I do the absolute best I can to make sure you get what you're looking for. Anything else and I'd be failing myself as much as you.

Tiredthrowaway115 karma


ingodwetryst16 karma

Nope. Do you suspect Zoe of being a sex worker? You should just ask.

Tiredthrowaway115 karma

Well she did receive special favors for sex after all.

Though that says much much more about the gaming "journalists" than her.

ingodwetryst25 karma

OH! THAT ZOE! Haaaaaaaa.

No I'm not THAT Zoe.

thrilhouse0315 karma

What is the most vanilla thing someone has paid for?

ingodwetryst46 karma

-A movie, cuddling, and a nap. -Lunch at Ruth's Chris.......and no private time -A day watching me shop (I am not a girly girl, am bad at shopping...this was for comedic value of the client) -A day where I showed them the entire city and took them to tourist type places

2.5 hours ;)

itsasilverunicorn7 karma

2.5 hours?! My neck & jaw are in pain just thinking about it...kudos to you!

ingodwetryst10 karma

I took a few days off after that one, for sure.

it5thebum15 karma

How. Did you get started in your line of work, and do you enjoy it?

ingodwetryst23 karma

I adore my job. I meet a lot of great people, I make pretty good money, and I can have orgasms on the clock.

There are downsides like more frequent "lady problems" due to PH changes, assholes/rude people, dirty guys (I actually find cut guys to be the worst because they THINK they can do less because it's "cleaner". NOT TRUE).

JimsanityOSB3 karma

Could you go on about what you mean about "cut guys"? Yes I know what cut refers to. Thanks.

Unforgiven176 karma

I think she means circumcised.

JimsanityOSB3 karma

"they think they can do less because it's cleaner" any ideas?

ingodwetryst25 karma

Yes. They think because they don't have skin on their dick they don't have to actually use soap and their hands. So many cut guys pay no attention to their cock and ball area because they think they're cleaner by default - and they're not.

alparry12 karma

I've often thought about what it would be like to spend some time with an escort, but I can't get over how embarrassing and awkward it would be for me.

So I guess my question is how do you make clients feel comfortable and relaxed in, what I imagine, is a very uncomfortable/awkward situation at first?

ingodwetryst30 karma

I think shock is what puts most of them at ease. Whether I am in a hotel or a permanent incall location I try to make the room as decorative, comforting, and relaxing as I can. At no point should you ever feel like you're with an escort. If so, she's done it completely wrong. The exception is if you start asking about the industry during your session.

For example though, in my old apartment when I opened the door you were greeted by me (in something sexy but not obvious) and behind me was a huge decorative art poster of a Skyline GT-R. Why? Because I like hot cars, and so do most guys. Put them at ease right away, gave me some common ground (or if not, it gave them something to ask about), and made me more human.

After you come in, you'd see the 50 candles. Wall mounted, on surfaces, you name it. Candlelight is awesome. I had some ambient pinkish/red light too. In a hotel, I still manage decorate with 30 candles and I used to have a relaxation fountain (it broke). People are usually stunned that I "go through so much trouble for them" that they forget to be nervous.

Honestly, I've never had anyone stay nervous once we got past the getting to know you. Getting there can sometimes take 1/2 to 3/4 of the session, but I will often times let those run a little bit over and THEY point out the time. My concern is you, not the clock.

So I guess the TL:DR version is I treat people like people not customers. I want us to have a good experience and nice time together, not just whambamthankyouma'am don't forget your hat.

KafkaSyd11 karma

How often do you taken out to meals and/or shows? Is it usually just business in a hotel room or do you get wined and dined?

ingodwetryst13 karma

It depends on where I'm working, and how much. When I tour full time, most of my visits are 4 hours or less. It typically works like this: 1, 1.5, 2 hrs appointments are just room. Usually 30-50% of the time is talking.

3/4 hour appointments are either dinners out (or we bring in a fruit plate) and about half the time end there. These are my most common bookings as I'm pretty composed in public (I look like a hot librarian. Apparently.) I'm college educated, "wordly", and "well spoken" (I hate labels) so while I am great behind closed doors, I'm also apparently super fun to go out with too. I love being taken to the strip club, even more when we bring one of the strippers back to the room.

THE BEST part of my job is being paid to spend time with OTHER BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! I have seen gorgeous strippers and other providers from all over.

More about your question though: When I was working full time, I had a 2 hour minimum and I'd say 75% of my visits were 4+ hours. I did a lot of overnights. That's usually dinner, show, shopping, whatever - then some wine, sleep, wake, shower, part ways. I don't like wine, but people love to drink the entire bottle while I sip a glass. Sure. Why not?

_ActionDan_3 karma

Did you mean "worldly"?

Interesting AMA by the way.

ingodwetryst8 karma

I should have added (sic) after that. No, a client told me I was wordly. I am only semi-worldly after all - I've been to something like 42 states but only 4 countries/2 continents.

KafkaSyd3 karma

Ok, what about scariest situation? I figure there's got to be some. Especially with overnight stays. I hear a lot of escorts refuse to do these.

ingodwetryst9 karma

I was set up by another provider and robbed. Money is money, so I let him have it, and cut my losses. I think it was about 8 grand? I just booked another tour and worked extra to make up for it.

I was robbed by a "friend" once as well. He got about 5k...but it didn't really work out for him because stealing from me basically made his life go to shit.

KafkaSyd5 karma

You just carry that much money on you? Or did they bring you to an atm or something?

ingodwetryst15 karma

I was on tour with no branches of my bank around so I hid the money in various locations throughout my room in the form of money orders.

I don't regularly walk around with stacks like that no - but if you ever see a woman pull a plain white envelope out of her purse and pay? She's a hooker. Seriously.

HitPause9 karma

How often do married men ask for your services? Do you feel bad if they are married?

ingodwetryst21 karma

80% of my clients are married. I don't really feel bad as if someone chooses to withhold sex in a relationship (usually reasons cited are "lack of interest", "it's not there anymore", "she doesn't want to"), you should be realistic about what's probably going to happen. And it's that your partner will sleep with someone else. I don't judge anyone for what they do - but I'll say I find it questionable when people with sick partners come to me. I understand when the person is long term sick and can never spend time together again, but when someone is going through something? Yeah, that one gets me a little.

That being said - I've also had clients who tell me I've saved their marriages. Why? If they weren't destressing, they wouldn't be able to stay in their marriage the way it is. And sometimes people are compatible in 100 other ways, just not that one.

It's more complicated than you'd believe. I never thought about any of it until I started doing the job.

SuperDuperBlue7 karma

You ever have clients were you wonder why they are even paying for a escort?

ingodwetryst26 karma

Frequently. A lot of the guys like that just don't want the hassle/drama of a whiny annoying clingy girl calling them when they only wanted a nut. I'm a lot simpler, on demand, and in the end cheaper than frequent dates because a) with me it's a sure thing b) you don't have to spend hours with me pretending you enjoy my company c) I won't call you the next day.

JimmyDaGent7 karma


ingodwetryst16 karma

Well that's pretty funny ha.

Favourite city in North America is Vancouver. No question. There's everything there - hiking, beaches, skiiing (I don't ski), urban stuff, places to do outreach work. Great food, HOT women, great weather. Never seen it above 95 or below 28. The ocean is awesome.

Nashville or Vegas are probably my favourite US cities.

I could go on for days ha.

carsmello_anfernee7 karma

What was your most awkard situation?

ingodwetryst28 karma

Oh boy! Lots of those! Here's a few off the top of my head:

-Someone showed up with a paper sign that says "I have severe social anxiety. If we could just sit down for a few minutes together, I'll be able to speak". His voice was shaky and raspy the entire time, and his hands visibly trembled.

-I had a guy yell OH LORDY LORD JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN THANK YOU when he was completing his time.

-I've had 3 people complete their time while just being close. One was even still wearing pants.

-I get people who just want to look at me for awhile, that can be odd when it's over 5 minutes.

RobinArizona6 karma

Mac or PC?

ingodwetryst20 karma

Oh my god, am I being trolled right now? Major kudos if so. If not, the backstory is I've been whinging on twitter about this all week.

My school is forcing me to buy a Macbook Pro and I am SUCH a PC person because I love to build them (my current one is black case, red LEDs, completely clear side and tidy wiring). I am fluent in Mac and happy to use them (and own an iPad...because it was free) but having to BUY one? Ugh :(

bishopazrael3 karma

You might be interested in hackintosh.

ingodwetryst2 karma

I considered that route, inquired about it because of wording in the policy and was told Mac hardware is also required not just OSX.

They better be getting PAID by Apple.

DividendDial3 karma

Specs/pics for your PC?

ingodwetryst7 karma

i7-3770, gtx650, P8B75-V, 16gb ram.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0084L9QBQ That's my case :)

ShmoopyPunch6 karma

I really don't have a question that springs to mind but holy shit I love your site design. I wanted to do something like that for my site but I lacked funding and coding skill to pull it off, settled on a domain linked to tumblr. Sad panda and all.

So yeah, if you did it or whoever did it deserves some kudos.

About your job though, I wish they would just legalize it all. There is no shame in being an independant operator doing what you actually like to do. If we sell alcohol and tax it, why not escort legitimacy?

I'm muddled and tired.

ingodwetryst20 karma

I do my own site. It's WordPress with a very nice theme. I used to hand code my sites, or do image based sites in Photoshop (I studied digital art in university) but once I started touring full time I found WordPress to be an easier route.

I appreciate your thoughts on legalisation. I would prefer decriminalisation personally because I don't necessarily like the idea of my job being regulated. Right now I choose what I do and who I see. Under regulation, that may not be as possible as independents could be banned.

ShmoopyPunch2 karma

That's awesome. I need to switch to WordPress proper. I want to do an art gallery/portfolio blog deal with a similar style, I just never found the right theme yet to make me jump over.

True, though having healthcare provided it could mirror something like the porn industry. I'm more for less restriction and decriminalizing basic human acts. I'm married and I never had any relations with an escort or otherwise, but I would never want an escort or a patron of escorts get arrested for something that's perfectly fine as long as money doesn't change hands. So yeah decriminalization is best. There needs to be a proper middle ground that allows you to operate and not get into shit that also ensures your safety and health. Like the aforementioned porn industry. Only bad part is the porn industry kind of got pushed into one specific place where they can operate, which is terrible.

Sex needs to stop being this weird no no thing. That and militarized police make me not so happy with America, among other things.

I'm long winded, sorry.

ingodwetryst4 karma

Long winded? Hardly. Accurate? Very.

As far as switching to WP, it's definitely worth it for anything art related. My theme is supposed to be a photography portfolio - and it has an AMAZING portfolio feature I don't use aha - but I tweaked it for my own purposes obviously.

You can get a pretty good theme for a portfolio for under $50 USD though. Just keep your eyes open.

michael_j_scofield6 karma

Have you ever been in a relationship, a serious one? How long it was and if your work effected it?

ingodwetryst14 karma


annul2 karma

15-25... then a 3 year relationship... then another 3 year relationship...

should be at least 31...

and your website calls you "late 20s"

are you telling me that people in the sex industry would lie about something like that?!

ingodwetryst11 karma

No, I'm openly polyamorous. These relationships overlap.

Lionheart666 karma

What games do you enjoy? Ever play MMOs?

ingodwetryst25 karma

I played WoW through classic, TBC, and Cata. I was a pvp healer on 2k+ rated Arena teams and 2400+ rated RBG. I don't miss it, but I do miss the people.

I'm into retro games more these days. I have a NES and SNES. I have the ALBW 3DS. A stuffed tanooki mario sits displayed at work - I call him my security guard.

Mmm, as far as modern stuff...I'd say anything the Dynasty Warriors franchise shits out is pretty good in my book (was a little disappointed in 8...) including Warriors Orochi. I enjoyed The Last of Us and Walking Dead.

I don't have an XBOX so it's only PS3, PC, Wii, and retro for me :)

spundred7 karma

You've found the way to the internet's heart.

ingodwetryst14 karma

You have no idea how great it is when I get other nerds at work. I can usually tell and then we spend half the time talking nerd.

DaBahoo5 karma

Dynasty Warriors is THE shit.

ingodwetryst7 karma

It really is - I got into it around when 3 came out and never looked back. It's the #1 reason I still buy consoles.

DaBahoo2 karma

I got into number 2, then I skipped one and when I bought a PS2 I bought number 4, many, many hours spent on DW4 :D.

ingodwetryst3 karma

4 and 5 were probably my favourites. I have a soft spot for 3 because it had Japanese voice acting and English subtitles. So SO much better.

LostJoyIX2 karma

Have you played Link to the Past on SNES yet?

ingodwetryst7 karma

I own the Japanese and English versions. The Japanese versions has a lot of fun glitches you can do like hammer dashing. I highly recommend looking into this if you haven't. You just have to break a couple tabs off of your SNES to play Super Famicom games.

LostJoyIX2 karma

I don't have an actual SNES sadly. I use an emulator. I'll try the glitch on a japanese version though.

shackslack6 karma

Do you lead a double life? If so, how many people know both of your lives?

ingodwetryst16 karma

I absolutely lead a double life - and I want it to end. I would say under 20 people know of both. My best friend from childhood was bored at work one day and on TER and found my reviews. It went well. Another friend found my picture on an agency site (who had stolen the photos). We didn't speak for 3 years. People have very, VERY mixed reactions and so I hesitate to tell people.

I have started "coming out" by saying I'm sexy for money when people ask. People usually drop it at that, assuming nude modelling I suppose. I don't know how or who to tell, or when. I'm not ashamed and I don't plan on quitting any time soon, but I think it's shitty how much a job can dramatically alter someone's opinion of you.

That being said:

Anytime I have a significant other, it's the first thing they know. I actually won't sleep with anyone who I don't tell because I think that's wrong. Not everyone agrees.

When I meet other providers, I NEVER give my real info - as I consider them "work friends" no matter how close we get. Lots of women gossip. I know the real names of tons of women and clients that I should not.


do you have any STDs or HIVs?

ingodwetryst18 karma

I do not. I've thought about that possibility extensively (obviously) and what I would do. The answer is quit my job. It's the only ethical thing to do.


ahh well that's very moral of you. 1 more question, why do you blur your face out?

ingodwetryst15 karma

I need to live a regular life as much as the next person. Some anonymity helps that. There are some hotels in Texas that print out advertisements from escorting sites, and hang them behind the desk. Can you imagine being on a vacation for non work purposes and being told you can't check in because of your job? I also enjoy travelling internationally and showing your face can prohibit that.

Also, given the fact most of my friends are male (unrelated to the job - I've always just gotten along better with guys due to my interests) there is definitely a chance of them looking on the internet for a woman. I was "caught" twice by male friends when I did show my face.

songwind2 karma

Did any of them try to hire you?

ingodwetryst8 karma

I had a male friend who did not know what I do try to offer me 500 dollars for sex once.

That was...awkward (I said no).

songwind2 karma

That was...awkward

Yeah, I bet!

Have you run into clients in a non-work setting? Do they freak?

ingodwetryst6 karma

I tend to live about an hour away from any locale I work in for this reason. It's never happened but the last thing I want to do is see Joe and his wife at the grocery store, Joe recognises me but doesn't say anything, Joe's wife notices he recognises a young sexy redhead. Yeah no.

Tac0sEburritos4 karma

Have you ever declined a client for having a weird fetish?

ingodwetryst16 karma

Not exactly. I've had to remove things from the menu due to people fucking it up though. Examples:

I got poo on my bed, I got poo in my mouth (this also probably qualifies as grossest, or second grossest, work experience). Now many things can no longer happen.

-I used to not deduct time from your package for a shower at all until someone took a 40 minute shower, shaved their body, clogged my tub.

Now you get a "reasonable" shower (about 10 minutes) instead of being able to enjoy my rainfall shower head for free.

ArcticRakun4 karma

How did you get into the escort business?

ingodwetryst17 karma

I was studying in Vancouver and my best friend (who I was living with) fell quite ill, and lost their job. I only had my student aid, and thought "maybe I could pick up a sugar daddy" (as I had previously sold nude photos of myself on the internet, and entertained the idea before).

I tracked one down, went on one date with him and as I walked out the door I said to myself, "I could make more being an escort". I signed up with an agency the next day, went independent 4 months later, have never looked back. I have used it as a means to put myself and my mother through university, help out some friends through hard times, and do outreach work on the DTES in Vancouver (usually I'd buy food for a few homeless people and share a meal with them)

ArcticRakun2 karma

That sounds pretty good. What's your weirdest experience?

ingodwetryst9 karma

I had a guy make up a game once. With memory cards on loose leaf paper. They had things I had to do on them. Some were like "sing" "dance" "tell me a story". Like regular shit. There were a few with sex things on it, and some where he just gave me "bonus money".

Missdeborah7 karma

That sounds more fun than weird.

ingodwetryst12 karma

It was pretty fun - but who hires a provider to play a made up memory game with her? Why did he hire me? You know? It made me wonder about him more as a person, that he wanted to spend money on such an activity.

I guess I could have mentioned the time someone filmed our appointment (I offer filming, it wasn't any weird secret shit) , we played out a scene involving us, and then he used it to draw a comic book.

noss813 karma

The comic book thing sounds interesting. Was it at least any good?

ingodwetryst6 karma

He never actually showed it to me, but we moved all of my furniture and even learned a small script/blocking. As someone who does art, I understood how important all this stuff was which was why he chose me.

Okay, well the DDs and size 0 waist helped too given that whole...comic book part ;)

ThousandMilesAway2 karma

you mean your pants are a size 0? OR you're two-dimensional! inquiring minds need to know!!!!

ingodwetryst5 karma

Ha! You're awesome :) I am unfortunately NOT 2D, but rather I wear a size 0 pant/dress size. Recently I had a little girl in line at a store ask her mom if I was the redheaded barbie.

moombathon4 karma

What are your rates?

ingodwetryst14 karma

The base is 350/hr. The hourly goes down with more time you book, with a 4 hour being just under 300/hr. An overnight I think works out to around a bit over 200/hr. My lowest hourly rate works out around 145/hr for a full day.

I enjoy longer visits, and as such, I scale down for them. Some providers don't. And then some try, but get the math wrong - or don't understand the concept. Or maybe they just want numbers that look good. But nothing is funnier than seeing 350/1 hr, 500/1.4 hr, 700/2 hr. You're doing it wrong. Same with girls who are Independant (sic)

Uriniass11 karma

So If someone offers $1,270,200 could they get you for 1 year?

ingodwetryst18 karma

I realise it's not a serious question - but if you wanted me exclusive it's under 100k/year actually :)

Uriniass8 karma

Wow I always wondered if a forever alone guy that had millions could simply hire someone to be with them lol

ingodwetryst18 karma

I know a couple of women who are exclusive to the tune of 6-8k/month. They see the guys 2-3x a week and are on call. The guys tend to be very needy, whiny, and hard to tolerate. I don't envy them.

Uriniass5 karma

wow someone with that kind of cash should be headstrong and level headed. I guess money cant buy leadership quality's ha

ingodwetryst14 karma

More like they play pretend at work all day being the tough guy in charge and smart and strong - and with the woman they want to be themselves. It makes sense, but I agree it's unexpected.

[deleted]2 karma


ingodwetryst5 karma

The more time you want with a person, the less that time costs. Mostly because they know you aren't going to be banging them relentlessly for hours on end.

Also the more you get to know someone, even in a business situation, the closer you get. I've never had feelings or been attached to clients - but I was definitely sad to move away from my regulars when I left Nashville. I still see things that remind me of some of them. I mean, we're all people at the end of it.

airazor20003 karma

What are the laws in your area in regards to prostitution? How do you avoid legal issues?

ingodwetryst10 karma

I only sell time which is completely legal in all 50 states.

shvartsmandaniel3 karma

Have you ever done anything you were ashamed of in your line of work?

ingodwetryst12 karma

Nope. The entire goal is to do my job, be good at it, be proud, and be happy. Like anyone else with a "normal" job it has its ups and downs. I've never done anything really morally questionable either. I'm a pretty straight shooter, and I value honesty and integrity as they are increasingly rare in the world we live in.

That being said sometimes I feel like a little sad when I'm screening a guy and find photos of him and his happy wife. Not sad because I'm "hurting her" or whatever, but sad that my job has to exist. See, most of my clientele are husbands who have wives that no longer have a connection - most of the time the reasons they give me involve power plays/money/etc and I don't feel sad for those. I feel sad when a guy says something like he sees me because him and his wife have 4 kids and she's too tired from being a fulltime mom to have sex. I wish he'd spend the money and get a sitter, take her out to a nice dinner, and forget about the sex for a couple days. I get that men have urges, and typically more than women, but man. She deserves it.*

*This is not a real case or person, rather an example. I promise!

aquadylan3 karma

Where did the name Missy Mariposa come from?

ingodwetryst5 karma

I had a friend who called everyone Mister or Missy - no matter where their name came from, so I picked that. I wanted it to alliterate with something that sounded nice and went with Mariposa (butterfly).

Sometimes I wish I could change my name to something more "me", like Aubrey or Penelope (Penny!) - but it's a 'brand recognition' thing at this point.

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ingodwetryst12 karma

Is your name from Twitch Plays Pokemon? If so, big hugs.

Anyway, no. I don't have a family other than my mom, and I don't want one. I'm a hedonist who loves to travel. That's no life for children, as much as I do adore them.

Assuming I did have children, I'd probably talk to them about it when they were adults and could understand. I wouldn't be against them getting into sex work, though I'd tell them the very harsh realities of the job first.

On the flip side, telling my mom is something I've gone back and forth on for a few years - mostly because I help take care of her and she is unappreciative as fuck. I almost wonder if she wouldn't feel some kind of guilt or shame in treating me like a bank if she knew where it all came from.

Ja-air-ed3 karma

Console or PC?

ingodwetryst9 karma

I am a PC gamer through and through - but as I mentioned before, I do own a NES, SNES, Wii, and PS3 :)

moombathon3 karma

Meet anyone famous?

ingodwetryst10 karma


You know what I get a lot of though? Their handlers. Tour managers, personal assistants, that kind of thing.

VolcanicAsh1013 karma

Do you escort just men or women as well? How do you handle each gender differently? Any work with trans women, etc.?

ingodwetryst9 karma

I ADORE women. Most of the time they bring their husbands along. You can always tell when it's her idea or his idea, that's for sure. I do have some solo lady clients.

Women get a different time/rate structure. In terms of how I treat them? The same. I actually get very girly/shy/cute when I'm around another woman whereas I'm confident, outgoing, bold, brash, and blunt around men.

I've never had a transgendered client, but I am not opposed. I am a huge LGBT advocate.

riograndekingtrude3 karma

Are you into swinging with your SO? Is that something you look for?

ingodwetryst6 karma

Swinging? No. I've done the polyamory thing before though. I like that, but don't mind monogamy.

riograndekingtrude2 karma

Thanks for the reply, this has been an interesting AMA.

ingodwetryst4 karma

No problem! I was kind of sitting here and I was like "huh, I guess my job IS kind of interesting to people" and said fuck it. Good use of an extra night in a shitty city.

Scoop_Life3 karma

Whats the best online resource to find listings for local escorts?

ingodwetryst9 karma

This is kind of region based so I'll do the best I can - as I'm not sure about the midwest/western area of the country these days. AVOID Backpage unless there's nowhere else and if you have to use BP do your research. I don't care how cheap or good it looks, it's mostly bait and switches, bad experiences, and stings. To find REPUTABLE providers:

Nationwide: TheEroticReview.com, Date-Check.com, Preferred411.com, ECCIE.net

In addition: Northeast: BestGFE.com South: SouthernGFE.com

walid3733 karma

What is your craziest story?

ingodwetryst10 karma

I watched a guy spend 20,000 in a mall once. That was...pretty crazy.

Sexually? People completing their time without being touched always fascinates me.

Paul-ish3 karma

Was it Hodor?

ingodwetryst3 karma

You just made my day.

Merrizon3 karma

Do you have like a bodyguard nearby or somewhere to call if shit hits the fan?

ingodwetryst5 karma

I have a security protocol. I can't share it but yeah, I've got it covered. I took some self defense lessons who a guy who mostly trains escorts as well.

workaccountoftoday3 karma

What is your retirement plan?

ingodwetryst3 karma

Like to "escape the industry"? Or retire period? The answer is pretty much the same - save money. I don't have any plans to exit my job currently, but there's a safety net in place in the event I need to.

workaccountoftoday2 karma

Either? I mean you can't be an escort forever unfortunately, and a lot of people who make obscene amounts of money for doing something not approved by society tend to just spend all their cash rather than saving it up.

I just wondered if you had another option for a career outside of it, or if you were just saving a good portion of the money for a safety net!

ingodwetryst3 karma

Well I put myself through undergrad and am going to complete a masters as well. I suppose that's really the fallback right? I'm honestly going to school for the life experience and self development as I plan to be a provider until it's no longer the most profitable living I can make.

It's very true how fast the money can go. I've watched people go from 10k in their hand to nothing in 2 days. It's absolutely sick how much advantage some providers take of lonely guys too. I find my disdain of other women grows each year I do this job - be it from hearing stories about wives or meeting other providers.

CockMeatSandwich3 karma

I'm assuming most of your transactions are in cash. How do you get the money into your bank account and do you pay taxes? Do you launder it first?

ingodwetryst7 karma

Why would I launder my money? What I do isn't dirty.

I do pay taxes, quarterly. Even when I lived outside of the USA because USA (the only country to do this mind you) taxes you based on citizenship not residency.

FormsTheory3 karma

Kudos for this AMA

I know our professions cross fairly often, I am a hotel night manager (5*). I have had some very unfortunate scenarios play out in the past, everything from robbing the clients, beating up the girls and sadly I recently had a pro OD with me. I am infinitely saddened by the unfortunate and inherent dangers of your line of work... I always warn the girls (if I can spot them) to be safe and call if things go sideways....

Do you find that most hotel staff or general people are understanding? (I hope they are).

ingodwetryst5 karma

That's so unfortunate. There are a LOT of awful, awful things in this job. A very dark side to the industry. I try not to focus on it because I've seen it firsthand myself, and it's...I don't know, I feel like the more we work towards acceptance the more that kind of shit becomes unacceptable. It's seen as expected/normal/okay right now because we're "just" workers. If we were a legitimate profession people would be like "uh wtf that guy is an asshole". Same deal with girls robbing guys. That's fine because "well you were seeing a provider, what did you expect". Nooo...it's still wrong.

I try to be very discreet in hotels. Let me tell you this first and foremost. I don't wear makeup and my hair is back when I check in. I dress conservatively and am quiet. I clean up my own room - as in, when housekeeping comes in the sheets are off both beds, all towels are in the tub, I've already removed the garbage from the room, and I leave a nice tip.

As such, I've had nothing but amazing experiences with staff thusfar knock on wood and hope that continues. I always wonder if they know. I think there's definitely a few places that do, and I get scared - but I've heard that we're a huge chunk of hotel business so as long as we're discreet, we're left alone. I've found that to be true, but is the part about business true? Are we a lot of it?

cardboard-cutout2 karma

You said you enjoy nerd stuff, do you play board games?

ingodwetryst9 karma

I play Yahtzee and Mahjong every single day of my life.

cardboard-cutout4 karma

Not the board games I had in mind, (I was thinking 7 wonders or ticket to ride etc). But I guess that works

ingodwetryst6 karma

Oh! I quite enjoy Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, and Stratego!

[deleted]2 karma

Has anyone ever paid you to play video games with them?

ingodwetryst3 karma

I get...so fewer gamers than I ever thought I would. I get a LOT of nerdy IT guys - my favourite clients because common interests make the connection easier to establish which makes the other part better for them - and then a lot of people who barely know how to use their phone. Gamers are kind of an exception and a treat. I'd honestly let someone stay overtime if the game we played was something I actually enjoyed.

I've been paid to do other non exciting things - walk around, go shopping, take naps, watch movies. Oh, cooking dinner - I actually offer this on my website. I'll come to your place (or when I'm in a city where I have a full time location, you can come there), the meal is mostly done when you arrive, you sit and we chat while I finish it, you eat, we play, and you can take the leftovers if you remember to bring clean containers ;)

sumant282 karma

If you have sex with a gigolo who pays?

ingodwetryst11 karma

If he books, he pays. I've actually had a straight male escort book me, and as soon as he told me what he did (without letting me get a word in) he goes "We can have 10 minutes at the end of the session to talk about MY job".

KomodoMoses2 karma


ingodwetryst8 karma

Not on the menu :P

For real though, I actually don't let people tickle me in my real life either so I'm not sure anymore.

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ingodwetryst5 karma

Never. If they're dirty, I make them take a shower. I've had people dirty after a shower, but it's usually not so bad. I'd say I only get super gross people...once a month or so?

stemid852 karma

I love the gimmick escort thing, would you consider working abroad a year? This is just me wishing you were here in Sweden where I am instead of over there. :)

ingodwetryst3 karma

I will live anywhere I can get legal status, basically. I'm not a huge fan of cold but you guys have the absolute best living conditions and healthcare in the world.

Can I get by only speaking English?

FreeOnes_Petra2 karma

Do you play any table top RPGs? Or only PC/board games?

ingodwetryst6 karma

No one has ever invited me to play a tabletop RPG but I totally would.

Evanescent_contrail2 karma

What do you do to pre check or pre approve clients?

ingodwetryst8 karma

I accept verification services, I do my own employment verification, I accept references. If you're military there's a couple other was to screen. I offer a 10% military discount so I do see a lot of military (I think that ties into the "Do you see clients where you wonder why they see you", uh yep. Army dudes)

ASapMarkz1 karma

Ps4 or Xboxone or Wii Or Pc?

ingodwetryst3 karma

PS4 and WiiU. Always have a PC that can handle gaming on hand.

Worth mentioning I don't have a PS4 yet because Koei hasn't dictated I buy one.

bozobozo1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

ingodwetryst6 karma

Corythosaurus because I like silly looking things :D

bozobozo1 karma

That is quite silly. Good choice!

ingodwetryst3 karma

How can anything with a mohawk be wrong :)