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I help run a small 5 room b&b. What are some tips or things we can do to be on a service level more like you guys? What are some nice amenities? etc...what makes a guest go .. "Wow!"

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I've had 3 abdominal surgeries. If pain is going to be a constant in your life like it is for me... I learned something ....... cool. I started telling myself that I liked the pain, that I could stand it. After a while I can "feel" it....but its like... pushed back a ways from consciousness. Breathing, focusing, finding my center... and then feeling and accepting the pain.

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Yeah my wife and I already do this.... we do try to find ways to make the stay better. We bring iced water carafes up on check in. We provide small stuff like cotton swabs and such. I think we should be putting in more like wet wipes, maybe small chocolates or something.

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Thank you so much for the replies. Yes, we're doing ok, but its the busy season now. In fall and winter it slows WAY down. And I guess thats the problem. The owner relied on word of mouth before. Now I'm playing catch up with having to do things like claim the business listings and such, but no one's telling me what to do so I'm winging it as I go.

We do a really good job though. We do complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvre in the evening. Full breakfast in the am. Before/during check ins we do the iced water in carafes to the rooms on trays with 2 glasses. We do the laundry every day, my wife presses the pillowcases and top sheets. We keep it nice and clean, get great reviews and such.

The ONLY thing holding us back is that the owner doesn't want to invest more money at this point to fix things like updating the light and water fixtures, fixing wallpaper that's starting to curl at the edges ever so slightly, 1990's decor, etc. Its just so frustrating. If we updated the rooms we'd be doing so much better, but its been a 20 year investment for the owner so I don't really blame him. So the wife and I just do our damned best to give really good service when people are here. We do lots of wedding parties, so that gives us a good chance to shine.

Anyways, yeah I need to learn more things like how to properly set tables and such. But a lot of the feedback in this thread is really great and we're taking it to heart. I'm going to be making a "mom's bathroom cabinet here soon. I think that its really important like others said, that they can go and get something they missed without having to go out. A lot of what I know though came from being in executive protection and having been around lots of households that had staff.

Anyways good luck to you! And thanks again!

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as a former bag wearer.... just hope you don't get a kernel of shit hung up and have to go in and rim it out with your finger. :(