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Have some charisma. Be yourself. Be clean. Don't do things you see in porn. Self confidence is sexy - sexier than a six pack. When I date, the guys I date tend to be quirky or offbeat - some are attractive, others probably not. I don't really care about that honestly, as long as you're real and as long as you're you.

In terms of the act itself. Find angles that work for you. Don't be afraid to use lube. Make sure you know how to put a condom on correctly - and don't do that thing where you go to put it on and its backwards so you flip it around. No :(.

I've devirginised many men in my life, with the oldest being 34. If you find the right woman, it can be a really special experience. I tend not to notice the clock when I'm with a virgin - as someone's virginity is fucking priceless. I kind of also made a hobby of this personally - giving people awesome virginity experiences. I like the idea of being an amazing lifelong memory for someone I think.

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-A movie, cuddling, and a nap. -Lunch at Ruth's Chris.......and no private time -A day watching me shop (I am not a girly girl, am bad at shopping...this was for comedic value of the client) -A day where I showed them the entire city and took them to tourist type places

2.5 hours ;)

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I think shock is what puts most of them at ease. Whether I am in a hotel or a permanent incall location I try to make the room as decorative, comforting, and relaxing as I can. At no point should you ever feel like you're with an escort. If so, she's done it completely wrong. The exception is if you start asking about the industry during your session.

For example though, in my old apartment when I opened the door you were greeted by me (in something sexy but not obvious) and behind me was a huge decorative art poster of a Skyline GT-R. Why? Because I like hot cars, and so do most guys. Put them at ease right away, gave me some common ground (or if not, it gave them something to ask about), and made me more human.

After you come in, you'd see the 50 candles. Wall mounted, on surfaces, you name it. Candlelight is awesome. I had some ambient pinkish/red light too. In a hotel, I still manage decorate with 30 candles and I used to have a relaxation fountain (it broke). People are usually stunned that I "go through so much trouble for them" that they forget to be nervous.

Honestly, I've never had anyone stay nervous once we got past the getting to know you. Getting there can sometimes take 1/2 to 3/4 of the session, but I will often times let those run a little bit over and THEY point out the time. My concern is you, not the clock.

So I guess the TL:DR version is I treat people like people not customers. I want us to have a good experience and nice time together, not just whambamthankyouma'am don't forget your hat.

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Oh boy! Lots of those! Here's a few off the top of my head:

-Someone showed up with a paper sign that says "I have severe social anxiety. If we could just sit down for a few minutes together, I'll be able to speak". His voice was shaky and raspy the entire time, and his hands visibly trembled.

-I had a guy yell OH LORDY LORD JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN THANK YOU when he was completing his time.

-I've had 3 people complete their time while just being close. One was even still wearing pants.

-I get people who just want to look at me for awhile, that can be odd when it's over 5 minutes.

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Frequently. A lot of the guys like that just don't want the hassle/drama of a whiny annoying clingy girl calling them when they only wanted a nut. I'm a lot simpler, on demand, and in the end cheaper than frequent dates because a) with me it's a sure thing b) you don't have to spend hours with me pretending you enjoy my company c) I won't call you the next day.