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Sorry, but I need to disagree with you. It's 6.000 people per year. My university has about 10x more people than that. It's about 100 visitors per week.

It has no impact on NK economy, none at all. Not even a bit. Any humanitarian aid is 100x than the money from these tourists.

But it has an impact on NK openness and world-awareness. These 6.000 can post online, talk about their experiences, talk with locals... That has an impact. It could be small, or big. But there is a sensible impact

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"Self confidence is sexier than six abs". So why every girl I've became a friend goes crazy with models and gym guys who have them? Why they share their pics on only-girls whatsapp groups?

I'm calling bullshit on this affirmation. I'm not mad at anything (I'm a very healthy and happy guy in a long term relationship), but six abs and a fit body does attract ALL Girls and helps a lot when you want to get them to your bed.

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For a relationship, it's better a mind than a body.

But to meet a girl and make her interested enough to keep things going initially, a good body is way more important.

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Oh, now I understand that you're not implying that it's general, just your opinion. Than that's OK. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

But for going out and meeting a girl, it's way easier being sexy than being funny. For a relationship the appearance became less important and gives place to other features, but for meeting a new girl... Nothing beats a gym body. Period.

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Do you agree with the creation of a legal Organ market, as in Philippines or Iran? Would you buy a kidney if it was legal?