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itsasilverunicorn10 karma

Maybe it's just me, but the models and gym guys that we girls share pics of are literally just poster guys. When I was using Plenty of Fish I can say right now that anyone who put a picture up of their abs - no matter how good looking - would be an instant no. If I'd met someone and later found out they worked out and had a six pack, then obviously that's a nice feature, but if it's the first thing a guy wants to show you then I'd immediately assume that's the best thing he has going for him...and I'd much prefer somebody intelligent & funny to somebody with rock hard abs.

It's attractive, but it's definitely not the top of the list. Nowhere near.

itsasilverunicorn7 karma

2.5 hours?! My neck & jaw are in pain just thinking about it...kudos to you!