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Damn man, I just saw the title and I had to drop in to say, good luck man.

I had problems with a few cyberstalkers and some people who were in my own family. I haven't been able to really do anything like this despite the death threats. One fucker even left dead animals in front of my house for like 3 months. The police wouldn't even investigate shit so I abandoned my old sites and changed my name. So far so good.

Seriously dude, good luck.

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They are still around. Any time I put anything up, like my portfolio site or I offer my services they come back and try to destroy everything and intimidate me. I even had to change accounts on here a few times. I'm not afraid, I'm more frustrated because I'm trying to get my career back on track. It's made getting a regular job impossible, as some are local, and any background check brings up shit they did. So it has long reaching effects still.

I'm in the process of changing my legal name but I can't afford to relocate and start over properly, but baby steps. I don't want to hide, I just want to have my life back in proper order. So while I'm away from it right now, the damage is still pretty fresh and it crops back up from time to time.

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I really don't have a question that springs to mind but holy shit I love your site design. I wanted to do something like that for my site but I lacked funding and coding skill to pull it off, settled on a domain linked to tumblr. Sad panda and all.

So yeah, if you did it or whoever did it deserves some kudos.

About your job though, I wish they would just legalize it all. There is no shame in being an independant operator doing what you actually like to do. If we sell alcohol and tax it, why not escort legitimacy?

I'm muddled and tired.

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There's ways to do it far cheaper, like what Kevin Smith does with Smodimations...the Jay and Bob cartoon movie was like $60,000 for a whole feature. But quality animation with all the bells and whistles done more traditional can get pricey, since you have to factor in the boarding and set up, then color tests, then outsourcing to another studio to do that actual animation. Then getting it back and editing/fixing bits and cleaning it up. Time consuming and requires a bunch of people. Much of the Adult Swim shows are variations of Flash, like Sealab, for Venture Bros it's more traditional and outsourced, then Doc Hammer edits and corrects himself (saves a good chunk of change that way)

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Yeah, I let too much slide, this was with TDbank that tries to be this big friendly bank, it's anything but. When Sony got hacked a while back my card was charged like crazy, they refused to refund that too, I got most of it back but it took 6 months of constant arguing. All the while hitting me with charges of their own. Very unfriendly staff that treated me like I was gutter trash. I actually filed suit with them to nullify their charges and get my money back, who knows how that'd work.

The CU I got into hasn't been open to everyone for super long but crazy reasonable and allowed me to open an account with nothing. Which is pretty much what I have after the other debacle, which is awesome. The interest rates are really good. Just waiting on my new debit card to show up. One thing I missed was they were doing a promo where they'd give me $50 for another banks dead debit card, which would have been nice. But so far so good.