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The seaman argument is interesting, thats an admiralty case and jurisdiction would have been at the US district court in downtown hnl. Theres a lot to being a seaman, so no way that is working. People get all their panties in a bunch with what the contract says . . . the KEY is how it is performed. This always crushes independent contractor relationships and gets into the principal - employee arena. Just cuz you are called an indy, and get a 1099 . . . thats just a signal of a ploy to escape employer-employee relationship. Glad you got around without an attorney, workers comp can be tricky and is a niche even for attorneys.

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Ive been diving in HI for years, with DMs, instructors, etc and pretty much everybody touches marine life. Nobody except the total fools play with eels, but octopuses are commonly picked up. Ive rubbed them on the crown near their eye, they sort of go limp, its like a cat. It would be interesting to know what employer it was . . . small island brah.

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So, who is DB Cooper?

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Crips n bloods fighting for dealin territory in wal mart

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Well, no I don't want disclosure, it just would be interesting to know since there are only a few operators on Oahu. I have some keen guesses, but I don't want to blow anybody up, they do it pretty good by themselves sometimes.

On the octopuses, when we are out waianae side, like makaha and hitting some good shore dives, my local friends always want he'e or squid, which is octopus, for fishing bait. Ialways catch one and pop it in a mesh bag for them.