For those unaware, Lyft is a ride-share app that began in San Francisco and has spread like wildfire. It's the more casual competitor to Uber, and the much-hated threat to taxi cartels everywhere. You download the Lyft app, then request a driver, and the driver picks you up.

Lyft has not escaped scrutiny, and definitely could be more transparent but for a lot of people who need extra income Lyft is a life savor. I've been Lyfting for a little over a month; I've completed about 200 rides and I have a rating of 4.89/5. I Lyft in Los Angeles and only LA.

Here is a screenshot of my driver portal screen. I can take a picture of the horrid pink mustache if anyone wants it.

Also, if you want to try Lyft, you can get your first ride free up to $25. Please message me to receive the code. Just a note - I get a small referral fee when people use that code, which is why I'm not linking it here since I don't want to be accused of doing this AMA for money.

So...go ahead. Ask your questions!

Edit: I have to go to work now and will be gone for like 10 hours cause there's no reception up there, so I will answer questions when I get back. Thanks!

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NotSaikou62 karma

Do you even Lyft?

lyftinla66 karma

I swear, I tried to register the username brodoyouevenlyft and someone took it!

shredsofmetal20 karma

Do you wind up making good money after gas and wear on your car? Also what happens if a passenger damages your car?

lyftinla33 karma

Yeah, the money can be great but it depends on a lot of factors - when you Lyft, how often you Lyft, and where. I know a guy that does it 12 hours a day full time and makes $1400 a week. My top week was $700 something. It's very easy to clear $100 a night, especially on weekends. Gas rates are falling in LA - from like $4.09 to $3.73 a gallon, so it's been even more profitable but yeah gas eats up a good portion. It's also bumped up when I need an oil change and my tires changed, but so far the car is doing well.

If a passenger throws up in your car, Lyft will pay for it (I've been told). So far, no one has done any damage to my car.

AmberHeartsDisney19 karma

Do you ever pick up creepers?

lyftinla29 karma

You can see the ratings before you pick someone up and can reject someone under 3 stars but that's never happened to me. I have had two people hit on me, and one guy tried to sell me E, but so far I've never felt majorly threatened.

joe-ducreux10 karma

I didn't realize the drivers rated passengers too, thanks for sharing! What do you base your ratings on?

lyftinla12 karma

Yes we do, because when you send out a request we see that rating and know if you're a bad person or not (aka meaning we can cancel it if we want). To be a driver, your rating needs to be 4.5 or higher. If you rate a rider under 3, you will never be paired with them again. There's five stars in the rating system there might as well be three - 5 stars means the rider felt comfortable and safe; 4 means the ride went alright but you either got way lost or had some sort of fuck up; 3 means you were pissed. I guess 1 star means like criminal level activity. Most people just give 5 stars because hey why not? The rides are short often so everyone is nice and cordial.

jamesey1018 karma

I know some male lyft drivers who get a lot of girl's phone numbers. Do you get get hit while lyfting? Is it annoying or awkward?

lyftinla26 karma

Yes I get hit on. You need to keep your ratings high so I stay nice and friendly and some people misinterpret that. I've been hit on a couple times. If you leave something in the car, the passenger can fill out a form and Lyft will text you with a description... and someone used that to ask for my phone number. I've been asked out for coffee. It's a bit annoying but I just tell people "I try to keep things professional".

available_username210 karma

did you give them bad reviews?

lyftinla23 karma

I generally give people good reviews as long as they're nice, not too aggressive. The only person I've given a low rating to was this woman who kept moving in a very busy/trafficky part of town and made it difficult as hell to find her, then she got mad at me for not being prompt. If you're familiar with LA, it was like Franklin Ave in Hollywood, what a mess.

ga_to_ca4 karma

If you're familiar with LA, it was like Franklin Ave in Hollywood, what a mess.

But that's such an uncrowded, peaceful area. /s

lyftinla11 karma

I think it might actually be hell.

Vonnegut96 karma

LA checking in here. It is indeed one of the levels of Hell.

lyftinla6 karma

Right up there with Santa Monica when it's hot on the weekend.

Melvin9210 karma

Do you have a nice vehicle? How choosy is Lyft when looking at vehicles the drivers have/use?

lyftinla16 karma

I drive a Chevy Tracker. It's not really high end but it's comfy and safe. Lyft has looser requirements. Uber requires vehicles to be 2006 or newer; Lyft lets you have an older car. Once you sign up to Lyft, you're assigned to a mentor that verifies your car is clean and safe, insured, that the lights work, etc.

mytitleisanthony10 karma

I wish I could drive my 1993 multicolored Ford Escort and make some money.

lyftinla6 karma

That'd be kinda dope.

ChristyElizabeth3 karma

I have a Chevy Tracker as well. Neon yellow.

lyftinla3 karma

Hey! One of us! They're a rare breed in California. What year is yours?

ChristyElizabeth1 karma

2004, 41k miles, Its been nicknamed the skittle.

lyftinla1 karma

Haaa the skittle. Loving this.

eyohkay1 karma

Hah, I was just wondering if I'd be able to do this with my car... guess so, seeing as we drive the same vehicle! I must have read Ubers vehicle requirements at some point, because I was thinking they were really strict about the car you drive.

Do you love yours as much as I love mine?

lyftinla3 karma

I love hearing from all these Tracker drivers, because I love my car. Its name is Marvo. Trackers are fantastic, people comment on mine all the time since they're so uncommon in LA. Mine has the horsepower of an eggbeater, but it's high enough to avoid under-side scratching and speed bumps, gets great street gas mileage, crazy trunk space, sweet turning radius, and easy to spot in a parking lot.

Uber requires vehicles to be 2006 or newer. Lyft can be down to the year 2000, but it must have four doors, and be insured.

eyohkay1 karma

Hah, everyone I've ever come across that has had one has absolutely loved it, and in some cases owned more than one of them. I actually had a mechanic ask me if I wanted to sell her a few weeks ago!

Her name is Tracy. I was living in a pretty rural area at the end of last year and was looking for something with 4x4 or AWD and enough room for my 3 dogs. Wasn't even seriously shopping, had just been toying with the idea and doing some research on what I wanted. Decided to stop in at a little used car lot in my hometown and stumbled on her... 4x4, manual, only 96k miles, super clean inside and out, well under my budget, and oh god so much room when you fold the seats down! She's my baby. I wrecked her in February when I spun out on black ice and hit a guard rail head on... the repair shop probably thought I was insane when they told me they wouldn't be totalling her out cause I was so happy I almost cried, haha.

lyftinla1 karma

Haha I swear our cars should have a meet up and we should put name tags on them. Yeah the trunk room is insane. I somehow fit a dining room table sized desk in mine. 96K is really good, mine just broke 71K because it wasn't used heavily for a while. I'm surprised the repair shop didn't total out your car considering the older Trackers are barely worth $6K right now. Good to hear you got back on the road! I haven't been in a major accident in LA yet and I often worry about what happens when I will.

I've gotten a lot of compliments on my car from Lyft riders. I wonder if there's any other Chevy Tracker Lyft drivers in California...

titanrunner29 karma

How much do make per week?

lyftinla16 karma

It varies. When I started doing Lyft I needed money like hell so I was pushing $600-$700 a week. Now I'm down to like $170-$200 since I have another job.

gkx3 karma

Profit or revenue?

istandabove2 karma

Probably Revenue you need to pay taxes on your own.

lyftinla5 karma

Yep. You fill out a W ...9 or 2 or whatever it is but the taxes are all on your own. I've been saving every single gas receipt to deduct as a business expense.

well_ima_comedian7 karma

I heard from my Lyft driver in LA that cops are using the app to track drivers coming to LAX and try and find a way to ticket them. Is that true? Do you avoid the airports?

lyftinla14 karma

I haven't heard that but I don't know how it would be possible. In order for cops to track drivers coming into LAX, they'd need to be able to see where the drivers are. The only people who can see that are other Lyft drivers. Even so, on the app, each car is marked by an icon. There's no way to tell which vehicle is which, and no one is dumb enough to wear the mustache into the airport (a lot of us never put it on our cars at all). There are so many cars at LAX, how would you know which one it is?

I found an article about Uber drivers that says: "Drivers usually have cellphones mounted in the window and passengers usually sit in the back seat —and then pounce on the car." So if you keep your phone in your lap and people sit up front, they have no way to tell which one is you, unless you go to LAX all the damn time and the cops start to notice.

That said - Lyft does not forbid airport requests. However, when you receive a request, Lyft texts you a text that says to pick them up on the Departure side instead of Arrival. This seems kind of dumb considering that it would seem VERY obvious you're picking up instead of dropping off, and most people just ignore it. LAX has terrible public transit, taxis are fucking expensive, and Super Shuttle can take 2 hours or more because they loop around the airport twice. You can't stop people from requesting Lyft and Lyft drivers can get their score lowered for denying requests, so there is pressure to take them.

cornfrontation3 karma

Do Lyft cars not have mustaches in LA? That seems like an easy way to spot them.

lyftinla11 karma

They do, but in my opinion, most drivers don't put them on their cars. They're kinda embarrassing.

Waddles771 karma

I think they look fun :c

lyftinla1 karma

Well some people would certainty agree with you.

TheMaskedHamster8 karma

Wait, what?

Are there laws in LA/CA to justify going after private driving programs?

Kevin_Wolf8 karma

Lyft and Uber try to masquerade as ride-sharing, when in fact they operate like cabs. Most major cities have regulations that limit the cabs that can pick up at the airports near them, like LAX or SFO. You can be a registered taxi in San Francisco, but still not be able to go to the airport. You need a special endorsement to pick up at the airports.

EDIT: That's why she said that Lyft advises them to pick up at Departures instead of Arrivals. Cabs can drop off at the airport with no problems, but picking up is the big deal.

lyftinla2 karma

Ah, that's good to know. Big inconvenience for passengers though, to go upstairs. Yeah, the ride-sharing/cab thing is definitely a thin line.

5ushi7 karma

Do you carry a weapon?

lyftinla12 karma

No. My car is a weapon. If it was an emergency, I could crash it or brake suddenly. When I drive, I look for firestations and police stations and note where they are in case I need to drive to one suddenly.

5ushi13 karma

My car is a weapon. If it was an emergency, I could crash it or brake suddenly.

What a thrill-seeker.

lyftinla11 karma

Hahaha. When you're in a dangerous situation, you lose control to the hostage taker. You need the element of surprise to win control back.

aurora-_7 karma

TIL how to deal with hostage takers

lyftinla7 karma

You gotta be careful that they don't just shoot you, though...also I read somewhere that if you talk to the person you're in conflict with, they're less likely to harm you.

birdybirdman7 karma

Can u give me a ride home? I'm on LA Cienega and Pico going to Exposition and Western.

lyftinla8 karma

Sure! Would love to. PM me your address and a phone number so I can text you once I'm there. Once you're in the car you can Lyft request me and we can sort it out.

by_whom3 karma

Eleven hours later, did you get that ride?

lyftinla5 karma

Guy decided to take public transit home instead.

throwtherocksaway6 karma

Do you mind at all if you pick up multiple people at once?

For example, if people want to go out to the bars and instead of picking up a cab, will you pick up the person who requested the Lyft and 3-4 friends going to the same destination? I guess there's no way of knowing until you pick them up.

lyftinla5 karma

Yeah we don't care - it's one Lyft and as long as that person's cool with paying the bill, we're happy to have something to do. Lyft is implementing a new system where you can pick up multiple riders going the same direction, but LA hasn't gotten it yet.

choiceNotes6 karma

As a frequent user of Lyft, how can I see my ratings? Drivers rate riders, correct?

lyftinla5 karma

To be honest, I had no idea users couldn't see their own ratings. Next time you take a Lyft, ask your driver what your rating is - it comes up on our screens.

AimHawk6 karma


lyftinla14 karma

Not so much people, but driving to Inglewood/Crenshaw neighborhoods at 3 am is a bit terrifying because there's NO one around and it can get super seedy down there. I've made an effort to stay out of Lyft range of those areas late a night.

FlyMyPretty11 karma

Hey! I live right by Crenshaw and ... actually, you're right.

lyftinla5 karma

No offense but that area where the Wal-Mart is is really unnerving at night.

ellenpageplss0 karma

please inglewood is hardly bad anymore

lyftinla1 karma

Yeah, parts near Slauson near Culver City are pretty nice and middle class. The more south and east you go though, the more run down it gets.

lanismycousin5 karma

How much do you calculate you make per hour?

When are the best and worst times to be a driver?

Worst drive and best drive experience?

Thanks in advance =)

lyftinla4 karma

Welcome in advance.

Lyft tells us how long we've been driving for the night - aka, how long the driver mode has been active. You can divide that by how much you made. Last night I made about $30/hr. It fluxuates.

Best and worst is relative... the best money is during holidays like 4th of July. That's also the worst because the traffic (car and pedestrian) can get insane in touristy areas (like the beach). I personally think the best time of day is late at night because there's less traffic, less distractions, and thus higher turn over and better gas mileage. Worst is rush hour and Santa Monica on beach days, good fucking lord the people, it's like a zombie apocalypse or something.

Worst drive experience was probably this lady in Hollywood who was with her parents, but she moved after she "pinned" her location. She kept giving me these weird directions that only locals would know and got in a huff when it took me forever to find her, especially because it was an insane high traffic area and turning around was a chore.
Best drive experience...can't name one specifically. It feels good to be told passengers are taking Lyft to avoid drunk driving. Lyft has saved lives for sure. I've heard cops are irritated because DUIs are down, meaning less fines. I also love talking to people from different countries and so far I've talked to people from Turkey, South Africa, Korea, Canada, France, Japan, Suriname (the guy was thrilled I'd heard of it), and Russia.

Suspicion5 karma


lyftinla12 karma

The only famous person I know of was an actor for the Queen musical.

reddRad4 karma

Do you sit in your car waiting for the next job, like I imagine a taxi driver would do, or do you just hang at home and head out when a job comes up?

lyftinla6 karma

It depends. When I start off Lyfting, I normally just stay at home and wait for the first page. Wherever that person gets dropped off, I'll hang around and Lyft around there. However, in order to get the most Lyfts you need to keep moving. Lyft has been doing a massive recruitment drive, and in some cities drivers get to keep everything you make (in some cities, Lyft gets 20%), and they're giving financial incentives to sign up new drivers, so the competition is insane. Lyft drivers can see other drivers on the app (I think the icons wink out when someone picks up a rider), and there's always big clusters of drivers in the more popular areas. If you just sit there and wait for a Lyft request, you can sit for like 30 minutes.

The best thing to do is to keep moving away from the groups to the voids on the map. However, in some instances like holidays and weekend evenings, you will get binged almost instantly. Fourth of July was pure insanity. Oh, and if you Lyft late at night when other drivers start going to bed, you will get a much faster pick-up rate.

reddRad6 karma

Wow, I'm imagining this as a big video game, where you have to avoid all the other dots, but also stay near population centers where you're more likely to get a job, two mutually exclusive requirements. The points you get for successfully navigating this are the dollars you make. Haha, that's awesome. I'd play it!

Thanks for the reply!

lyftinla1 karma

Ahaha, it really is! I spend all my time at red lights glaring at the Lyft screen. Welcome~

dab2024 karma

Every time i see a lyft car on the road the only thing i can think of is how stupid it is to put that big pink thing right in front of the cars grill.

How often dose your car overheat? and have you ever considered moving the pink thing off your air intake?

lyftinla10 karma

I actually see very few Lyft drivers with the stache on their car. I actually Lyfted a guy recently that said he didn't use Lyft just because he thought they were ugly, lol. I don't put mine on my car. One, because it clashes with my red paint. Two, because for my other job, I park on a dirt lot and it would get dirty really goddamn quickly. Three,'s kind of dumb.

dab2021 karma

Oh so you don't have to use it, ok.

Being a gear head, when i first saw one (it was on what looked like a early 90's honda civic), the only thing i could think of is "why did somebody put a big fluffy pillow on there grill." shure as hell I saw the same car a half hour later and the pink 'stash' had been moved to his dashboard. 5 bucks says he overheated and stalled the engine.

lyftinla1 karma

Note to self, don't do that.

Capt_Murphy4 karma

Is there a uniform of any kind or is it just wear whatever you want? Do you typically wear easy to drive in shoes as well?

lyftinla5 karma

No, there isn't. You want your ratings to be good, so generally it's suggested to not dress like a slob. I normally wear sandals or flip flops because my feet get warm and I shuck em off. No one has complained about me driving barefoot.

thewayimakemefeel3 karma

but that's illegal!

lyftinla3 karma

ahaha is it??

kattattak_764 karma

Why don't they refer to you guys as Dryvers and us as Ryders?

In all seriousness though, I adore Lyft. I broke my right foot recently and haven't been able to drive. Lyft has allowed me to continue to have a social life.

One complaint, which I know you have no control over, is the fact that the app is not compatible with Android tablets or iPads. I have a tablet with 4G that I use as a phone, and I can't get the app myself. On the plus side though, when I'm out and about I just ask someone with a smartphone to download it and get another free ride!

Oh, second question: With the free rides, does Lyft pay you as if it was a regular ride?

lanismycousin4 karma

Lyft pays the drivers for the free promo rides.

lyftinla4 karma


VersaceBabyRattle3 karma

I live in the Los Angeles area can you send me a code?:)

lyftinla5 karma

Yes will do!

barnabyboswell1 karma

Hey me too!

lyftinla1 karma

me too



What are the requirements to use you car for Lyft?

Also what car do you use?

lyftinla5 karma

Answered this elsewhere, so copy/pasting here: I drive a Chevy Tracker. It's not really high end but it's comfy and safe. Lyft has looser requirements. Uber requires vehicles to be 2006 or newer; Lyft lets you have an older car. Once you sign up to Lyft, you're assigned to a mentor that verifies your car is clean and safe, insured, that the lights work, etc.

Raviede3 karma

Why won't anyone pick me up in San Pedro? :(

lyftinla6 karma

Probably because there aren't a lot of drivers down there. I hear there's a need for them in the Hermosa Beach area too. Drivers over there could make a shit ton.

evenphlow3 karma

Do you work with any Lubers? Or a driver that goes both ways? I've actually met a few of them here in ATL.

lyftinla1 karma

I've never met any, but I've heard of them. Some riders use both.

rnjbond3 karma

What are your thoughts on UberX vs. Lyft?

lyftinla10 karma

I don't know the diff between Uberx, Uber Black, Uber, and whatever the hell they got going on there. From asking riders, the difference seems to be that Uber is more formal and acts more like a car service. Lyft is more like your friend picking you up after you get drunk at a bar.

trainspotting29 karma

Lyft is more like your friend picking you up after you get drunk at a bar.

Your friend that you pay a fare to and never see again.

lyftinla3 karma


kvndai3 karma

Thanks for doing this! I'm considering doing Lyft since I work a 9-6 job and am bored usually during my down time and I could use some extra cash.

If you become inactive and decide not to Lyft for say a few days or weeks like you are on a vacation will they deactivate your account? And how is the payroll given out? Every night? Directly deposited? Or monthly?


lyftinla1 karma

Hi there~ When you become a Lyft driver, you have to sign into the driver portal and list your availability for the next two weeks. I have really no idea what impact it has because you can still Lyft whenever you want even if you don't fill it out, yet it implies that you have to "reserve" the hours you want to Lyft... I have no idea. Anyway, you can mark that you will be unavailable for the week so you don't have to put in any hours. I think there is a minimum amount of hours a week you have to drive, but I'm not sure what it is...

Oh, and payment is weekly, direct deposit. You take care of your own taxes.

kvndai1 karma


Also, if someone requests a ride and you let the timer run out, does it negatively affect you?

The reason I'm asking is I plan to Uber and Lyft at the same time this way I can maximize my time. Obviously I will turn off drive mode on one phone if the other gets a ping, but what if both pick up someone needing a ride? If I don't respond to Lyft will there be any penalties? Do you know anything like that with Uber?


lyftinla1 karma

Um, if you miss too many requests I think your score goes down eventually. I don't really know the details. It's also possible if you miss the request, that you're gonna get requested again if there's no other drivers in the area. The later it is at night, the less drivers on the road there are, the more likely this will happen.

thatpersonisaperson3 karma


lyftinla3 karma

I think it's kind of trying too hard to be cool. Only two people out of like 200 have ever prompted a fistbump.

DecoysLoisDecoys2 karma

How is lyft better than a taxi service? How is it worse?

lyftinla1 karma depends what you want really. Cause Lyft is way faster. You request the driver, you get an ETA, you can watch the driver move on your app, and get a text message when the driver arrives. With a taxi, you call some call center, get an estimated time of arrival, you can't see where the driver is, and when they get there they call you. Taxis you sit in the back and there's definitely a barrier between you and the driver; with Lyft it's more casual and people get chatty. With Lyft you can't see the mileage or the cost of the ride as you go though, and technically Lyft isn't supposed to do pick ups at the airport.

DecoysLoisDecoys1 karma

Are the rates consistent across the company/city? Is there a way to see the rates?

lyftinla2 karma If you go there, there's a little calculator you can use for this.

[deleted]2 karma

Coming late to the party here!

What's lyfts policy on modified cars? I've got a BMW but it's slammed (lowered) w/ rims a sound system and a full exhaust that's moderately noticeable. Can I do something like this or would i be disqualified?

lyftinla2 karma

I would go ahead and sign up to drive for Lyft. It'll pair you with a mentor who will look over your car. They'll make the decision, but as long as it's clean and four doors and insured you'll probably be fine.

jasonhsin8082 karma

On average, how long is each ride you give to each customer? Have you ever gotten requests to drive very long distances?

lyftinla1 karma

It varies. If I'm Lyfting in Downtown LA, the rides are often short. If it's a residential area, they're longer since they're going to bar areas. It'd say 10-15 minutes on average. I've gone from LAX to Los Feliz, and Santa Monica to Studio City before. I hated that. I know a guy who has gone to Victorville, and heard of people who have had to go to Palmdale, but not so far I've been kinda lucky.

mikebarela2 karma

I've used lyft a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I hear the state is trying to ban it. Have you hears anything?

lyftinla2 karma

Nope, you're too far from me to hear anything... Google it, and under Search Tools limit your results to recent months. Should help.

Zlasher1 karma

Do you find that you tend to knwo all the locations and destinations to drive people to? Or do you use a GPS or something to help out?

I half-applied to become a lyft driver just out of curiosity of what the application was like, and have been bombarded by emails and text messages to finish my application. But the more I've been talking to friends, the more I'm considering going through with it. What should I know about driving (I'm in the SF/San Jose area), and if I were to just work friday-sunday, maybe just evening and night times, what would you say you could pull per week doing like 7 PM to 1-2 AM on weekends?

lyftinla1 karma

I don't know about San Jose but you can make like $100 a night late on weekends if you put more than five hours into it. Yeah, Lyft harasses the shit out of you. Just do it, it's a good way to fill empty time.

birdybirdman1 karma

Seriously? Ur lifting right now. I already jumped on a bus and am at LA Cienega and Jefferson right now. About to just jump on the expo line home.

lyftinla1 karma

ha wow, you didn't wait. Yes I am Lyfting. I live close to there. Next time!

BlindCodex1 karma

i'm in the los angeles area as well, could i get a code?

lyftinla1 karma


sexymugglehealer1 karma

Hi!!! I'm a brand new female driver in LA too!!

If you don't mind me asking, which are the BEST spots to pick up people on Thursday-Saturday nights?? And during what hours?? I need to become really efficient with my hours QUICK.

Also, any tips for a new driver?? Best story?? Worse story??

Thank you!! =D

lyftinla1 karma

Hey there. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I am not apt to give away weeks of research into my best spots. I don't even know where you're based out of. Look at the hot spots on your Lyft app, where prime time is, and base it around then. Think like a rider - why would you want a Lyft? When and from/to where?

As to tips for a new driver - keep your car clean, keep a car charger and tissues in your car, and keep water and snacks in your car. It really helps your ratings.

I've got too many stories to quantify now, but being hit on sucks.

Happy Lyfting~

whoiusedtobee1 karma

When getting a lyft, is it weird if a passenger sits in the front seat? Where do you prefer that they sit?

lyftinla2 karma

No, it's HIGHLY encouraged to sit in the front seat. It's less awkward that way. We're not taxis. Also cops look to bust Lyft drivers at the airport by spotting people only sitting in the back seats, so front seat is way encouraged.

ihavetopee321 karma

Why do cops care whether you're a Lyft driver? Will they try to ticket you over anything they can? Is it the DUI < Lyft thing?

lyftinla1 karma

The cops only care if you're a Lyft driver at the airport. There are very strict rules about who gets the privilege of picking people up at the airport, and Lyft people often skip learning the rules and paying the fees because it's so easy to fly under the radar.

ivanoski-0071 karma

have regular taxi services given you any trouble?

lyftinla1 karma


cabear1 karma

I live in LA and was looking to move a large screen TV (55") that won't fit in my car. Would you be able to do this?

lyftinla2 karma

Give me the height and length and I will let you know.

papahawk0 karma

yeah can you pick me up on the corner of sunset & la brea?

lyftinla2 karma

Ack, just saw this sorry. I was Lyfting near the Colleseum. You still need a ride or did you get one?

Mindsweeper0 karma

Code pls?

lyftinla2 karma


jayrs97-2 karma


lyftinla3 karma