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A year ago, I saw you and Brad (and an assistant?) sitting in LAX waiting for a flight to Columbus (I also passed you in first class on my way to cattle class). I wanted so badly to say hello, but I didn't want to intrude. Should I have? Do you mind fans saying hello to you in public?

I love your work, and really admire all you've done for gender equality.

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So, you didn't "codesForLiving" 10 months ago. And you did this full time for 10 months. How did you survive with no income for 10 months? Are you hoping this app will bring in enough money to live on, or are you hoping to leverage this into a job coding?

Maybe don't answer the money question if it's too personal, but my point is, I'd love to code apps, but can't quit my day job. For me to do the equivalent of "10 months full time", it'll take many years. I envy you.

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Does MAD completely own your work and can publish it as many times as they want for free, or do you still get paid residuals or whatever for re-using your work?

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What was the deal with the Ken Brook/Brook Winery conversation at the end? It sounded like you were going to correct Penn, but then thought better of arguing on national television and just agreed with whatever he said.

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Wow, I'm imagining this as a big video game, where you have to avoid all the other dots, but also stay near population centers where you're more likely to get a job, two mutually exclusive requirements. The points you get for successfully navigating this are the dollars you make. Haha, that's awesome. I'd play it!

Thanks for the reply!