I'm a business owner and entrepreneur and I haven't worked for someone else since I was 19. My last AMA was in 2011 http://redd.it/f89jr I'm doing this so that I can answer any questions you may have about being in business or starting your own company.

In 2006, my wife and I began selling our home-made chocolate chip cookies in Farmer's markets around LA, and today we’re baking about 1,000 pounds a day.

We named our cookies “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World” not as hype, but because we think that’s what they are. What makes them unique is that so far as we know, they're the only no-compromise chocolate chips ever produced on earth.

Here's a video we shot 10 days ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMW23e1PUmM

Our motivation has little to do with anything practical.

We procure the best ingredients attainable, not the best you can find in a grocery store, but the best you can find in the WORLD! Like imported, semi-sweet, Belgian chocolate and pure, imported, Madagascar vanilla. We blend fresh, hand-cracked eggs with the best American and imported French butter to obtain a perfect balance of flavor and smoothness and then we add unrefined cane sugar, bake them to perfection and package them for everyone to scarf-down at will!

Our cookies are pretty much the home-baked chocolate chips most people’s taste buds crave! AMA!

My Proof: Enter link herehttp://www.bartsbakery.com/uploads/images/images/reddit.JPG

EDIT #1: our bus: http://www.bartsbakery.com/uploads/images/images/Busbest.jpg For 18 months we lived in our bus, in the parking lot of our bakery, while we learned how to bake our cookies! It took hundreds of 70 lb. batches, and thousands of pounds of scrapped cookies,

EDIT#2: I just posted a REDDIT SPECIAL on our website: http://www.bartsbakery.com/ Go to the "all products" section on the menu bar: SCROLL DOWN TO THE REDDIT SPECIAL. Use this special code at checkout: GOLD it includes shipping AND the code will save you 20% We'll bake on the weekend and ship USPS on Monday! Enjoy!

EDIT #3: Go Daddy is trying to speed up our website

EDIT #4: Why Judy and I moved forward in 2012: Read "Bart's Brain": http://www.bartsbakery.com/index.php?page=barts-brain

EDIT #5: more bus shots: http://www.bartsbakery.com/uploads/images/images/BUS%20inside5-8-09%20014.jpg http://www.bartsbakery.com/uploads/images/images/BusRear.jpg

EDIT #6: oven: http://www.bartsbakery.com/uploads/images/images/oven.JPG

EDIT/UPDATE #7: The Reddit deal explained... the normal price is $16.95 / the Reddit price is $13.56 Comparing to our 500 pack; The Reddit boxes are individuals the 500 is bulk. Our boxes cost $.28 + inserts and labor. USPS shipping for individual boxes averages $6.35 (we ship with tracking #'s). We do our utmost to provide Reddit with the best deal we can without going into the red. I hope this answers any questions anyone may have, thank you, Bart

FINAL UPDATE: I need to sign-off today, 7/24 at 2PM, PST. we'll continue the reddit special through the weekend (7-27-14) Hope I helped someone, you're great people. Anyone with anything that they really need answering, please email me: [email protected] -thank you all!

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docodine267 karma

have you ever made a gigantic cookie just because?

begreen123389 karma

yes, pizza size. we had to run it through the oven 3 times to get it perfect. Everyone here shared it!

r-eddi-t2244 karma

Oh man I remember that AMA. Thanks for doing another one!

How do you guys keep the price so low while providing the best cookies? I looked at the site and these seem very reasonable.

begreen123264 karma

Keeping the price within reason is very difficult especially because in the beginning overhead is high and productivity is low. If I had it to do over I'd have begun with more money as money can buy you productivity. Every month we try to increase our throughput WITHOUT affecting quality.

Typically, stores make: 40% Distributors: 20% Brokers (sales reps.): 5% and freight is a KILLER.

I think we're going to do a Kickstarter deal in a few weeks.

r-eddi-t220 karma

Thank you!

begreen12341 karma

my pleasure

begreen12339 karma

thank you

begreen12322 karma

thank you!

Fjellburger194 karma

Is the reddit special available for shipping outside the US?

begreen123128 karma

no, very sorry

jschall2185 karma

Have you ever played cookie clicker?

begreen123121 karma

never heard of it... but then again, I don't tweet either

JoyfulStingray169 karma

I have been playing around with the idea of selling cookies at my local farmers market. What is the most important lesson that you learned when you started your business?

begreen123243 karma

strongly identify what makes yours unique. Use the highest quality ingredients you can find - let everyone about your ingredients (lots of people cut corners)

hobnobbinbobthegob166 karma

What exactly makes your chocolate chips "no-compromise"?

begreen123316 karma

BELGIAN chocolate, REAL butter, FRESH eggs, REAL vanilla, and of course our ideals, the love we put in.

And we want to prove a point.

hobnobbinbobthegob139 karma

And we want to prove a point.

Which is what?

begreen123459 karma

that a relentless small company can compete successfully against big companies . Everyone before us (Famous Amos / Mrs. Field's, etc.) have had to sell out for various reasons. We won't do that. It's the greatest challenge of my career.

lawrnk26 karma

Crap chocolate, vegetable oils, artificial vanilla, commercial eggs slurry, pre frozen all make for a crap product. Really glad to see OP do this. Hope I can order some from kickstarter.

begreen1235 karma

I'll let everyone know when we are on KickStarter. And, YES, you'll get cookies (and t-shirts)

When_Ducks_Attack124 karma

Are your cookies hard/crunchy, or soft/chewy?

begreen123116 karma

all-natural, golden-brown, deliciously-crunchy, Belgian-chocolaty

ScaredOfTheMan74 karma

I bought some last time he did a reddit appearance. They are small and crunchy. They are pretty good too!

begreen12323 karma

thank you!

Scroodge_Mcduck121 karma

Are you guys in any way affiliated with the muffin man?

begreen12387 karma


bodmassive88 karma

what's the absolute key in running your own business?

begreen123211 karma

1.) Provide the highest quality product and service. (be better than your competition) 2.) Have a vision of your business in 5 years. 3.) Be relentless (work harder than your competition) 4.) Take one day at a time. 5.) Make good decisions, always go towards the best alternative, don't hesitate to drop something that doesn't work.

darrrrrren80 karma

I find it interesting that you shell out for real vanilla when almost every article I've read says that if you're baking your end product, the kind of vanilla you use (artificial extract, real extract, or pure vanilla bean) is completely irrelevant - nobody can taste the difference.

Here's two articles that illustrate the point:



What are your thoughts on this? Do you honestly believe you (or any of your customers) can legitimately taste the difference in vanilla when culinary experts self-admit that they cannot?

begreen123164 karma

how many people can tell the difference between an original Picasso and a print? Taste is subjective but none-the-less we need to know that we're doing the best for our customers. Unapologetically.

chub3340 karma

How difficult is it to be an entrepreneur in America?

begreen123126 karma

gets more difficult every year BUT, it will never be easier than it is today!

tibbles138 karma

Your cookies are all natural, so do you encounter problems with freshness? What do you do to ensure the cookies reach the customer in good shape (i.e. not moldy or stale)?

begreen12358 karma

we bake and ship immediately -no warehousing. To protect the butter from oxidation we developed a special method of packaging.

paulisnofun32 karma

Do your cookies go better with whole milk, skim milk, or chocolate milk?

begreen12349 karma

ANY milk and the BEST with coffee and on ice cream. We'll introduce "Dunkers" in 6 months.

crukedspunes26 karma

What made you decide you were going to go into this? Sounds like you took a big risk to start your company. (Those cookies do look delish though.)

begreen12341 karma

The biggest risk you can take is NOT taking a risk. Fear stops lots of people but my mother was inspirational & told me that I could do anything. It's all about taking BABY STEPS... it's not really a plunge if you do that.

begreen12322 karma

If you can make a living doing something that makes people smile, life is good!

Who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? -We make the BEST -unapologetically!

You only live once (so far as we know)

jschall215 karma

Where can we buy them?

begreen12338 karma

I just set up a Reddit Special on my website: http://www.bartsbakery.com/


Scroll down to the "REDDIT SPECIAL"

Use this promo code at checkout: GOLD

We pay the shipping and you'll save 20% as well

begreen1231 karma

only in LA or our website: http://www.bartsbakery.com/

we have a reddit special: use this code at checkout: GOLD

you'll save 20% and get free shipping

yeshanSWE13 karma

How did you afford to buy all the machines and equipment?

begreen12329 karma

saved for 19 years. I knew I wanted to do this since 1988, when the original Famous Amos cookie went defunct.

mallycat10264 karma

Do you guys ship? I'd love to try some!

begreen12315 karma

I just posted a REDDIT SPECIAL on our website: http://www.bartsbakery.com/

Go to the "all products" section on the menu bar: SCROLL DOWN TO THE REDDIT SPECIAL.

Use this special code at checkout: GOLD

it includes shipping AND the code will save you 20%


torgis307 karma

Just bought a batch. Proof: http://imgur.com/jVH6cIj

Will post review when they arrive. :)

begreen1235 karma

thank you!

paulisnofun1 karma

Thanks....I just purchased some...can't wait until they arrive.

begreen1231 karma

thank you! ENJOY!

mallycat10261 karma

Thank you! :)

begreen1231 karma

my pleasure, seriously

greatabyss424 karma

What made you decide that this was the product you were going to invest your time and money into? It must be a damn good cookie. But still, did you go through trials to try and find the perfect product or was this something you already had and then decided to market? How long did it take to make past the initial investment? Sorry if that ones too nosey, I'm young (25) and considering going into business for myself.

begreen12310 karma

I'll have to think on that.

My advise: plan that whatever you do will require 3x more money than you project and take 5x longer. Then you'll keep your sanity!

its_annalise4 karma

How long did it take to become what you would consider "successful?" How did you manage to work through to this point, especially if it took a while?

begreen12313 karma

Depends how you measure success: I have love and Judy, Jordan & I love what we do. Financially we have less than we had 20 years ago. We literally sold everything and lived in our BUS in our parking lot for 18 months.

Our bus: http://www.bartsbakery.com/uploads/images/images/Busbest.jpg

As long as we're moving forward I consider myself successful.

We'll have money in the bank in 24 months! (then I'll consider myself truly successful)

lahema1 karma

I'm reading this as I'm working a miserable job, filled with politics and job uncertainty. What motivated you guys to take the risk?

begreen1232 karma

a dream, confidence and love. my advice: End the suffering.

stinkylinky81 karma

Oh nice, I actually just shortened up a mesh belt on one of those about a week ago and added some insulation to reduce hot spots along with some damper adjustments.

Our company mainly deal with large scale bread baking equipment but occasionally we see some pastry lines and cookie lines.

You would be amazed by the production increase that a loader and simple conveyor system can provide, but like you said, those things can get expensive quick!

What kind of mixers and dough dividing system do you currently use? Not that I'm trying to sell you anything, I just have a general curiosity about the baking industry and different methods used.

begreen1232 karma

Peerless mixer

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begreen1232 karma

I'm the ORIGINAL cookie monster